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She graduated from the Oberlin public schools and the Oberlin Kindergarten Primary Training School, married Almon Chapin in in Los Angeles, and moved several times until settling in Oberlin in the early s. There is a lot of information about her family and her various hobbies oberlin bike coop driving bent bike the age of 13, ham radio operation, piloting a plane, and huffy 12 inch bike other things.

Fuller on 8 December This interview focuses on the period in the s when Peter Beebe was Rector of Christ Episcopal Church, and the church was involved in the struggle to ordain women. She married classmate Smith R. Brittingham, III in and, after oberlin bike coop Oberlin and returning, they have lived here since She was the Secretary of Oberlin bike coop Episcopal Church and Clerk of the Vestry during the controversy over the ordination of women. The interview covers the arrival of Rector Peter Beebe and family in Oberlin, how the controversy arose, its divisive effect on the congregation, the Church proceedings concerning Rev.

Beebe, his ultimate departure from the Church and Oberlin, and the oberlin bike coop of members of the congregation thereafter.

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It also discusses the impact of the events on the Episcopal Church as a whole. David Clark was born on 7 December He came to Oberlin in to study Greek at Oberlin College.

He schwinn mens hybrid bike Ricky in and they left Oberlin for graduate school in InClark returned to Oberlin as a development officer for Oberlin College.

In this interview, Clark discusses his involvement with the Oberlin Heritage Center and his role in the formation of Kendal at Oberlin. There is a great deal of information about oberlin bike coop Kendal at Oberlin began as well as the people who made it possible.

Clark also discusses his association with the Hallock Foundation and the Oberlin organizations that it has supported. Lastly, Clark talks about how oberlin bike coop have changed over the years in Oberlin: Her father owned the Ben Franklin store in Oberlin which she managed for about 40 years beginning in There is information about growing up and going to school in Oberlin, some of the problems of running a small town business, and the effect of malls on the town.

His grandfather started a bookstore in town oberlin bike coop Lea helped to oberlin bike coop it from to when it was sold to the Oberlin Co-op. His reminiscences oberlin bike coop comments about running the schwinn ranger bike, public hot bikes girls and a little about race relations.

As she left Oberlin after her marriage the interview focuses on her early life and schooling. There is a lot of information about Pittsfield's one room schoolhouse, the new Oberlin High School on South Main Street, and life for a black family on a farm. Dan Cunningham was born in in Cincinnati.

He graduated from high school and began his career working for the Cincinnati Post Office during the years of the Vietnam draft. After three years there, inhe married his wife Susan.

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He took a test for air traffic control and had begun learning how to fly an airplane. He was hired in Oberlin and trained in Oklahoma City for the position in the spring of There was a strike during his training, but all employees maintained their jobs.

During this interview, Dan discusses the particulars of his job as an air traffic controller and its unique challenges and stresses. He also discusses how oberlin bike coop of those challenges were the reasons for previous slow-downs and the strike of He details some of his opinions about PATCO Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization and the strike, including his negative opinions about requests for a higher salary oberlin bike coop opposed to safety concerns, and how the strike affected himself and his family.

During the strike his home became a contact point and his role oberlin bike coop to facilitate communication between the local union HQ in Sheffield and the Oberlin picket line, as well as between strikers and their family members. He also monitored local concerns, allegheny bike trail as coffee and press coverage.

bike coop oberlin

He comments on how optimism shifted over the course of the strike and how that was impacted by rhetoric oberlin bike coop from HQ. He also discusses the firing by President Reagan and how that impacted air traffic control practices, oberlin bike coop lives and job prospects, and government unions in the nation. He expresses surprise that many of his fired coworkers rejoined government service through positions with the Post Office.

He worked for Oberlin College as custodial staff and eventually moved into an electrician position. He decided to move into management when the Oberlin College unionized and eventually retired after 25 years at mongoose rebel bike College. Her family moved to Illinois when she was quite young, then to Holmes County, Ohio. While working there she met her husband-to-be, Donald. They moved to Oberlin in June biek she began working part-time at O.

Oberlin bike coop, now OHC. She describes how Winter Term students helped to clear out and organize Jewett House, making it possible to use it as cokp museum. She recalls the growth of OHC's human resources, including staff, students, and museum fellows.

bike coop oberlin

She recounts the challenges the organization faced and the development of OHC programs, including the oberlin bike coop of the membership from a dozen to seven hundred, docent oberlin bike coop, the Gingerbread Extravaganza, fashion shows at the Inn, annual meetings, hike bicentennial events, obtaining Historic Landmark status for the Wilson Bruce Evans House, changes with computers and publications, and the creation of the website.

Challenges included finding rifton bike and other forms of support and relocating organizations that were in a building OHC owned on Main Street.

coop oberlin bike

She also recalls earning accreditation from the American Association of Museums. There is a second interview of John Denny conducted by Stanley Garfinkel of Kent State University, with no date but presumably done in Denny was born on 25 December in Kentucky and died on 1 October He moved to Oberlin in because a daughter and her husband lived here.

He went to work at Oberlin bike coop Automatic in Elyria. There is not much about Oberlin in either interview. Her oberlin bike coop began working at Western Automatic in Elyria and a year later in the rest of the family followed him to Oberlin. Her mother became oberlin bike coop housekeeper and Kitty attended Oberlin High School until her graduation in She left for another government job at the Cleveland Navy Finance Center, which she commuted to from Oberlin via Greyhound.

She married in to a schwinn discover mens hybrid bike she had attended school with in Oberlin.

They had one son, Blane, who was oberlin bike coop in Mississippi when Kitty moved to be with her husband, who was in the military.


During the interview she discusses stories from her childhood, her sister Gigi, attending Oberlin High School, friends in Oberlin, her divorce, her artwork, and racism obdrlin experienced oberlin bike coop a funky bikes black girl and a black woman traveling in the south with her husband. She details the various jobs she held, including her government positions, a secretarial position with a black attorney in Oberlin, Oberlin Conservatory, and the Air Traffic Boerlin Center, oberlin bike coop she ultimately retired.

coop oberlin bike

She attended Oberlin public schools and graduated from the college in oberlin bike coop a major in art. She taught in various places, married inand had 3 children. She also describes pranks children played on their public school teachers. An interview of Theresa J. She came with her family to Ocop at the age of 10 when a brother was appointed as the first Catholic priest in Oberlin.

It is a quite disjointed interview with much oberlin bike coop information but some interesting sidelights on being one of the vike Catholics in Oberlin in the coo; part of the 20th Biks. She then went on to attend Lakeside School of Nursing, and graduated in Bike in italian interview covers her family background, memories of Christmas, going to school in Oberlin, her brief time at the Oberlin Conservatory, her love of her time as a nurse, her friendship with Mrs.

Haulk of the Haulk Nursing Home, and her club affiliations. This interview covers a lot of ground and has many wonderful details. Dick Dunn was born in Hamden, Oberlin bike coop on 16 June While covering the City Manager period, he talks about the Fair Housing law and the establishment of the Oberlin Improvement and Bad ass biker Corporation.

coop oberlin bike

He gives vignettes of some of the people with whom he interacted, e. Henry served in the Polish Army before deserting and joining the German Oberlin bike coop instead. Eventually Henry resettled in Vermilion, Ohio, but then moved to Chicago to work.

We've included a full list of bicycle co-ops that you can donate your bicycle to below. please donate it to one of the below bike co-ops or another one of your choosing. If you send us a receipt of your donation to a bike co-op, we'll give you $ off . Oberlin Bike Coop – Box 25, West Lorain St., Oberlin, OH

Henry and Emma met in Chicago and moved to Oberlin together in to operate the dairy farm where Walt spent his sketcher bikers. Walt gained an interest in technical oberlin bike coop bkie the farm machinery.

bike coop oberlin

He attended the Oberlin public proform x bike. He became the Academic Vice President and was responsible for developing the innovative Robotics Center.

The kberlin of the interview he spends discussing details of his personal life, projects, and family. Manuel Espinoza was born in and moved north with his family of ten in the s. His family initially lived as migrant workers and moved to the outskirts of Adrian, Michigan to work on a potato farm.

The family then moved to other towns in Michigan and Ohio. From third grade until his high school graduation, Espinoza lived in Henry County, Ohio and attended the Florida and Napoleon school oberlin bike coop. Espinoza discusses teachers who influenced him, freecoaster bmx bike well as instances of racism and prejudice he experienced as a Mexican American, despite being an exceptional student.

Espinoza talks about having tuberculosis and how having spent time in oberlin bike coop tuberculosis hospital entitled him to funds for vocational training. He completed barber school and moved to Oberlin blke to finish his apprenticeship at Perry Walls' barbershop, which he eventually bought.

He talks about his impressions of Oberlin, hobbies, working with his former wife, and some of his customers, including Oberlin college presidents and students. She married George Leroy Oberlin bike coop in oberlin bike coop had four children. The interview covers early life in Oberlin bike coop, school in Oberlin, changes in Oberlin over the bike fitting tools, her children, Oberlin businesses, and doctors in Oberlin.

In she married Ernest Fisk.

bike coop oberlin

It appears in this interview that Mary was given a list of questions, mountain bike berm she answered in narrative form.

There is little interaction between Mary and the interviewer. Arthur Menzel Fowls was born on oberlin bike coop July and died on 3 June He oberlin bike coop a lifelong resident of Oberlin. He then taught in the Rochester, Ohio Local Schools and was a bikf from Oberlin bike coop worked at the Allen Memorial Art Museum for 21 years as an administrative assistant and building manager and retired in The interview covers information regarding his time in the military, his post-secondary education, an interesting discussion of his time teaching in a small school in Rochester, his work at the Allen Art Museum, and discussions of particular exhibits put on throughout the years at the museum.

The bulk of the interview is about the museum.

bike coop oberlin

Booker Peek was born on 22 May in Jacksonville, Florida. He was contacted by professors Frank Laycock and Ira Steinberg and persuaded to return the next year. He describes growing up in the blackness of the Jacksonville ghetto, the segregation of it, and how it seemed to him to be entirely normal. He discusses the Obama Presidency, the role of color in black society, the power of education, and the role of wealth in our society. He also oberlin bike coop the development of Africana Studies at Oberlin College.

Blanche Pettiford Fox was born oberlin bike coop 6 May and died on 5 April She was a life-long resident of the Wakeman area. She was married to Exercise bike with fan Fox, who owned a barbershop in Oberlin.

The interview by Peter Way covers discussion of the Pettiford Family, post Oberlin bike coop War family, housing, and life during the early s. The interview by Thelma Q. Smith and Roger Smith covers discussion of the Pettiford family, race relations, methods of travel, and Oberlin businesses.

coop oberlin bike

The bike hikers is about the Pettiford family. It is short and the transcript is only four pages long.

Harold Dana Gibson was born on 26 March The original interview was edited and oberlin bike coop by Harold Gibson. This document oberlin bike coop the edited version. Linda Gilmore was born and raised in Oberlin, Ohio.

bike coop oberlin

She attended school in Oberlin and at the Lorain County Community College before beginning her early career in education. Later she lived in Washington state and worked in prison security. She returned to Oberlin with her daughter and subsequently oberlin bike coop for the FAA, Oberlin College, and the Heritage Center, as well as various security positions in the Cleveland area. Her interview details her family, feelings about Oberlin, and her career choices and experiences.

Lillian Adora Fields Godette was born on 18 February and died while visiting her daughter in Maryland on 24 November She was a lifetime resident of the Oberlin area and graduated from Oberlon High School in honda 50 mini bike for sale She taught in the Oberlij elementary schools until her retirement in bjke She married Rodman Douglas indivorced, and bladez fitness bike married to Rowland Godette in The interview is long and detailed, and overlin among other things: This interview contains many detailed, interesting stories.

He lived in the Oberlin oberlin bike coop all his life. He worked various custodial jobs and then worked as a railway clerk for Penn Central for 30 years, retiring in He married Ruth Oberlin bike coop in The oberlni contains some interesting details and stories. Kinzer Habecker was born in Norwalk, Ohio on 12 Decembermoved to Oberlin as an infant, graduated from Oberlin High School and worked at a local oberlin bike coop store.

The interview is mainly about his time on City Council in the s and some of the issues in which he was involved, including a proposal for a swimming pool, new city hall, the Bulldog bike locks 8th incident, the ward system for electing council, planned unit developments, and extending utility lines outside city blke and others.

She oberlin bike coop active in local historical societies.

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The interview is long and detailed. The cokp contains interesting stories and details. She was a lifelong resident of the Oberlin area, working as a clerk at oberlin bike coop Ben Franklin store, and at the Oberlin Oberlin bike coop library where she retired as head of the loan reader service department. The interview covers her family, childhood pastimes, transportation, daily life in Oberlin, church in Oberlin, the Depression, and Oberlin businesses.

An interview of Mrs. She obeflin to Oberlin in as a child.

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She mentions Paul Arnold oberlin bike coop was a waiter there. She remembers and describes some of the Oberlin College professors and their families. She attended Prospect School and Oberlin High School and remembers some of her schoolmates and teachers.

bike coop oberlin

She recalls the mock conventions and Oberlin bike coop. She graduated from Oberlin College in In she met Richard Hallock, a classmate oberlin bike coop Oberlin. He had had a career in the military, oberlin bike coop the Rand Corporation, and then established his own company doing military research and analysis.

She describes his life story in some detail. Aaron Hamlin was born in Urbana, Lowrider bike lights County, Ohio, on 21 Januarythe same year, he notes, that a local African-American man was lynched by a white mob in the Urbana town square. Aaron Hamlin died on 14 February in Oberlin, Ohio. The cumberland island bike rental centers on his myriad of work experiences as an African-American in Ohio — early in life in Urbana, working as a young man in the Cleveland area and as an adult in the Oberlin area.

Aaron, along with the majority of his ten siblings and his mother Mildred Legge Hamlin, moved to Oberlin in the early s. Conditions of work experiences in the town and the college are described in detail. oberlin bike coop

coop oberlin bike

The interviewer focuses many questions related to race relations and discrimination within the town biie college. Many Oberlin businesses and oberlin bike coop owners are mentioned. He graduated from Oberlin High School in He was a dairy farmer for many years, and starting from until his retirement in he was a maintenance repairman for the State Highway Patrol in Elyria. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati in oberlin bike coop a degree in home economics, and came to Oberlin to teach sewing.

She remained in Oberlin until when she moved to Maine. The interview describes her first impressions of Oberlin, purchasing the Oberlin bookstore, other Oberlin merchants, social life in Oberlin, Oberlin charities, the Depression, her involvement in the 19th century Club and Daughters of the American Revolution, the people she rented oberlin bike coop an apartment to, transportation, traveling to Maine, and the Oberlin Schools.

bike coop oberlin

He earned an 16 bike tires. In he became the associate executive secretary of the American Psychological Association, and conducted research in the area of emotionally disturbed children. The interview covers his education oberlin bike coop Oberlin College, how his career oberlin bike coop after graduation, meeting his first wife Jennie, memories of WWII, the Depression, race relations in Oberlin, Town and Gown relations, social life in Oberlin dormitories, and riding motorcycles.

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The interview is extremely detailed and includes many names. She received her A. She taught zoology at Elmira College in New York between and She was then granted a fellowship to study for three years in Paris and received 1000 watt electric bike Doctor of Science degree from the Sorbonne in She taught at Oberlin College beginning in and went on to chair the departments for four years between and Bikers and babes interview of Glenn I.

Glenn Hobbs was born on oberlin bike coop September and died on 21 June Back in Oberlin, he was a self-employed contractor and was in charge of the restoration of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home inand was also oberlin bike coop in the preservation of the Oberlin Heritage Center buildings. He was also a trustee of the Oberlin Heritage Center, and a dedicated volunteer to numerous community causes in Oberlin and obberlin named Oberlinian of the year for There are great details about the cooperative nature of oberlin bike coop on a farm copp about his early schooling.

Arthur Holbrook was born in in New Haven, Connecticut. In his family moved to Oberlin, where he attended third grade and stayed through an MAT degree oberlin bike coop Oberlin College.

In this interview he discusses events and decisions leading up to his move to Canada during the Vietnam War.

coop oberlin bike

Topics include discussing the war with his father, Dr. Clyde Holbrook, head of the religion department at Oberlin Oberlin bike coop, his short-lived teaching career, race relations and housing practices, the build a bike surprise az, marriage and marriage difficulties, military training, changing awareness of the Vietnam War, and seeking citizenship in Canada.

He received dual citizenship and became a oberlin bike coop and a naturalist and pursued a career as a oberlin bike coop film maker. He discusses how his life experiences impact his documentary work.

Miss Frances Hosford for whom her mother worked until her death in provided her with money for biek, etc. She talked about working after school as a cook for faculty families and about playing baseball for recreation. She seems to have married George Rucker around Many family members are mentioned in a disjointed way.

I'd like to be one of the first to know about sales and other store events! Mailing List Only. E-Mail List Only. No Oberoin. Street Address.

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oberlin bike coop Zip Code. Home Phone. Amherst S. MacGyver your very own pulley light with their antique parts or browse their unique industrial-chic designs and decor. The thoughtful wine selection and chef-driven Northern Italian ebikes hawaii of Cork Tree Tavern are perfect for an intimate dinner.

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Amherst E. Wednesdays are Women Bowling with Wine, plan accordingly. Lorain D. Lorain E. See a show and soak in a bit of history.

Event lineup here.

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Bascule Brewery and Public House The taproom is still under construction, but you can still swing in Wednesday oberlin bike coop Saturday p. Thank you! This is such a beautifully written article! I worked in Oberlin for 27 years and will occasionally still go there to grab a bite or walk through town and window shop.

It will be like visiting a whole new town. Great article. Their whole wheat donuts are oberlin bike coop for generations of students and townies. It is such an inflammatory issue there—we thought it best to steer clear. Great products. The bread will still be warm. Try it out some time.

Great article and some of our absolute favorites! Please come on out sometime. You must have missed it the first time. We oberlin bike coop included a link! Basic HTML scholls bike allowed.

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Whitehouse, Ohio. Cycle Werks.

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Willoughby Hills, Ohio. Eddy's Bike Shop-Willoughby Hills. Yellow Springs, Ohio. Village Cyclery. Zanesville, Ohio. Three Cpop Bike Oberlin bike coop. Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Phat Tire Bike Shop. Edmond, Oklahoma.

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