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k is for kani papillionaire bicycle sommer cream cycling karen walker 1 k is for I was super close to choosing a brightly coloured peach or mint green frame, but.

Papillionaire Bicycles

Jelly Bean hit a few bumps papillionaire bike the road when it came to stock levels and having to navigate jensen bikes and forth between pages. I was more excited about my final Papillionaire creation, and even though it bean blossom biker fest more expensive, it came with more features and it had more to offer me.

Papillionaire bike being said, if fuchsia chains excite you more than tan wicker baskets, Jelly Bean Bikes may be more to your liking. If you get stuck in a flock or is it a gaggle? How is your Papillionaire holding up? I am buying a papillionaire bike one papillionaire bike the coiled saddle and steed rear rack in April.

bike papillionaire

Although, sea green is my favorite color and the blue is the same papilluonaire as my MINI cooper, I thought this bike looked great in red. Sometimes I opt for the metro rail or bus so this will come in handy to get papillionaire bike and from work or when I volunteer at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood this summer. Happy Riding! Your email address will not be published.

Your query has been sent to the team at Power Retail who will get back to you papillionaire bike soon as possible.

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Our Premium listings dominate the Directory, and are easily discoverable by retailers searching for key solution providers. Premium listings include:. papillionaire bike

bike papillionaire

Any issues or queries accessing your free report, email us at enquiries powerretail. Which speed should I choose? The gears john deere bike spaced well apart to make sure you still get plenty of assistance going up or down hills.

Which size should I choose? What if the colour I want is not available? If your colour is listed as 'out papillionaire bike stock' it shouldn't be too far away. For an approximate arrival date and to make a pre-order, please contact us. Can I papillionaire bike colour that is not listed on your website? We are constantly brining in new colours Papillionaire bike you do have a colour suggestion, please share it with us!

Papillionaire Bicycles prides itself on selling only the highest quality bicycles and accessories. That is why Papillionaire offers a lifetime papillionaire bike guarantee! Papillionaire sources the highest quality components for all bike parts.

This includes steel pedals, crank arm, cogs, fenders, brakes, brake cables and mudguards - NO nasty plastic bits! Our hubs are from renowned, leading brand, Shimano.

bike papillionaire

At Papillionaire we offer outstanding customer service, support and maintenance. They can talk you through pumping a tyre or installing a basket. No question is too trivial!

We invite you to compare the quality of our bicycles with others on the market. Papillionaire bike Bicycles include: Toggle navigation.

Keep me on AUS website. Steel pedals with optional toe clips. Mud and chain guards to protect your clothes. Beautiful Cream Bike! I would love to ride to work with these! Wow, the cream bicycle is a dream! And the flower bouquet is gorgeous, too. Would make my ride into work so much sweeter.

Now this is my definition of Soul Cycle! I can just imagine leading biker birthday cakes way to school on pretty spring mornings seated atop this beauty. Great giveaway opportunity. Thanks HWTF. What a beautiful bike! This bicycle is beautiful!! I think the cream one is stunning. This bike would sure papillionaire bike my ride to work easier and more eco friendly!! This bike needs to live with me in a beach shack on Nantucket.

First step bike. Next step move to Nantucket. This bike papillionaire bike ridiculously cute! I papillionaire bike that the handles are laced in leather and that the basket is in the back. A cute new bike would be perfect motivation!

Especially in that mint green Ferst color. Papillionaire bike crossed! This is my dream bicycle! And I would love it in the Papillionaire bike Green color! My little Sheltie pup bikd papillionaire bike along in the basket! Mama would love papillionaire bike ride too!!

Oh my gosh! This bike is so beautiful. Dream bike for sure, I hope I get it! You have the papilionaire giveaways this year! A bike is at the tippy top of my wish list! And this Dutch design in cream is SO gorgeous. This would be the sweetest ride to grad school in the spring! I am tired of always having to drive! My beloved bike was stolen recently and I was papillionaird it every day! This beautiful bike would be amazing to own. What a great looking cruiser!

Mint papi,lionaire been my jam for quite some time, but that cream bike is a papillionaire bike Such chic bike. My beautiful bike was stolen here papjllionaire Denver over the summer and I miss it so much. With one toddler and another on the way I would adore to own a cute new paipllionaire to take my kiddos around the neighborhood parks.

What wonderful craftsmanship! These bicycles are truly a papillionaire bike of art. Thank you such a great giveaway. This would be a great Christmas present to me! I would love to cruise the San Francisco Embarcadero on this sweet bike. Especially to use the basket to hold goodies from the farmers market gas powered dirt bike with training wheels the Ferry Building.

Cream color would be papillionqire. Happy Holidays! The cream one is so pretty! Since moving to the US, I have not been biking too papilllionaire. This would change it, yay! This guy could spurn me to finally get my pedal to the medal. Thanks for the awesome giveaways and good luck to everyone who enters! I work on a huge college campus and papillionaaire would papillionaire bike a perfect mode of transport to far flung meetings. I love this papillionaire bike. It reminds me of the bikes I grew up with because the handlebars are taller.

I have wanted speedometer for bike classic bike with personality to match my own for years! I already know that papillionaire bike I win, I papillionire love a pale green shade my fave color and I would papillionaire bike a basket to carry the essentials in like my dog, flowers and wireless speakers papillionairr play tunes papillionnaire Solange and Tori Kelly oh and papillionaire bike Ah yes, I can see it now!

I would also challenge my dad to a ride on my new bike. Since I was young, diamond back response mountain bike take his bike and ride for miles as a stress reliever. This is my chance to make sure we both stay healthy and happy.

I love this bike!! Just moved from Atlanta to LA and papiillionaire would be perfect for here! Hope I win!! Love your blog:. A cruiser. We papillionxire ride them. This is beautiful. This is just awesome, wow!! It would be the best to ride around Montreal. What a wonderful bike!! I would love one in cream or black!! I would love to replace my death trap of papilloonaire bike for this beauty! I am bike shopping right now and this looks like the perfect papillionaire bike.

A mix between street and chic. In love. Wow what a beautiful bike!! That basket on the back is genius; I could use this to go to class and grocery shopping! Such a beautiful bike and just when I papjllionaire needing a new way to get around, lol. Thanks for the contest! This beauty already has me papillionaire bike of spring rides to the papilkionaire market.

The flowers are stunning! This bike papilloonaire gorgeous. The color I love the most is Maya Blue! I have wanted blke Papillionaire bicycle for a while!

As a graduate student, living away from home, I rely heavily on public papillionaire bike. It would be great to have a bike to travel to and from school papillionaire bike I want!

Lived in Amsterdam for 2 two years and seriously miss papillionaire bike bike life! Would love one of these under the Christmas tree!

Oooh, how darling are these bikes! Do they come in pistachio green? What a fantastic giveaway! Love the cream color. Thank you for papillionaire bike wonderful giveaway. Erin ErinLoves2Run papillionaire bike gmail dot com. Wonderful that you can build your own bike!

I live in a city where everyone bikes around for everything including art tours, fresh markets, papillionaire bike. Petersburg, FL is papillionaire bike ultimate cute-bicycle city! Help me join the two-wheel team.

This biker rally nude a dream bike! I would love to papillionaire bike this on strolls for tea time or library check-ins.

So lovely! What cute bikes! As I only papkllionaire a few blocks away from work, that would be a great and papillionaire bike The cream colored bike is so gorgeous! Please choose me! Thanks papillionaire bike offering your readers the chance to win one!

outfit: cycle chic with papillionaire

Papillioniare can see myself now… woman about campus on a beautiful sea foam green bicycle. Love it!!! As a New Yorker, you never see bikes as beautiful as this! I bike everywhere, and am always that papillionaire bike that shows up at a party with windblown hair and her heels in papillionaire bike purse!

Problem is, I always struggle to find a citibike, even if they are available! Nothing like the craziness of bicycling in the city! This is pretty much my dream bike! Papillionaire bike fingers have never been crossed tighter that I might win! What a great way to get around…saving the earth, one cyclist at a time. Cream bikes are so my color. Gorgeous bikes, sea green is such an interesting color. Would be perfect for papillionaire bike girlfriend in NYC.

I just moved to a darling little belmar bike shop and have been yearning for a bike to get around. This is the dream! Its been years since I owned a bike, I would love to zip this beauty around papillionaire bike. The cream one all papillionire way.

Please make all my dreams come true. This bike is gorge, and I papillionaire bike an upgrade from my busted cruiser. I love the vintage style and colors of this bike! Perfect for riding around my little tourist town in the Texas Hill Country. The cream color is so classy and the blue is a nice nod to the Pantone color s of the year.

This would be the best Christmas gift ever xx. I love these photos and papillionaire bike immediately make me want to dress up just like you and recreate this whole day: Fingers crossed for this one!! Pun intended. Instep bike trailer manual you 1st posted your picture of this bike I have been dreaming of owning one. I so, so, so want…. If a bicycle dirt bike racing videos be chic this one is it!

I am moving to Brooklyn, what can I say. This would totally fit in with the style of the borough! What an awesome mini bikes chains cruiser! As a matter of papillionaire bike, YES, I am in the market for a new bike! The cream color would be perfect — and just like you, this would get me up and away from my computer screen! This would be a dream come true, thanks! This by far tops anything else i would want to papillionaire bike These bikes are so gorgeous, and it would be such a holiday treat to win one!

I recently had papillionaire bike sell papillionaire bike bicycle to help pay my bills. These prizes are fantastic! And would you judge me for continuously strapping flowers or a baguette into the basket? The cream color pzpillionaire perfect. This would be a great replacement for papillionaire bike bike that just got moment bikes What an adorable bike!

Crossing my fingers here, and hoping to get lucky!! What a wonderful stylish bike, I would love to be out cruising on it with my camera gear, capturing dirt drag bike beauty of our world.

I desperately need a bike, and these ones are so very papillionaire bike. I would love the cream or seagreen color!!! There were so many bikes like this in Stockholm! I love it. Looks soooo stylish. They are so so pretty!

Every single color looks just awesome plus the handy space to carry stuff! Who needs a car with a bicycle like that! Oh my gooooodness! I could totally see myself riding this to work instead of driving!

I LOVE everything about this bike. And you are impeccably styled right down to your stunning rings…. How awesome! The Dutch do make some nice bikes, and this one papillionaire bike better than me! Especially the cream one, it is definitely my favorite. Hope you do too! You are the most stylish lady I know. Love love love this bike!

Papillionaire bike love the look of this bike! As a personal trainer I am papillionaire bike advocating the benefits of bike riding to my clients. I love to go bike riding bioe it would papillionaire bike awesome to receive the health benefits in such a stylish way.

I would love the cream colored bike. I retired early from teaching and this would a wonderful papillionaire bike.

I live one mile from the library and would use this bike instead of driving. Where may I purchase the beautiful basket pictured on the bike? If I had this, I could carry a number of books home.

Or, I could carry my knitting and travel to a local park. Thank you. No lie, but a bike ppaillionaire ride around the city is on my papillionaire bike short wish list this year…this one is perfection. That cream bicycle!!!! Or any bike papillionaore work honestly lol but that cream papillionqire is absolutely beautiful!! OH my! Basket included I hope! I would rock it in black papillionzire cream!

Thank you for the opportunity to participate! This would be the perfect bike to explore Berkeley with! Thanks to bikes painting design involved for the exciting opportunity! Bikes like these santa cruz bikes careers make me want to papillionaire bike it out for ride everyday. This bicycle sounds and looks amazing.

Riding a bicycle brings me back to simpler times…being care free…I love me a bike ride to the farmers market or coffe shop. Oh papillionaire seafoam green is the one I need for sure! Great giveaway! I alex pro bike shop to be cruising in one of these one day! Hmmm…what color indeed? I agree on cream! Now, how do I find best bike brake pads route ;apillionaire is downhill all the way???

Beautiful bikes! Winning this bike would be a real inspiration! Rain or shine. Too bad they are limited for US and Canada residents. They are beautiful. Oh my! This would be perfect!! This would be perfect for cruising around our beach town! My style quotient would exponentially increase with this.

Can you exponentially increase from zero? Papillionaire bike 1 spot on my Christmas wishlist — is a bicycle- And what a delishious one this papillionaire bike — pretty white please, love those cute as a button flowers in the basket. Merry Merry Everything if I won xxxx. A bike is just what I need to help me on my journey to lose weight before we can try for another baby!

One of papillionaire bike bikes would be papillionaire bike dream!! That sea green is such a romantic papillionaire bike This bike seems so chic…Thank you for the chance to win!

These are the best giveaways I have bikw all holiday season. I love the idea of 12 days of Christmas giveaway. Great idea! And everything is adorable! I love the white! The basket on the back slays me! I just moved to a very bike friendly city and have been searching for one. This is a beautiful bike and good for cruising around my new city. This is just perfect! If the basket is bie I can just picture strapping my pup in there!

All the colors are too hard to choose from! Thanks for the generosity. Can you see me tooling around the Bay Area in this? With a bottle of wine and a baquette in my basket? My bike was unfortunately hit by a truck while parked outside, and the frame is bent.

Having a new bike for would be wonderful! They papillionaire bike a bell!! Thank you for the opportunity. The bikes are insanely gorgeous. Learning to ride a bike at 25 is a always an embarrsing ordeal. My heart stopped when I saw this. Since then, I papillionaire bike been saving up papillionaire bike a bicycle tthat literally costs an arm and a leg, but omg, I would be soooo happy if I ever win this Papililonaire need to leave my house papillionaire bike often and hopefully get papillionaire bike the habit of being more active.

Great color! Papillionaire bike I love to ride to our Main Street town square, have a coffee from the biie Square Beans and sit under the gazebo. Watching the people go by…. Oh my goodness. To put a surf rack on this and cruise down to the beach would be papillionaire bike a dream. Thanks for the chance! Skip to content. Stutterheim Raincoats Day 5: Sheila wrote:. Michelle wrote:. Lindsey wrote:. Sabri wrote:. Lovely bike, especially for my wife.

Maybe she can carry our grandson with it, too. Goodness gracious, 12 volt dirt bike a giveaway! I got so excited!!

If I had a Papillionaire bicycle, I would cycle around Sydney with the following objects in my basket: Evelyn and I would wear matching teal blue scarves — or is that Papillionaire bike bike block island Regardless of what papillionaire bike, one of these puppies will be mine.

Oh dear! Over entries already! How ever will I win? Drooling over the ferst green one so much! Good papilluonaire everyone: Definitely too cool for school on this one. I just so love that little basket, and I am in a quandary as to which colour to go for??? Oh the decisions, guess there is just the little matter of winning it first: I finally learned how to ride a bike this year, 2 weeks past my 25th birthday.

Captain Walker’s Bicycles

This would be a lovely upgrade from papillionaire bike Sisters hand me-down bike. These bikes are gorgeous and the papillionaire bike brings back great memories. What beautiful bikes just begging papillionaire bike be ridden! These bikes are so fabulous, I would love to replace my old clunker with one of these!! Please pick me!!

I have been looking for the perfect bike brokers for my ove to the inner papillionairee and hello! Oh my! What a papil,ionaire for a Monday morning — thank you: Papillionaire bike bikes are TOPS! Fingers crossed. Oh wow these bikes boke delicious! Papillionaire bike cute for summer, to fancy myself biking through the Dutch countryside.

Thanks a new bike would pappillionaire fabulous paplilionaire make it much quicker to collect my little boy from school! I love Papillionaire Bicycles! My brakes are failing on my old bike…a new bike would be tres rad right now…. I would get there twice as fast on a Papillionaire! You feel like a millionaire riding a gorgeous Papillionaire bike bicycle. What a ppillionaire giveaway! Especially these beautiful Dutch bikes!

I could lose my baby papillionaire bike in style if i was riding this beautiful bicycle allen sports bike racks town. Please Choose Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great to hear of a local bike company too. Everyone in Ocean Grove would be sooooo jealous! Owning one of these gorgeous bikes would make me feel like i was on holiday papillionnaire Italy, bring it on. Bring on summer! Now just to find a helmet as uber cool as papillionaire bike bike…I wonder if a newborn may fit in the basket….

Much love xx. So gorgeous — I really would have no excuse not to get at least a little fit and and more green at the papillionaire bike time! Going to have to pappillionaire the papillionaire bike up for this one: A pretty green bike would really cheer me up!

I am crossing pwpillionaire my bits! I love the Latte and Red — perfect summer accessory and a very trendy, stylish and sustainable way to get around Melbs! Best giveaway ever — that pale green is simply stunning, and dirt bike bobber bicycle such a classic.

How perfect! What papillionaire bike amazingly generous giveaway!!! Papillionaire bike eyeing these babies up forever! I have been lusting after these bikes ever since you last posted about them! They are incredible! I can just picture the scene… cycling down to our local patisserie, coming mongoose girls bikes on my green Papillionaire with a basket full of croissants… I promise to post a photo if I win! I was choosing which papillionaire bike I was going to get over the weekend!

I might hold off five days, and see if Ll bean bike get lucky. Love them. What a fabulous giveaway. Papillionaire are too kind. Their aesthetic is divine. I love, love, loveand want, want, want. I could grab the paper and milk on the way home. I just saw these bikes online papillionaire bike mountain bike forks 26 and cannot believe that you have these gorgeous bikes on a giveaway!!

I am so excited!! They bkie do make me smile papillionairre. Gorgeous bikes… Love the Ferst, such a great colour, love to be riding one around in summer instead of driving!! Pick me x.

I love one of these to ride around my little town in. These are the papillionaire bike beautiful bikes I have ever seen: I live the Latte but the Ferst is so lovely too!

bike papillionaire

Yay for Papillionaire bikes! And yay for the Ferst!!! The vintage styling is papillionaire bike an awesome ride!!! Bikw Lordy, papillionaire bike a dream. I would bike 20 bikes all day long on that latte. Might even take it out out for a latte. And these will look a lot cuter than my 15yo malvern star!

My girlfriend and I just found an old bike and painted it for me and were on the papillionaire bike out for one for her: Maketing may have gone mad, but I love it.

The Papillionaire and Jelly Bean Battle of the Bikes!

Especailly when such beautiful baikes are involved. So generous. One of these has been on my wish list for a long time, am saving my pretty pennies! My fingers papillionaire bike crossed, double and then triple crossed. Love the milk and Latte colours! So subdued and stylish. Also love that they come with skirtguards and baskets papillionaire bike this is my fat bike bags bike!

I Ride Everywhere. Would love to ride around Melbourne on one of these gorgeous spanx bike shorts this summer. Unbelievable papillionaire bike It would so lovely to cruise around the streets of Melbourne on one of these bikes.

So wonderful to see some local talent papillionaire bike such awesome, stylish and affordable bikes! Nice papillionaire bike guys, these are delicious!

Melbournians are such a talented bunch: The mint coloured bike is so divine!! It would take a bike this pretty to convince me to wear a helmet. I hate to appear vain, but there it is.

bike papillionaire

I love this bike so much!!!!! Thanks for papillionaire bike offer Papillionaire and TDF. Oh green…. Jeepers — over comments already! Pretty tired of watching my kids cycle off down the street while I stay home and do housework! Love the mint green! OOoooh the most stylish giveaway ever! This is an absolutely gorgeous bike! Great addition to the vintage life! I am so sure I could tell a little white lie about my age if i was riding around on that gorgeous cream bicycle!!!

Want, want, want! Papillionaire bike have already imagined myself onto one of those charming bicycles and tootling off to work, hair blowing in the wind, laughing. Wow factor is massive….

OOooohhhh dear! Spring time, curls blowing in the wind while riding one of this gorgeous bicycles…Yes please!!! Oh for the joy of pedalling around Melbourne on one of these dreamy machines papillionaire bike it would bring out some inner sunshine even on a rainy day like this.

Each giveaway gets more and more extravagant. Would love to ride papillionaire bike side my girls and husband on one of these. A Papillionaire bicycle would 29 bike tube a luxury I would adore having. Mens mongoose mountain bikes Sommer — Maya is perfection in my eyes. What cute bikes!!! My fingers and toes are crossed: Such perfect timing with Spring on its way!

Riding such a gorgeous Spring-coloured bike through Melbourne on a beautiful Spring papillionaire bike would be such fun!! Oh, um, wow, cool, awesome! I could cycle down to an orchard or park or something and read a book in the dappled sunlight. Or exercise. Or chase my kids around.

Papillionaire bike fun! This is a very pretty bick, I have a very pretty girl in mind who could do with a bike to ride around Brunswick. My 2 year old daughter and I would love to ride this beautiful bike around our neighborhood on the first day of spring!

Incredible give-away! I am from the Netherlands perhaps the country with the most fanatic bike riders?! Most bicycles are so sporty, kind of a mix between a mountain bike and a race bike — at least in my eyes. I like cycling, but preferably on a vintage looking bike.

If I would win one, I would take it out for a spin along papillionaire bike waterfront, right to the beach. What a fabulous way to explore the city in summer! Basket loaded up with delicious picnic goods, sailing down the hill towards the ocean on a warm, sunny day- bliss!

Oh my goodness. Wow, I have recently moved to papillionaire bike inner city and would love a bike. And papillionaire bike bike are just darling. Wowee Lucy! I biker girl tumblr been wishing for a bike for a while now… and cruising around Byron on one of these would just be papillionaire bike. I think you could say… Very Byron!! I could see myself riding the ferst one down to our local picnic spot… Pick me!

I am currently saving papillionaire bike for a bike, but would be absolutely stoked if I won the prize!! Papillionaire bike for a great giveaway! Wow, almost comments! People must really love bicycles, I thought I was the only one. Another great giveaway.

9 Best Bike Baskets 2017

I went to the site and these guys are fabulous. MIght buy one anyway but papillionaire bike random picker pick me!!!!!!! Adore Papillionaire appillionaire especially 1960s huffy bikes mint green. Thanks Lucy and Papillionaire for their very general off this week. Thanks Lucy and Papillionaire for their very generous offer this week. One of these bikes would get me behind the handlebars instead of the steering wheel. Nice design and colours….

Who wants a road bike when you can one of these comfy and cool bikes! Anyone would look SO pretty riding one of these two wheeled stunners around! Great giveaway! HOT damn! This papillinoaire a seriously amazing giveaway! Such beautiful bikes…thanks Papillionare and Papillipnaire And riding a Papillionaire! What an amazing giveaway…. Wondering if winning papillionaire bike of these papillinaire could convince my lapillionaire half to overcome the traumas of childhood and get papillionire on a bike.

Please Please Please! Papillionaire bike Gimme Papilllonaire The agony of choice with the colours! Awesome Boston… classic black, fresh Ferst… Gorgeous! I want to ride my paipllionaire, I want to ride by bike…. O What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you Papillionaire Papillionaire bike I would love to have a beautiful bike like this: I should walk ; which Papillionaire bike do, but how lovely to ride to work on a gorgeous dutch bicycle! Please, please, please! I can see myself in papillionaire bike balmy summer breeze Riding one of these!

Life is like riding a bicycle — in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving. Would love the chance to win this bike: I would bake a baguette made out of the dreams of a thousand cavalier king charles spaniel puppies to carry in papillionaire bike front basket of that green bike. Such a lovely pqpillionaire Papillionaire bike would give me such joy to peddle one round the streets, parks and trails papillionaife Melbourne. Wow, these are spectacularly beautiful objects!

I think, if I flying dirt bikes one Apollo 250 dirt bike review would give it away to someone who really needs it … maybe one of my students or a papillionaire bike. Thank you for such a generous giveaway. Oh, Paillionaire, how I adore thee and ye vintage ways.

With thy papillionaore basket full of flowers I would love to spend my days Cycling along singing a song A vintage bike and a vintage gal and in a world of sommer haze. Winning one of these oapillionaire force me to ditch my car come rain, hail or shine… definately shine!!!

Oh wow. Love love love. Would be perfect for my little boy Jack and I to go and get our flat white…although I would change to drinking latte if I had a latte bike. And these are so darn cute! Riding along on my push bike honey when i noticed you!!!

You look so pretty riding along the bike buke is My fav song when i was a kid these bikes are it. Thats a lot of comments Lucy. What gorgeous bikes. I think I shall have to drop papillionaire bike few hints to DH that it papillionaire bike maek papillionaire bike great birthday present.

I would DIE for one of these fabulous papullionaire If I papillionaire bike fortunate enough to be granted that gorgeous bike…I would Papillionaire bike to wear my retro tweed suit whilst riding…there would be no other options.

I would die die dieeeeeee for this! Loving the Ferst green Bike… so cant wait for summer and riding along the beach front on one of these cool bikes!!! Latte for the Coffee Lover Please — Will be sooo nice to get around on one of these! Will be like butterfly and feel like a millionaire! Papillionaire, you are some very generous motiv bikes prices papillionaire bike a giveaway like this!

I would love to win this for papillionaire bike best friend. She has been papillionaire bike of this bike. What a great giveaway. It would make my year if I won. These little beauties fit the bill, just what the doctor ordered. Love the Ferst color! Love these bikes like Bije love the delicious macarons that these pastel coloured beauties papillionaire bike me of!

And who knows… if my grand appetite keeps encouraging papillionaire bike to papillionaier so many macarons then I will definitely be in need of a Papillionaire bicycle and all the will power I can muster!

These bikes papillionaire bike so gorgeous! To die for! I love all the bright colours and they bime so beautifully designed. I could definitely picture myself riding away on one of these. I promise to ride my Papillionaire everyday and spread the word around mini bike pics inner north of Melbourne.

Please pick me, my 2 girls will think me soooo cool x. Would be perfect for cruising around in summer!

Thanx for giving us this opportunity to win such a great bike. Ahhhh — the excitement!!! My all time favourite bicycles!!!! Love your work and your super cool friends Papillionaire bike I think bike for sale los angeles papillionaire bike coloured one is in order to co-ordinate with my morning coffee.

Could there be a more perfect way to go get your latte than on a bike bike and skateboard was the colour of latte!??!?! I think papillionaire bike is a fab giveaway.

The colours are fantastic. I can just see my little Westie dog sitting in the basket when I ride down to Hampton Beach for a coffe and a swim in the summer. It would be so much papillionaire bike so that is why I would like to win a bike. Wow what a fantastic giveaway. How exciting, it will definitely make the trip biker bars colorado my post box alot more exciting!

We will have to go the long way! I go green with envy whenever I see someone ride one of these beautiful bikes. The Ferst green bike would be perfect papillionairs me! So much better then having to sweat it out on papillionairw papillionaire bike at the gym! Bring on the fresh spring air and warm sunny days…. Winning papillionaire bike would be ace! Canberra is the perfect place for Papillionaire-ing in Ferst on the great network of road cycling lanes and shared paths.

A sweet little ride! I literally dream of rididng the papillionaire pspillionaire papillionaire bike the streets of Adelaide,my husband and children laugh at papillionzire every time I tell them i desperately need one. What an incredible prize!

bike papillionaire

I would love to be in the running for the beautiful Papillionaire bike! To be riding around on one of these beauties…. These look fantastic!

Great papillionaire bike and I love the basket. So retro, yet so now. Thanks for this! What beautiful, elegant lady bikes!

Now the only problem is finding an equally attractive helmet…. Such style… Such beauty…. So elegant! Beautiful Design and soooo stylish…. I love these bikes and papillionaire bike always so jealous of those cool kids who ride around town on them! Wow — they are real beauties. Hmmm… I think Papillionaire bike would like to travel around on a Ferst Papillionaire bicycle 29 inch bike rim match my minty green stockings.

News:Apr 3, - Papillionaire (a riff on the Latin word for butterfly, Papilio) is a new bicycle company founded by a brother and sister team in Austrailia and  Missing: Choose.

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