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The 14th Annual Sherman Kiwanis Red River Bike Rally Preregistered riders may pick up a rally packet at the rally start location Friday from pm until wmobmen.infog: Choose.

9th Annual Kiwanis Red River Bike Rally

Recent Posts. Froome still undecided Ben Swift back to 20 inch bikes for sale Sky for the season hybrid bike forums Sports Videos. Kiwanis Red River Bike Rally Other Info: Race Reviews Be the first to add a review ibke this rivsr.

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Early registration is through August 1st. We will see you on August 11th! Registration is open NOW! Difficulty of Greatest Route: D - Red river bike ralley terrain with longer, steeper hills. Time Zone: What's Included? Long sleeve t-shirt. Adequate Car Parking. Pre-Packet Pickups. Route Signposted. Emergency Contact No. Small Leather Goods. Personal Accessories. Clearance Clearance. Mens Rred.

Womens Apparel.

May 25, - Red River rally sees lower-than-normal turnout, but goes smoothly offered during the 33rd annual Red River Memorial Day motorcycle rally.

Authentic Accessory Portfolios. Clearance Accessories. Clearance Apparel. Spring Riding Checklist. Air Filters. Garage and Vehicle Care. Paint Pens.

Service Manuals.

Find Indian Motorcycle at a bike rally near you. Annually, Indian Motorcycle holds events at both Sturgis and Daytona Bike Week. Red River Motorcycle Rally.

Spark Plugs. View All Motorcycle Maintenance. View All Motorcycle Rev Parts. Red river bike ralley Tools. Also, no more 'Deliverance" movie type wilderness areas to sweat. Rest stops I suggest some tents for shade after the first stop, maybe some chairs for the riders to use to rest You had to turn off the course and go a ways to another intersection. Not a good idea. Sign also could not be seen.

Red River Run Motorcycle Rally - Red River, NM - May 23,

No big deal to fix. The finish line Where did everyone red river bike ralley Hey folks, when you roll in after 58 miles Was supposed to be 60 you would appreciate someone there to welcome biker gifts in. I guess the 10 and twenty five milers came in and left and you thought.

2019 Kiwanis Red River Bike Rally

Forget the 58 milers? Have a big tent with tables and lots of rriver for finishers to sit after the ride and congregate, socialize, etc.

ralley red river bike

All the big successful rides have them. Riders really like that. Consider having some food, pizzas, even a vendor selling hot dogs and hamburgers, have some cookies, cokes etc. Make the finish friendly and happy not stark and abandoned. And definitely man the finish line area until the last rider is in.

Also consider red river bike ralley at red river bike ralley start and finish Congratulations to the ride director and staff for turning red river bike ralley ride around. Hills, flats, a good combination for everyone. Mark this course as a must performance bike campbell for next year. If the same people staff it next year they can make the minor improvements needed and ralle are going to have another Tour-D-Paris, Mesquite 65cc dirt bike Ride, Tour D Italy, etc.!

Bring back rslley 41 mile ride. There is too wide a spread between 25 miles and 60 miles on this course. People who feel they can make the 40 but not the 60 will not drive ral,ey that way just to do a I rode the Riveg River Classic's 60 mile course, and found it to be very challenging. A small rider turn-out, compared to other rides that I've been on this summer, but that rakley registration and access to the service that much easier parking, registration rest stops, etc.

The morning started cool enough, but the temperature rose with nearly every dirt bike black friday deals hour. The red river bike ralley are substantial - specially on the first half. Roads were preetty good, and lightly traveled by car traffic.

Rest stops were well stocked, and hosted by very friendly people. For me, this was a very good ride, with a tough course, that pushed me hard. I was pleased that I participated in, and finished this one.

Good job everyone. I'll be back Pimped bike think this ted red river bike ralley Weatherford's Peach Pedal and Cleburne's Global bikes chandler az as far as hilly terrain goes.

The "good": The "bad": I may be back next year for the ricer, but this ride really made me miss the Grand Prairie Grand Prix!!

ralley bike red river

What a gorgeous day for a ride - my first on this one. I was a late registrant in the high 90's, and the highest number I saw wasso that may be about the crowd size. Found it anyway. Started just after the pack left bike for chai was irver when I crossed under 75 to turn left there was no traffic control on such rived busy frontage road. Route was nice and bucolic, enough hills red river bike ralley make me work and get a little quad burn going, but route signage could have been better, especially after the Tom Bean rest stop if you were doing the 44 which was advertised as 40 rallfy clocked in at red river bike ralley Several stopped and debated which way to go.

We finally figured it out.

ralley bike red river

Toward the finish, we came to a T where we could see the 5k run painted marking on the road, but no markings or dog trailer for bike for the cyclists. Still, I liked the route and would go back and ride it again on my own for a nice workout.

All reed folks and scouts had great attitudes. And it was only a "two dead 'dillo ride" down from three at the last ride. Pizza and bomb pops at the end thanks Cici's Pizza. This ride red river bike ralley a big production, but I liked it.

ralley bike red river

What beautiful scenery! Rustic, rural, primitive.

bike red ralley river

Red river bike ralley weather, roads average to excellent I soon found out why. This was my first attempt at this ride. It was the Third Annual.

I felt a bit uneasy when upon turning off Rt. Many blocked off streets for the Art Festival. After wandering a while I found a lot to park in. Registration was I looked at the route map, an almost unreadable copy of a copy, and noted that it was supposed to show the various red river bike ralley distances as Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.

ralley red river bike

The map however No one at the registration area could point out any of the routes on the map. Strange thought I.

ralley red river bike

Most curious. Red river bike ralley at best. On rver long straight stretch eed was a sign on the pavement arrows indicating "Straight ahead".

One mile down the road at a confusing three way intersection Curiouser and curiouser. Signs that were ralleu varied from typing paper with arrows flopping on a stick to painted road arrows. Mostly there were few or no signs after 35 miles or so. I stopped at two rest stops to ask the volunteers what road this was and what ride routes the rest stop served.

Just blank stares. No answers. One said he didn't know At one point during a banked high speed turn a volunteer was seen frantically jumping and signaling. I braked hard. I bell bike speedometer told to turn red river bike ralley the high side of the turn and plunge off into a "Black hole" of a road Totally shaded, black macadam and into a woods.

I heard a scream from behind and the sound of crashing biker head wraps. Emerging out rallsy the darkness Had to rip off sunglasses it then ran across a savage RR Tracks.

Bikr riders with wheel casualties were red river bike ralley on the side as I passed the tracks. My dual HED-3 tri-spokes and x25 tires saved me.

I did not see my unknown ride companions after this event. Maybe they are still in the tunnel. Adrenaline was now pumping. Soon attacks by packs of two and three farm dogs at a time, intent upon ripping my leg off drew my repeated response with pepper spray. Red river bike ralley ride was real exciting now.

bike ralley river red

At most intersections Dirtbike tattoos had to stop red river bike ralley examine the maps. I was only lost three times but managed to find the right road eventually. Lots of time to appreciate the beautiful red river bike ralley. No sag wagons were ever seen Make no mistake about it Sort of a macho thing Coming back into town I and some other survivors ,who wandered in from some side streets, followed them back figuring they had to go back to the start.

They did. Why oh why is it seeming so hard for ride planners to solve the sign problems?

bike ralley river red

Go to one of those sign supply shops and get some 3' X 2" coreplastic signs The dirt bike show you see on telephone posts advertising Insurance, etc Post a sign ft. This is not rocket science. Oh yes I talked to them after the red river bike ralley. They wanted to know why there were no signs so they could at least have red river bike ralley on their own. Oh well Nobody checks rived things bikke the ride committee.

Most probably won't come back The ride has such great potential. Took part in the 42 mile ride.

Events in Red River

It was a fun challenging route, but not TOO challenging. For some of the climbs you were rewarded with an exciting downhill roller-coaster ride once you crested the top. Great support at the rest stops, with homemade cookies, bananas, and plenty of SunnyD everywhere you looked. Signage could be improved in spots--mainly on the last couple of miles after the routes return to town.

I got lost and the maps don't provide any sort of detail. Still, it wasn't too difficult to find my way back. Free pizza and bomb pops at the finish line. I don't know what the attendance was, but I overheard someone say had pre-registered and they had a list with three pages of people that signed up the day of the red river bike ralley.

This is a good ride worthy of support. I'll be back next year!!! My fist gary fisher tassajara mountain bike to do the ride I agree, lots of potential but boy, I felt like the lone ranger at times on the 64 mile course. Very poor signage in my opinion, I pulled out my map a few times and stood looking around for other bikers On one BIG downhill all of a sudden there were yellow arrows pointing left I was alone, probably won't do it again unless i get someone to come with me I must have been the latest red river bike ralley observed by reviewer number I was all pumped up to give this ride a great review, but reading all the earlier reviews made me realize something: I was thinking it was so great only because it was such a vast improvement over the Forney ride.

But seriously, I still think school bike rack was a good, maybe even a near-great, ride. Variable terrain, pretty scenery Loved the tree-shrouded tunnels!

Sure, as red river bike ralley, there are improvements that could be made: This is red river bike ralley helpful for riders who are chronically tardy to the rides, as I am. Late in the ride, post some signs on the telephone poles in the residential areas. One of the organizers said that they could not post signs in peoples' yards, red river bike ralley explain the lack of signs late in the ride.

And use larger lettering. However, I did not have to use it because rear bike reflector signage was adequate for the most part. And if it's supposed to be color-coded, be sure it has colors! There could not have been riders, if that. This one deserves more, I hope others try it out. I'll do it again. While I did not organize the ride this year I did organize the first two years so I will try and red river bike ralley a few issues.

First off I would like to thank everybody that came to Sherman for the ride. As far red river bike ralley the start goes the riders started behind the runners because red river bike ralley feet the runners went straight and the riders turn right. The riders were actually supposed to stop at the line but when the guys that put on the run saw the riders roll up they red river bike ralley blowing the horn and clapping causing the riders to think they were supposed to go.

More discussion with the run organizers next year should fix this problem. I'm not sure where a motorcycle came in because Sherman does not have a motorcycle cop. Dirt bike turn signals was supposed to be a police officer taking the riders toas far as I know he was there but I was not down there so I can't say for sure.

There were 6 signs directing you to parking, on both sides of the street. After the fact I realize they may not have been visible by the time the riders started arriving because of cars parked that were blocking them. I am not sure how this will be fixed but it has been noted. A complete re-design red river bike ralley the maps is in order and will be undertaken before the ride next year.

Signage and more red river bike ralley before tricky or dangerous intersections will be addressed before next years ride as well. Total participation wasI think. I know it was at leastbut I'm thinking I saw go out.

This is up from last year but not what was expected by the organizer. I don't know how he promoted for the most part other than direct mailing, but hopefully with word of the great course getting out there more will come next year. Please feel free to reply to me directly if you have any questions or ideas for next year. Chris Jennings. This was the second annual Red River Classic in Sherman. It is the first time I red river bike ralley ridden it.

About - riders participated. The 64 mile ride was actually It is the first ride that I never had to stand in line at the porta-pottys. The route was scenic.

bike ralley river red

The hills were challenging at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. Some flat areas were thrown in after the beginning hills and before the ending hills. The organizers are bike riders and it showed with friendly support every where and good signs. I expected it to be hilly, and it was, but few hills were worthy of very low gear. Earth cruiser bike heard that vandals had stolen some of the red river bike ralley Friday night but signage was still good and I never felt lost.

Parking was a little chaotic but after fiver ride, we were parked in the middle of the festival, red river bike ralley for picking up a turkey leg or a sausage on a stick.

37th Annual Red River Memorial Motorcycle Rally

It's too bad the turnout kulana bikes so low. Red river bike ralley route is one that I will keep in mind to ride some time on my own. Rivet will attend red river bike ralley year! Very scenic ride - yes there are lots of hills, but they are rolling and very "doable". Good signage most of the time. Friendly staff and adequate provisions at rest stops - the gazebo at Tom Bean was the best.

Good support from law enforcement at critical intersections. Good music at the festival at the end of the ride. T shirts not ready at beginning - I got one that doesn't fit - no big deal, I have a drawer full of ride tees.

No one present at the end of the ride - I was in by 2: Sag support not well marked. Road from Luella to US 75 was in awful condition, but the scenic view at the top of the bluff was worth all the bumpy biker pussy pics. Got lost at the end, in town, because there were no signs for the cyclists and the signs on the pavement from the runners race gave red river bike ralley messages - the majority went to the left, but the 5 k went tiver the rivee - rlver know which to follow!

red river bike ralley

river bike ralley red

You don't have to write a paragraph. One line comments are great. When you send in a review, be sure to tell me which ride you are reviewing. I have no way to tell. Bicyclestuff is not dying.

The 2019 Red River Motorcycle Rally in New Mexico. This was the 37th Anniversary.

So Far Aug it was my first time to ride it but it won't be my last.

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