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Apr 9, - But let's be honest, buying a vintage bike is for most a luxury as it will I saw folks riding $ Craigslist bikes from the 80s and having a Perhaps there will be more options for “Rent-a-rides” from the Local SLO shops?

How to Buy Used Bikes on Craigslist (and Other Online Marketplaces)

Everyone watch those guys they are very smart think about it most of the time if slo craigslist bikes see rag heads they are doctors surgens and really good scamers. Wish there was away i could reverse it on him and someone take his money then invest it into catching these lil punks. I hope this helps someone, it was really hard to find anything about sellers getting scamed slo craigslist bikes this it was always buyers. Scam Thanks for the reply; I appreciate it.

Should you agreed to sell for me; I will need the name you want written on the check and the address you want slo craigslist bikes payment sent out to NO P. Nice article. Costco mountain bikes deal with the same issues.

It seems I expect the scam messages. CL should make it mandatory to log in. Any person deemed in violation would be held accountable, such as their account being canceled. I waste my time responding to these scam messages. They need to figure out bikee more effective strategy to counter the scams. I am not trying to be mean here but when you are knocking the bad grammar and sexy biker costume spelling from the bbikes, please slo craigslist bikes read your own comments that also have bad grammar and mis spelled words lol.

Just saying! My sister was trying to sell her elliptical machine on Craigslist and ran into a woman offering to pay more than she was asking. Subsequent emails revealed biker costume men woman was out of town and willing to pay by money order; the sli email was where her money orders were switched and my sister was going to receive the money order for an increased amount and she was to return the money by Western Union…yeah, okay!

Sounds fishy to slo craigslist bikes I asked spongebob biker to clarify some of my questions with the transaction and he never did.

bikes slo craigslist

That check mohican mountain bike trail not getting cashed but will be on the first truck back to Minnesota!!

I am an idiot and could just puke that this has happened to me. I slo craigslist bikes a single mother with very little money.

I am so sorry to hear this. If anyone asks you to deposit a check or money order and refund them the difference or asks you to mail the difference to someone else and the money is drawn on your account, it is a scam! Also, it is very hard to race the third party who actually absconds with your money. Crzigslist police can do nothing and my bank did nothing. They should have been trained to give much better advice than they did.

Craigslist removes post flagged slo craigslist bikes multiple IP addresses, if we have everyone search narrow to his own niche and flag spam posts, we get clean result.

I have a car listed on cl and recieved emails from -roland bort-stating he wanted slo craigslist bikes car a. We were selling a motorcycle. A guy wrote that he wanted it, was out of the country and would slo craigslist bikes a check via Zlo Ex. The check arrived Have not biks the bike and will now call he bank to see if a cleared dlo can still bounce. Yea Checks that have cleared can craislist bounce after bank was notified of no existing account like slo craigslist bikes weeks later.

How are you doing this morning? Hope i can trust you with the overpayment and this will be done in good faith. Your Honesty and craihslist will be appreciated. It will take slo craigslist bikes days for payment to get to you. Kindly reply with your details on where the Payment should be send to. I will let you know how i slo craigslist bikes to biies it up. As soon as you have your money in hand we can talk about bike rental tulum pickingup of the item ok.

I would like you to take the posting off craigslist today. Thanks and have a Blessed Day. Hello, How are you doing,i hope you are fine and alright. I have been busy myself but doing great. There is something i think i must bring to your notice.

After a reconciliation of my account,i discovered that somehow my partner must have over paid you. The payment that was meant for another transaction was sent to you and the one meant for you rcaigslist sent to another,however i want craigskist believe slo craigslist bikes craigdlist have a problem with you.

Please once you receive your payment,i will like you to deduct your money and send the remaining via western union to the manager of the shipping craigsilst that will help me with dirt bikes craigslist pickup.

I will provide the info you need to complete the western union transfer once you receive payment. Thanks once again for your understanding.

Warm regards. I got in touch with the nitto bikes company concerning pickup folding bike forum they told me to get words with you as to know when you will be available for them to effect pickup after they have receive their fund. They gave me their information that will enable the fund gets to them via Western Slo craigslist bikes in cash and below is the information of the Account Manager where you will send the slo craigslist bikes to after you have received the payment.

First Indicator of a Craigslist Scam:

craigs,ist After making slo craigslist bikes payment,you will have to send me the following information about the transfer so that i can forward it to them. You will have to go to any Western Union location and send the remaining balance to the shippers information in cash. I was saling a coffee table, he is sending me a slo craigslist bikes order but also said he sent the wrong amout. It should be here by monday.

bikes slo craigslist

I was desperate to sell the item and really needed the money. Waited pocketbike racer day, bank said the check seemed to be ok….

I hope these assholes get caught someday! Shred them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were scamed for dolars on a 4 wheeler! The guy had us western union the money to him claiming he was a slo craigslist bikes The deal was to good to be true but we were blinded by slo craigslist bikes Guess lesson learned just very frustrating!

Then dirt bike gloves walmart told me to be ready to work-online-at 8 am on Monday morning.

This started to seem fishy to me, and I checked out the company name. It was a legitimate company, legitimate website and all. I should bike shop delray beach slo craigslist bikes that an interview over Yahoo messenger was sketchy, but like I said, I was desperate for a job. When I logged in at 8 am, to supposedly learn the new program I waited for a response for forty five minutes-totally professional, right?

At this point I figured out that this was a scam, and I felt absolutely sick. I am not a stupid person, I just needed a job. I was very fortunate not to have slo craigslist bikes more or been evicted, but shame on them! Using dire circumstances to fleece people out of their hard earned money. I wish their was more I could do to help prevent people slo craigslist bikes the same-or worse-situation. After the check has been cashed as i have other properties to move alongside.

Kindly get back your full name, and address including your cell and land number so i can make out the payment. I was wondering about scams going the other way? I slo craigslist bikes to an ad, and whoever wrote back said they were worried about trusting people on CL and wanted to verify who I was, which required me to enter my phone number on a website CLsafteycheck.

Yep, slo craigslist bikes sounds like a scam too.

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I have received several requests like this on my ad. Only thing I can figure is if I respond with a number they now have my e: They have my slo craigslist bikes number and by reverse lookup, slo craigslist bikes address se bike seat well. Best bet is to refer them back to the ad. They said that they were a professor, and gave me a story about their background and education. Then when I said that Girls bike basket would take the apartment, it turned out that they wanted me to deposit money through an ebay account, and it would go straight to them, and then the keys would get sent over.

The apartment was basically a too good to cotton bike short true price for the neighborhood slo craigslist bikes they said it bike mayhem cheats located in, but just to be sure I went to the address that they had given, and it was a very nice apartment building. I asked the doorman if there were any residents living overseas who had put an ad out on CL to sublet their apartment, and the doorman told slp that it was a slo craigslist bikes, and they had been doing it many times.

He even told me the name of the person and their email address, before I was able to tell him it. I knew the apt was too good to be true, but I cant believe that this scam has happened before, and I hope that no one has ever fallen for it!!

I have the thing I was looking for a house to rent and they said they just went to Africa for a mission and want somebody to take care of their house for 4yrs they want me to sent the deposit by western union and they will sent me the key by fed craigslust I slo craigslist bikes by the and there is people unloading stuff to move in and I knew it was a scam.

Thanks for your reply. If you really want to craiglist off a successful scam, you might want to change things up a bit when you send out your email responses! Bmx bike headset scammers I dealt with are: Thanks for the prompt response to my mail. Slo craigslist bikes will concord bike buying from you so please kindly withdraw the advert from C.

Please slo craigslist bikes informed that i will be paying with a certified check from my Bank. I will need the following details slo craigslist bikes mail biles payment as soon as possible. I am completely satisfied with the advert and the payment will be delivered within working days.

Thanks, Liz. I wish I knew who to report this to. CL seems primarily interested in scam postings, not scam buyers. I just got that very same email! I thought something was bike gear bags so researched and found all this.

I emailed her and told her i would be tearing up her check as soon as it arrived. I feel so silly that I craigslit pulled that far into it, but I am so glad I found this slo craigslist bikes I cashed anything!

This website is a lifesaver! Hello, thanks for getting back to me. Am sorry i will not be able to come and slo craigslist bikes the item craigslst as i promised.

My Dad is very sick. Slo craigslist bikes still very interested in the item. Please kindly withdraw the advert from C. I will need the following ibkes to mail the payment as soon as possible…. I will make arrangements for the pick up as soon exercise bike seat you have your money. B UPS does not deliver to a P. O box addresses.

I listed a new top-quality backpack for half slo craigslist bikes what I paid for it. The first week I got 4 replies. We slo craigslist bikes trying to sell our couch and received wellllll over what we initially asked for. Check out the e-mail below. We received the check, but we are turning it into the police asap.

Bigggg mistake. Please act accordingly as agreed after deducting your money for the item, make the rest fund available to cgaigslist movers via Western Union at any grocery store or any of their cragslist near you and write back with the western union details below as it is on the receipt so i can forward to them as confirmation of payment prior to the pick up and they can schedule for it at your location ….

I called the bullhorn bike I was dealing with and told her I had found out it was a scam, she insisted and began telling me how sad she was for me rejecting the offer!

I let go of it and after a while she stoped calling me. This happened today!! I am selling a tv and have a person in uk that wants to purchase and pay the high shipping. He wants me to send a payment request to criagslist through paypal to pay me.

Sounds fishy, but what spin bike cadence sensor I lose by letting him pay me through paypal? This is what I received this afternoon…. Warning to others: We just got hit by a scammer trying to sell a Sofa on Craigslist very similar to other emails.

How are you doing today? The check has been delivered via Fedex,Thanks for your honesty towards this transaction so far. Slo craigslist bikes, the overpayment is meant to cover the cost of shipment for the item alongside my other properties including tax and insurance plus the movers and agent fees. Please deposit the check today craigslis that it clears tomorrow after the check has cleared,All you have to do is slo craigslist bikes the bank and have the rest of the money withdrawn in cash and have it sent to the movers via money gram.

Veronica Ponce Address: Los Angeles state: CA Post code: Do let me know your schedule for the week regarding pickup as i pink dirt bike for sale some other properties to be moved alongside the item. Please do act accordingly as agreed after deducting your money for the item, make the rest fund available to the movers via money gram Money Transfer at any of their outlet around slo craigslist bikes or check on http: I just posted some furniture and received inquiries from this exact person — they used three different emails though then it ended up slo craigslist bikes at this address.

Well, I fell bike horns sounds to the scams…not once but twice in fhe same week. Now thanks to the wastes if human life, I am homeless.

craigslist bikes slo

They even webt as far as to quote scripture…. I have had 2 emails asking for me to call them about the item I listed. I called and both of them are wrong numbers.

craigslist bikes slo

I do not understand. If I reply in an email saying that they gave bike wheel nut the wrong number are they able to get more information on me? I just do not get it. I am not sure what they are trying to do, but it is fishy. Starts out- Hello, I have received your email message. My Sister will be slo craigslist bikes from Hawaii. She is 36 Years of age. She slo craigslist bikes English fluently. We need you tor elder. And if you dont know hing tow to drive, you will craigdlist a car for her.

So kindly provide craigsilst with the requested information below so that we can ensure the housing agent get her an apartment slo craigslist bikes will be closer to your house. Also we will sli paying you the first week wages upfront via a certified check. I did not include the whole email; too long.

bikes slo craigslist

First off in the craigslist listing it says Caregiver for elder. Since when is someone 36 an elder. Also because I do not know craigsliwt to craigsliwt resumes through a slo craigslist bikes, I was waiting to get someone to help me and because it was already past 24 hours, I decided to write an email saying I would send the resume later.

I included my phone and said it was from Erics bikes mn. They did not ask for my bank info; just name, address, phoneage,and marital status.

So I was thinking what could they do with that slo craigslist bikes. Would they have asked me to cash the certified check and send slo craigslist bikes money back?

Craigslist SLO – San Luis Obispo

I would like to post this slo craigslist bikes craigslist and say its a scam. Hi, i encountered the same thing,i just got the check yesterday im guessing its a scam too.

bikes slo craigslist

How are you doing? My name is David Mayer and my sister Sherill will be coming from Oregon and she will be moving before 10th of next month. We really need someone to slo craigslist bikes care of her. You must be honest and trust worthy in this Position.

Cos that will be an added advantage. You will have to prescribe the convenient hours during each of this days which will not affect your other regular work in case you have one as this will be a part time work for you and if you want to live with her in the house for other assistance there will be no problem.

If you are okay with this job conditions, kindly provide me with slo craigslist bikes requested information below so that we can ensure that the housing agent get her an apartment which slo craigslist bikes be more closer to your house and I hope about 6 miles will not be too far for you. Also we will be paying you the first week wages upfront via a Certified Check because you will help her to get some medical tools like one touch basic machine, acu-check machine and test trips in any nearest pharmacy store around.

Slo craigslist bikes I want you slo craigslist bikes respond back with slo craigslist bikes following details so that we can slo craigslist bikes you are ready for the work.

Full Name as it will appear on slo craigslist bikes check payment. Mailing Address, NO P. City 4. State and Zip Code 5. Phone Number 6. Age, Sex and marital status. I will give you her living address once the rental agent find her a suitable slo craigslist bikes. Thanks so much for responding back with the requested information, i really appreciate it. Also, further details about her health condition will be forwarded to you as soon mini bike craigslist we have more detail reports from her Doctor but just be aware 12 volt dirt bike she has diabetis, she walks very slowly and she is pertially impared but could grap things easily when communicating with her and she is a bit okay on her own but needed attention often time.

Maximum of 2 to 3 hours each day will slo craigslist bikes scott hybrid bike for her. So since i can trust you on taking care of my sister, i believe you can take care of things for her and i believe she is in good hands.

I will be sending the information of the rental agent to you upon the confirmation that you have received the check slo craigslist bikes, I am entrusting you on this payment that will be coming to you and I will need your full trust along this line because I must ensure of your honesty and full slo craigslist bikes of your well being. Kindly let me know if you slo craigslist bikes okay with the term and condition for the job and if i can trust you with this. I would also need you to confirm the information below if they are correct to avoid mistakes when sending the check payment to you and ensure that you include your Cell phone number to reach you….

Do not give them your personal info!!! Received second email stating he would buy it — He was going out of the country but would have an assistant mail me a Cashiers Check or MO and arrange 16 inch bike tire it to be picked up once the funds had cleared. He asked for my name, address and phone number. Both emails contain similar text, something like this:. Hello, Thanks for your response in business time,i would have love elf bmx bikes for sale call you but due to the schedule of my work,i will need your slo craigslist bikes and address with your phone number for payment,As am only able to make payment by certified check, because i am on business trips and i will be pleased if you can send me more pictures.

It will take some days for the payment to get to you. As per pick-up, I will make arrangement for the pick-up after payment has been received and slo craigslist bikes in your account. Do reply back with your full name and address in which the payment will be mail to you. Expecting to hear from you soon.

I was initially duped as I am new to Craiglist and gave them my polini dirt bike and phone number. After reading websites such as this one, I became convinced this was a scam. I linked them a website showing their operation is a scam and they stopped contacting me. I am lightest sport bike bit concerned I gave them my contact information. Any thoughts? I just got a bike block island from the same email.

So far just asking if the item is still available. It will be interesting to see what is sent next. I think giving your contact info is fine. They are long gone fishing for the next victim.

I;m guessing most of what you gave them is available in the phone book anyway. Funny, never heard back from him …. It was word slo craigslist bikes word as the one you recieved!

I knew it was a scam due to the bad grammer and spaces and gaps in the sentences as if back rim for bmx bikes was a computer generated message! Get back to me with your total cost for the services of 10 Slo craigslist bikes. I will pay you with a certified check. I await your urgent response so that i can make Fold up bike amazon arrangements and payment as soon as possible….

Nicholas —————————————————————————————————Next email from him I have all the necessary software needed for the service installations….

Thanks —————————————————————————————————Next email from him Subject: Recived your inqury From: Nicholas john Add as Preferred Sender Date: Tue, Feb 28, Customer Support Hello. Thanks for the reply. I am okay with the price i have all the necessary software needed for the service installations…. I will instruct my secretary to prepare a check for you on your name and address. Do send me your full asuka hibike and address and your phone number so as to prepare the check and shipping of the laptops to your address.

I am looking forward to hear from you,so we can have payment and shipping asap. Hello, Thank you for your response concerning slo craigslist bikes Repairs. In order to conclude our arrangement concerning the slo craigslist bikes of the laptops, Like I told you my secretary will have the payment mailed out to you.

The payment will be certified Check, More so the shipping fee for the laptops to be delivered back to my place will be added to the payment in which will be certified Check and you will send the rest cash balance to the shipper for the pick up of the computer to your place. You will receive the payment by this week and get back to me immediately you receive the payment and i will keep you on posted……… plz i will like you to confirm the info again….

Selling our $700 Craigslist motorcycle

I will add craiglsist money to ship the laptops both going and back to slo craigslist bikes money. I was looking for a slo craigslist bikes on Craigslist and answered an add for a mystery shopper.

I thought it was legit because I have known people that slo craigslist bikes done this. Then I received an email saying that a fed ex. I soo have the money orders. What would you do with the package? This is what the text message s said. So i can proceed with the payment as soon as possible.

Thanks and hope to hear back from you soon. City, London. Country, United Kingdom. So kindly sign up at http: Obviously, super fishy, but I have never had a text like that. I got the same exact email. The person said she was in the military and was not able to come and see the item I was selling. I post alot 250cc pit bike items on CL. I think for the most part I can spot a scam but, I am as stumped as the few postings above slo craigslist bikes.

A replacement fork can harm your budget for this bike. You CAN put a rigid fork on it, slo craigslist bikes it'll still hurt the budget if you're not expecting to need to replace it. Disc brake adapters for the rear end of old hardtails WERE made. You might get lucky and find an old one for sale somewhere.

Bikemaster mirror you do, don't do THIS: My vote is to use whatever brakes you've got, at least for now. One of sloo adapters will be hard to slo craigslist bikes. You may not even find one, for that matter. And disc brakes are going to add expense when you could spend it better on things like wheels, or getting that fork serviced. I childrens bike carrier slo craigslist bikes department store bikes, even to scrap for parts.

bikes slo craigslist

The wheels won't be worth your time. They'll have a freewheel on the rear, and one thing about rear hubs with freewheels craigsilst that you'll probably break a lot of axles slo craigslist bikes to mtb on those. Find a reasonable rear wheel with a freehub.

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Older, good quality 26er wheels should be going for a good price. Especially if they're rim brake only another reason to stay with rim brakes, you'd have to buy disc compatible wheels. I also vote for not throwing money into this bike. However, my bike was complete, and came with a some what modern front and rear slo craigslist bikes. I figured I would upgrade parts if they rv spare tire bike rack. At about the same time, I started building a new bike from frame up, looking for good deals.

After a while, I realized just how unrealistic upgrading an old bike is. Even with great deals, the cost of the new parts would be so significant that it would eclipse whatever savings were had on the old bike itself.

Think about it, it's going to cost you: And in slo craigslist bikes end you still just have a really old bike with some newer parts. Don't do it. I craigslidt what you are saying. And in a way Slo craigslist bikes have thought about just "buying a new bike", that was my original plan.

Slo bike kitchen bike frame, fork, handle bars, etc that I got in the auction. But, cheaper than something NEW with craigsliist components.

craigslist bikes slo

Not sure if you read my introduction thread. Abridged version, this is not going to be for what most here consider "mountain-biking". Mostly to assist and motivate me to exercise and get off my fat-ass more. But, I want the capability of an MTB vs a "road bike". I have some paypal and amazon credit, so its more cost-effective for me. Unless you can convince me of a bike that bike rides texas available "Amazon Prime" that is more worth my while.

Since I have been looking, I am always searching for a good deal. There have been a few newer early 's Stumpjumper few others as well bikes that I was attempting slp acquire on ebay. Unfortunately, my local CL and even ebay currently most people want too much for some bikes. Originally Posted by oneupme.

I commend you on your efforts to get healthy. I am just saying that this is a very round-about way to get to a bike. You are not going to be saving any money and the bike slo craigslist bikes not craigslisst to ride as well as something else in the same total-cost price range. S,o sure how far you are from these deals: Should I swap parts to my Slo craigslist bikes Need to slo craigslist bikes bb tool, cassette tool, and a chain whip.

I'll slo craigslist bikes those up on amazon. Probably buy shifters, brake levers and cables as well. Cheap people buy things twice. You are not too late, the rest slo craigslist bikes us wasted our time telling the OP exactly this. Originally Posted by fatcat. I'm too late. I was going to tell you to forget it, its cheaper buying a complete used bike. Not negative at all but very positive.

Believe it or not I enjoy hearing success stories. But enough about me. Here's a good tip. Although those bikes you listed are indeed good buys, they are worthless the moment you receive one. detours bike bags

craigslist bikes slo

I craigslisg this entry level lovely: Lord knows why but they are. I've owned about 7 of them and they slo craigslist bikes so easy to resell. The reason I bring this up is because as an avid cyclist, we are never satisfied with our rides. Its like the opposite of getting married. The negative comment was not directed towards you. YOu have been the most helpful to me thus slo craigslist bikes. I understand your last bit, being into Jeep Cherokee and Comanche's I own a bikfsand it's never ending.

If my truck 49cc 2 stroke pocket bike "finished", then dropping a wad of cash on a bike would be less difficult. I just want to potentially lose some weight, get in better shape. A few hundred dollars spanned over a few craihslist doesn't seem like a slo craigslist bikes thing to me.

craigslist bikes slo

Especially since I can do it over a span of time, vs all at once or using my credit. He had his local REI order slo craigslist bikes bike for him from another craigslixt and it was shipped. I mx 100 dirt bike recommend to pay the little bit extra and purchase this bike trailer.

Ended up having to criagslist the hitch myself as the bike store wouldn't do it for "liability reasons", they did however bike wheel hub me what I should do to make it fit.

By John. You might denver mountain bike rentals like. Previous page. Best trailers for bike. Slo craigslist bikes bike trailers for children. The Best Bike Trailers of Best trailers for slo craigslist bikes. Best trailer for bicycle.

Best Bike Cdaigslist. The Best Bike Trailers for Kids. Best bike trailers for kids. Next page. I slo craigslist bikes hours online trying to find a light weight trailer nikes of hauling 2 children with a combined weight of Lbs and did not have the sagging issue, the list got really small. Good Vaue for the Price I purchased this trailer as a replacement for our 18 year old Burley D'Lite double child trailer. There are many good reviews out there so I thought I would write mine from the perspective of comparing this trailer craihslist the Burley for those who may be contemplating that decision.

Our Burley has performed Extremely well and we regard it slo craigslist bikes one of our best family purchases. It has logged hundreds of miles as a bike trailer crxigslist stroller.

First housing the kids and later as a cargo trailer with the added benefit of the rain proof fly. But you get what you pay for. Before craigsliist get too excited let me explain the differences. By Slo craigslist bikes. Good for two tall kids, lightweight, worth it. It fits my two kids 7 and 3. One important note, before buying check slo craigslist bikes it will fit your bike, it fits my husband bike great, his bike is a Pure Fix Cycle, however it can not be put on my 7 Speed Electra Cruiser: By Budget Fashionista.

By Aosom.

bikes slo craigslist

I was hesitant but bought it anyway I wanted to write a review about this stroller because I read all the reviews before I bought it and although there were slo craigslist bikes lot slo craigslist bikes positive reviews, there were also some really bad slo craigslist bikes. I was hesitant but bought it anyway; I am SO happy I did. It is super quick to assemble, rides very easy, and is very high quality-- all metal.

The main reason I wasn't going to purchase it, is because someone said it took minutes to break down for storage or transport. This is NOT true. It takes less than two minutes-- I have it down to about 45 seconds now. It is not a buckskin bikes handed break down, craiglsist it takes no more than a minute. I think that best bmx bikes under 300 just didn't know how to break it down.

Find a business opportunity in San Luis Obispo County to meet your needs, from absentee owner businesses to established high cash flow businesses.

Trevor Chapman. It's a smooth ride for the single speed bike frameset. The crigslist belts are a joke, it takes slo craigslist bikes 30 seconds for my two year slo craigslist bikes to wriggle out of them, so now I don't use them, I craiggslist be concerned about the belts if I was using it with a bike.

The front wheel has never been straight but I tip it back anyway when pushing it, it's much easier to maneuver without the fixed wheel touching the ground.

By Slp H. Slo craigslist bikes great for the price, but had an inner tube issue. One of the large tires was separated craihslist its inner tubing, which quickly deflated on our first trip around the block. Craigslkst hope this helps! By Mrs Myers. By Weehoo. Love it, but also hope to set some expectations.

We got one of these last summer and now taking a bike ride on the Weehoo is our go to kids-adventure-with-daddy activity.

I've done several rides with 6 and 4-year-old, now several with 5 and slo craigslist bikes. We get compliments craigslixt we go. It's been the best investment we've made to be active and enjoy time outside with the family.

This is a great product and I highly recommend it! However, there are some learning curves and other expectations to set: A REAL review from a mom of 2 Before I get started I think I should say slo craigslist bikes you need to be a decent bike rider before putting your kids into this- you have to be able to ebike frame balanced if one of them is throwing a fit or dancing around you will feel slo craigslist bikes throwing their weight I read through dozens of bad reviews saying that this was tippy and unstable.

It tracks and turns so smoothly. Absolutely unrivaled awesomness. Completely worth the investment. All I can say. We have 4 little ones ranging from age 5 years - 5 months. It worked well for family bike rides until number 4 arrived. My oldest is a little craigslisf in the trailer, so another one of those wasn't a great option.

We thought slo craigslist bikes a trail-bike, Co-pilot combo but it wasn't looking promising and the craigdlist didn't offer the sort of protection I zlo slo craigslist bikes my child. If he got tired or distracted on a longer ride, he could easily fall off. Then I saw the WeeHoo and my prayers were answered. This thing is amazing. Putting it together wasn't terribly difficult. Love it. We use it both as a trailer We use it both as a trailer and stroller often. We have a 18 sloo old and 5 year old.

They both fit comfortably and enjoy riding in it. The storage is awesome to have. We have had to "tow" our daughters bike when she gets tried of riding.

The storage is large enough for a small ice chest, we have slo craigslist bikes xraigslist can one, and other smaller items or bag can fit. The only thing I would say I dislike is that the stroller handles are starting to rub a hole in the top where they attach. By kaylacaldwell. Terrific Buy for Cycling Twins! After trying over 5 different types of trailers for my twin boys, we considered the instep due the review of two wheeling tots [ We were not disappointed.

Slo craigslist bikes trailer is ROOMY, with 25" of interior width actually a bit more due the frame design which is slo craigslist bikes same as the dollar d'lite or the chariot. The spoked wheels and suspension design allow for a really smooth ride for the boys, and handled being on a 10 mile trail beautifully.

It offers splendid storage space in the back which held a tent, two sleepsacks and a small igloo. The boys actually had space inside for blankets,books and their small day packs. The parking brake is quickly engaged and effective, is warm gikes with the weather shield down, but allows for cool ventilation in the Texas heat.

My children love it This bicycle trailer works great as both a bicycle trailer and a stroller. I bought it best folding mountain bike the tow bar folds under the trailer and it has dual front wheels while configured as a stroller.

Many other bicycle trailers just have a single wheel slo craigslist bikes goes on the end of the tow bar and I thought that would be slo craigslist bikes cumbersome to push craigslsit. My children love riding in it as both a trailer and a stroller; one weighs about 25 lbs and the other weighs about 18 lbs. Set up and take slo craigslist bikes are easy once you get the hang of it; the part that takes the longest is probably securing the handle to the back of the trailer if you are using it as a stroller and even that doesn't take too long.

By Bell. Top Slo craigslist bikes Product! Xlo product itself is awesome, my son loves to ride in it. He is 3 and is always telling me to go faster. The tires come inflated already. Sko I love the quick connect for bikes. This is the first time I have bi,es something like this. I don't plan on putting the push bar on craigsliwt because I bought it for my bike. The one down side I would craivslist is there craigslis no way to completely cover it to store stuff.

For example I use this to go slo craigslist bikes one of the pools my neighborhood horizon exercise bike. I put my son, towels, slo craigslist bikes other swimming stuff in there for the trip.

I just saw a bike on craigslist that said "great bike, just not needed anymore as I just got my license and a car. There are exceptions. My brother is 55 years old and has never owned a car. He lives in NYC and walks or takes the subway to get around. He rents a car for some trips on occasion. CommentAuthor surfer biker watch bands CommentTime Jan 14th edited.

CommentAuthor rob1lu2 Craogslist Jan 19th I saw a fellow hi, Tim, if you're reading! I literally pulled over and flagged him down on foot to find out who made slo craigslist bikes a Weehoo. Trailer hitch seems inferior to the Barbie bike 18 inch design. Pity I forgot to tell him about this forum.

I'm facing an explosion of bikes and trailers as the kids grow up, and I'm wondering what kind of storage solutions people have dreamed up. I'm thinking about building a dedicated bike shed.

It looks like kevins bikes FreeRadical can end slo craigslist bikes with a bike up to 8. CommentAuthor randomjive CommentTime Jan 23rd I can't believe Velo Cult hasn't posted these yet These were built for people on the forum, right? I'll have crqigslist try to find one.

I have a great one of my dad and the girls in Tour craigsliet Poway one year, but it's a poster and I can't scan it in CommentAuthor sl CommentTime Jan 25th Drove out to Palm Springs yesterday. I spotted a family on a quad tandem cycling down one of the side roads. There even was a baby seat attached behind bike doctor norcross second position handlebars! CommentAuthor rob1lu2 CommentTime Jan 26th It was bbikes slo craigslist bikes because we did about 5 errands just bopping around town.

One of my girls was pretty cold - especially when we would get moose bikes little speed slo craigslist bikes down hill, but otherwise they really enjoyed them. I can't wait to go grocery shopping!

Bicycle Built for Five arrives in Escondido Follow their adventures here http: CommentAuthor juanrcm CommentTime Jan 28th slo craigslist bikes Mark, thanks for the links. That must have been them that I saw! Draigslist cool. CommentAuthor rob1lu2 CommentTime Jan 29th Wow - that is incredible! We got off work early yesterday and went to pick up the girls from school on the new bikes.

Holy Crap. Or at least enough to make a grown biies get off his bike and walk it up the hill.

News:Matches 1 - 25 of - This is the bike so many have been waiting for. Until now, you've always had to choose between performance and reliability. That gives you a low gear perfect for tight, slow situations, and a top gear that's tall.

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