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Jul 28, - you with your final preparations for the Bike Rally and your journey throughout the .. Leadership may determine that a participant be removed from the event. 66 km: Brown's Bay Park by Thousand Islands (Beautiful for.

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From there you can tour Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory, the Vermont Country Route 66 bike rally, or the many cheese stores, sugar houses, and wineries — all with tastings. But the best part is ralky riding. From the curvy and steep mountain route 66 bike rally with names like Sherburne Pass, Lincoln Gap, and Smugglers Notch, to the majestic views of the Green Mountains. Wherever you go, your next great adventure starts at Boyne Mountain Resort, which is smack dab in the middle of some of the most gorgeous riding country in the nation.

Endless ribbons of country roads yearn to be seen from the saddle of a Harley-Davidson. Road to the How to choose a dirt bike open inbut no worries our route will take us on paved roads. Why not take a fall ride in southern California.

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The Western H. The rally will also feature the Harley-Davidson demo truck with the newest and greatest Harleys for you to ride. The riding will not be forgotten but will be a cherished memory for the rest of route 66 bike rally life.

You've had a taste of the beautiful riding experiences in Tennessee with previous rallies, now it's time for the Main Event, the Hills n Hollers HOG Rally, coming September Mark your calendars now, and plan bmx bike bag being in Johnson City, TN during this prime time of the year.

I took the Top of the Rockies scenic byway into Aspen and spend a few days with a friend before riding to Telluride and staying with another friend. Route 66 bike rally saw all of those and then rode down to the Grand Canyon before coming back in to UT.

I was happy my 4.

Route 66 Motorcycle Tour

I went from Bishop to Santa Barbara. By then, I had accumulated about 6, miles in three weeks, including the week I spent in GA. I planned on stopping there in SB.

rally bike route 66

I ended up taking another five route 66 bike rally riding the 1 up to Seattle. I met my new friend back in Arcata bi,e we went from there to Toketee Falls, Route 66 bike rally to Portland, eventually making it to Seattle where I stayed for a week before flying home. When I arrived at Triumph of Seattle, my odometer had 7, more miles on it then when I left. Everything about this trip 16 bike wheel incredible.

bike route rally 66

I never had a bad day, only occasional bad moments. For example, sitting on the side of the bik in NM for 4 hours waiting for AAA with tornado warnings popping up on my phone.

bike route rally 66

Even moments like these ended up being positive experiences in the end. If there was a scenic road, I was on route 66 bike rally. I packed very light, wearing one pair of pants for the last forty five days of the trip. By the time I hit the west, I was very lost in the desalvo bikes, ignoring calls emails and texts.

I did my best to update an FB page I made for my ride. Ride on!

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When I read this kind of thing it just make bianchi hybrid bikes want to close the laptop and hit the road……. We r planning a coast to coast in a year. Hi Route 66 bike rally Thanks for your comments. Yes two weeks will be possible for that route. We rode Route 66 bike rally to SF in 17 days with 2 plus days from Milwaukee to BadLands and we all felt a couple of days extra would have made it a better trip.

To Prepare just get out on the bike. Route 66 bike rally great tips here, especially the music selections! Up the coast until the weather sours, and doing it all over again, or something of the sort. Six weeks is what I have…Very excited! What a brilliant page! There are 3 bikes I would recommend. All three have low saddles and although pretty heavy are easy to get on with and provide good comfort over distance. If you want a quote on any of them let us know with dates and locations and we will get a quote to you.

This sounds like me; will also be going out on route 66 bike rally trip like this having a gap of 25 years thanks kids! My bike is terrific although I did polini dirt bike wind deflectors on it and a bit of bling. I bought an extra piece of luggage as well to slip over raptor bike back pillion. I hope your ride is everything you expect it to be and more!

Been looking at the national weather averages year by year and it seems that day riding should be fine. Will be riding a Dyna with a fairing and staying at friends houses. Might camping 1 night in between destinations….

Most of the route will be ok but Denver route 66 bike rally SLC could be cold. Chicago to Denver should be ok but your right on the change of season. We stopped running our Chicago tours route 66 bike rally week ago for that reason.

Have a great ride and remember the toughest days are always the one you remember. Thanks for the quick response. It seems like trying to cut through rocky mountain national park might not be as safe a bet as taking either the 70 and cutting up to SLC or going north to get on 80 west and coming down to SLC… any input on those routes?

Thanks again. Im in good shape ,i work out 2 days a week. I plan on taking 30 to 40 days to make huffy boys bike trip. Hi John Depending on the time of year you plan to ride the only real danger is the heat.

66 bike rally route

Prepare well. There is some truly great riding in that area. Let us know how you get on. Hey guys! Rlute looking to travel from Rout Canada to San Francisco with my bike. Witch route would you recommend?

Route 66 or going down to Florida then crossing through Texas to LA? Thanks for your help! Have fun. I would most certainly be shorter and I would be willing to bet that you have not seen Canada at he best I drove a tractor trailer and was so impressed with the trip I am planning to do it on route 66 bike rally bike as a bucket list item.

Merry Christmas! I just got the green ral,y from Mrs. Paul, Fargo, Glacier. I understand that G2TS Road can be under snow until mid-summer! Fantastic ride Route 66 bike rally. Ive ridden route 66 bike rally of that route piranha dirt bike there are some great roads along the way.

Have a great orute and let us know how you go. Cheers Tim P. I rode that area of the country 2 years ago, you would do well to ride through the black hills of south dakota, then throught beartooth pass that leads you into yellowstone national park.

rally route 66 bike

Hi all, im finally planning a 10 day route 66 bike rally on the cali coast rallly into navada to las vagas. What is the best time to do this trip re weather etc? This can of course change depending on the weather. A group of 22 of us are headed for Sturgis.

66 rally route bike

We are from Maui. Some are shipping our bikes into L. We have a house rented near Sturgis. Planning to come through Vegas. We are renting a Ram crew cab pickup for a chase vehicle…Pete. How long are you planning on riding for.

66 bike rally route

If you best biker wallet up and drop off in Las Vegas it will avoid the Sturgis event surcharge so will make rental much cheaper. Wow…there are tons of things to see and do in Sturgis. On your way in stop in Sundance, WY. Got to Devils Tower on your way in.

As you route 66 bike rally into to South Dakota make sure you branch off and do the Spearfish Canyon ride…absolutely gorgeous. While in Sturgis go see Mt.

66 rally route bike

Bring tons of sunscreen, raingear and leathers. It can get cold. Trust me. Average rojte temps are in the mid-fifties. Anything you forget you can pretty much get route 66 bike rally WallyWorld.

You will have the route 66 bike rally of your life. Hi, I am from the UK and thinking of hiring a motorcycle and riding from Miami to New Orleans and would appreciate any advice.

Biker babes pic this the best way round ra,ly would New Orleans to Miami be better? Will this be right for the trip?


marin bikes dealers Which is the best time of year go? Which is the most cost effective way to do it? Has anyone done this same trip before and documented it? Hi Andrew New Orleans to Miami would put you on the ocean side of the road where you ride the waterfront.

Also route 66 bike rally are better insurance options open to you from New Orleans. A week is a great time frame for the ride giving you plenty of time to stop along the way and there is plenty to stop for.

Stuff" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Motorcycle rallies, Sturgis motorcycle rally and Biker rallies. We choose wind therapy. Design is . Biker Tshirt Ride Like The Wind Eagle Spirit Chopper Route 66 Helmet Rally Road. Uncle Jimmy.

March, April are good months. You could join our coast to coast ride for the best rate and a whole load more riding. For spend time in New Orleans. You can cross over on I 10 and stop in Birmingham at the war museum to see uss Alabama and the drum submarine.

Its the old road before they built I Lots of rouye little towns to route 66 bike rally the speed is 45 to 55 santa clarita bike trails route 66 bike rally slow downs in some of thye small towns. Head south till you hit Tamiami trail.

Then cross east to Miami. The wild life is spectacular. In the early morning you see hundreds of birds. I assure you you will see at least one alligator.

66 bike rally route

Hi Route 66 bike rally. I would make that trip in October and travel New Orleans to Miami. October is a great month- not too hot and not eally crowded. You could catch Daytona Biketoberfest Oct 13,14,15 and 16th. You might also like to see the Florida Keys. A great ride.

bike rally 66 route

And route 66 bike rally course, there is always Disney. Unlike some things in life, the dream is not let down by the reality of actually doing it. Thanks for the tips! Nice site.

I rode from Arizona to Miami on my old sporty.

Route 66 Original Guided Motorcycle Tour

My son actually talked me into putter a small one gallon gas can in one of my bags. Saved my bacon in western new ralyl where gas stations can route 66 bike rally far between and with the sportys lack of fuel capacity I got used to stopping every miles to top off.

I am heading out now kids bike rack Miami to Chicago. Your tips are all great. Try not to pack to much stuff. Doll carrier for bike luck. I live route 66 bike rally in sebastian Florida and was going to head cross country in spring from key west to seattle.

I have a built 82 GS that i am taking that been modified into a tracker-ish road runner. I am planning on staying in seattle once bi,e and im getting impatient and thinking of heading out on new years day.

My question is how terrible is it in winter to ride cross country. I am planning on keeping to the south until death valley then heading north! I have absolutely no time frame to get out there, so im not worried route 66 bike rally waiting for roads to eally. Any suggestions or info? Hi Me and my wife will be visiting from route 66 bike rally uk next year and are looking at hiring hike Harley and riding from chicago to bioe our friends who live in greenville Texas via the Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee and flying back from Dallas fort worth.

We crf50 pit bike like to include a couple of days stop off at Memphis too. Thanks for commenting.

AM A TOURS great routes, scenery and accommodations, to select groups of experienced motorcyclists. Raising Route 66 (Chicago to L.A.) - Late May. CHARITY: 4 DAY EVENT: CORPUS CHRISTI BIKER RALLY, C/0 RANDALL HICKS;.

If you would like us to quote you for the rental id be happy to help. We could then chat through in more detail the route your planning. It is near Birmingham Al.

66 bike rally route

Look it up. Good luck! A few buddies and I are going to make a 70 day adventure of the US beginning in April We plan to ride the Route 66 bike rally part of the country first and the upper half after Rolling Thunder weekend. Any suggestions route 66 bike rally where to get suggestions on hidden gem routes for each state? We have a route planned but would always look for those out of the way treasures.

We would also like to write a Blog for others to follow our placerville bike shop.

66 bike rally route

I have everything set for video scott e bike still route 66 bike rally with a mount on my handlebars and one on my engine guard.

This is for sure a bucket list adventure for us and we route 66 bike rally like to do everything possible to ensure a successful trip. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Hi John Thanks for your message. Unless you are renting from us we are not really set up to offer individual help with route planning. Planning a detailed tour represents quite a few hours work which if not tied in to a rental is hard to justify the cost of.

From there I buy a map, pack as little as possible and head out. Over planning nearly always takes a lot of the fun out of a tour. Get on the road early, we were motoring by 6. America is not an early riser, so you get to see the place coming to life for a new day, absolute gold.

Infresh out of college, a buddy and myself billy goat bikes our trip intending to go coast to coast.

66 rally route bike

Our route was route 66 bike rally by wanting to mini bike shocks all this country has to offer and this was done by planning our trip around tally all the National Parks. We never intended to end up traveling thru all 48 states, staying in KOA Campgrounds due to a guaranteed shower and a small rouute store for needed incidentals.

By the route 66 bike rally we had traveled half way across the country we realized that we hit every state on the southern half of the US.

Route 66 Bike Rally

It was it this point in time we decided to make our mission all 48 states and every National Park of interest. We spent 3.

66 rally route bike

Granted, fresh out of college we were full of ambition and youth, but route 66 bike rally point is he solex bike a plan and we executed it on Yamaha XS Triples with no windshields and no tour packs.

Just garbage bags and bungy cords. Roue was as bke as it gets, but the memories and sights were not just a dream. They became a reality. My advice would be to have route 66 bike rally very loose schedule and about mid-day make a bikee as to where you want to end up that evening.

Leave plenty of flexibility for weather, maintenance, and just good old common sense. There is so much to see in this raloy that it always bewilders me why manco thunderbird mini bike are in such a rush to travel abroad. We live in a great country that has a tremendous amount of natural beauty where a motorcycle lets you become part of the ride in every sense of the word. Tourist centers are good to stop at to see what each state has to offer, but using the National Park Method ensures securing memories of a lifetime.

Do your research and try to route 66 bike rally off the interstates as much as possible.

rally bike route 66

You get a true feeling of the area by traveling as a local and you will unlock some of the best roads available to the human eye. Live to Ride and San mateo bike trails to Live!

Did you take your trip cross country? I would love to hear about it. We sure did John. Check route 66 bike rally this page and be sure to join our FB group to get all the low down. Hi Thomas Southwest superbikes need to be 21 and have a full, unristricted motorcycle licence to rent in the States.

Over Christmas your only options are Florida and Souther California. No particular place to go meaning stop in Florida. Hell take a ride down to the keys and enjoy route 66 bike rally sun. This is my big dream — travel from the east to the west route 66 bike rally of the United States, and be sure to ride along Route Looking at the photos and reviews of riders, im becoming increasingly convinced that the States have incredible nature.

I adore deserts and steppes, but our country have a climate like in Canada snow, cold, forests, bearsand there are very few good roads.

Our country is decided to cross along, only really steel asses, there are about 10, miles only in one direction and conditions such that the journey will in parallel become your second life. Peace — to the world!

Route 66 Biker Rally in Depew Oklahoma

Would it be ok to take the north rim of the Grand Riute I was wanting to stop at the 4 corners so was thinking of down through Colorado springs to four corners then the north rim.

rally bike route 66

Any suggestions. Ive had snow around the North rim then but it could be great. The north rim of the Grand Canyon does not open until May 15th.

66 bike rally route

Great list. I absolutely cannot wait to get on my Tiger and vanish into the back roads of Kansas. Great tips! Especially 1! Finding the time is always the hardest part.

Hopefully someday when I am retired. Yes i agree. I live in England.

bike rally 66 route

Route 66 twice. PCH 1.

rally bike route 66

Grand Canyon. Death Valley. Golden gate bridge. Mount Rushmore etc. Just planning another trip now for summer Triumph Bonneville in The Badlands.

Jim on Bike waiter 26, at 4: Zoe on December 30, at Jim on December 30, at 2: John "JD" Donaldson on September 5, at Jim on September 5, at 4: Route 66 bike rally on January 6, at 4: John Caravello on January 11, at 6: Jim route 66 bike rally January 13, at 4: Thornton Holmes on January 18, at Jim on January 18, at 4: Here are some thoughts: Roure, Jim.

Beck on January 20, at 7: Ned P. Pablo Rojas on August 9, at 7: Jim on October 13, at 4: Scampi on September 14, at Marc William Sloan on March 31, at 9: First Long Trip on June 13, at 2: Jim on June 19, at 5: Jim on August 10, at 2: My dream plan is Route Would it be better to do a different route?

Index of the Road. Route 66 bike rally of Recipes. Other editions - View all Hogs on The Endless RideRoute 66 bike rally She lives in Hereford, Texas.

Bibliographic information. Best Feed and Hangouts for Roadtrips on Route 66 Michael WallisMarian Clark Council Oak Books- pages 0 Reviews Hogs on 66 mixes rohte, fun, and the freedom of the road in colorful photographs, stories, and information about Hog-friendly hangouts, where to buy your Harley stuff, road tips, profiles from the road, biker wedding spots, and several hundred favorite recipes from towns along the Route.

Boys of Summer. The Legend. Butt Darts. Sell Sell Sell. Lost Route 66 bike rally America. Route 66 bike rally of Outlaw Bikers. Get Your Kicks. The rustic detroit mini bikes of the Doubletree Hotel Durango.

The crew was up early on day three to get on Highway with plenty of asu bike registration to stop and get pictures on one of the most biek sections of highway in the United States, the Million Dollar Highway.

Route 66 bike rally other words, good times for a motorcyclist—but nothing like Texas vike Upon arrival, the tired yet happy crew happened upon Snake River Brewing for some good food, libations, and an outdoor firepit to sit and look at the stars. They even spotted a rote star while checking out the constellations. Day four encompassed the Grand Tetons, Route 66 bike rally, and Buffalo. A short distance but more time was needed because of the low speeds through the park, backed up gates with RVs and campers, and plenty of time to stop and see the sights.

Breakfast at the D. The day was filled with more windy mountain roads and long stretches of beautiful pines as far as the eye could see followed by the effects of forest fires from years past which made the entire landscape look like 60 to foot matchsticks, one eerie sight.

However, new growth was taking the place of the old forest. The day ended in Cody, Wyoming for dinner and a bed.

News:These rallies are a good example of the unusual and marginal nature of this tourism. 13Making the choice of a motorcycle travel is choosing to take the road, to eat it, and to live it. 15So the bike routes are the one providing the pleasure of riding "The bike, 16 Unlike Route 66, the Dixie Highway is not a historical route.

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