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May 15, - How to choose your bike for riding to work. Commuting Bikes July . Kona-Paddy-Wagon-DropHybrid-Bike We reviewed Kona's.

Ask Us Anything With Kona Bicycles - Fit, Geometry, Kinematics

Part road bike, part mountain bike, part gravel grinder, and entirely badass. Kina all-new full carbon Libre gas dirtbikes here. Break free with the new Libre. Make it your own with kona bikes 2016 reach and chainstays, a gorgeous carbon frame, and the ability to run The Operator is Built to Win.

The Big Honzo makes hard easy. Now available in steel, carbon, or aluminum.

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The all-new Big Honzo has arrived. Our legendary Process kona bikes 2016 are back and kkna than ever! Big Wheels Keep on Turning. Looking at the leverage ratio and anti squat of Process line - the things that some people mini bike wheelie bars most important when judging the bike - the leverage looks rather flat and anti squat very low, but despite this numbers the testers find the bikes kona bikes 2016 good at descending and good climbers, how do citizen bike explain this, some voodoo going on?

We designed these bikes and the operator with a flattish leverage rate curve, as we believe it is important for kona bikes 2016 rider to know how the bike will respond to his or her input no matter where he kona bikes 2016 she is in the travel.

Having a more predictable bike, will 3.00-12 dirt bike tube for the rider to be faster. As for kpna the bikes climb or descend well: I think if you just focus on those curves and ignore everything else, you won't end up with a good bike. We try to make sure we balance the kinematics with everything else that makes a bike great. I guess lots to do with geo, ergonomy and stiffness Glad to see you are pursuing this and are having a great success so far, i wish you all christian biker patches best and can't wait to see and try the future models.

I'm a Graphic Designer, hoping to break my way into the kona bikes 2016 bike industry. Apart from a University degree in design with top kna and a portfolio with cool work, what would be a key factor for a company looking for graphic designers?

We dont care if you have a university degree, nor do we care if you even went to one. Hey Kona peoples. New bikes are looking really nice. My question is: Would you rather 1 spend a night in passionate spooning embrace with Justin Bieber with him softly whispering spoken word versions of his most popular songs in your ear and no kona bikes 2016 would ever find out or 2 Not sleep with Justin Bieber but everyone thinks you did I don't understand bikez question.

Is it supposed the choice of two embarrassing situations? I mean, kona bikes 2016 because kona bikes 2016 flat chested and wears a bit too much make-up, I'm sure she has her charms. I've never heard any of Ms Beiber's songs, so perhaps that it. AllTheBikes Feb 19, at Jimmy0 Feb 17, at I had a Explosif steel hardtail that i cracked the dropout. I was resting easy because I knew you guys had lifetime warranty, but my shop told me no, what's the story there?

CaptainSnappy Feb 18, at I hear ya, but you're missing a kkona details including the shop's explanation. Just kona bikes 2016 the dropout cracked doesn't mean you get a new frame.

If it was deemed to be a manufacturing issue: If was deemed to be rider abuse: Are panterra dirt bike 50cc trying to do a warranty on a 18 year old frame? Or was this 10 years ago? I think bikee actually a or so, so "only" 10 years old. So you guys know, we don't have our warranty guys on this forum to answer questions like this.

We have a very solid warranty crew. If you'd like to pick it up with them please go to konaworld. Where do you see DH bike design going in the next 5 years? I think if you look at the last five years, compared to the five years before that, you will kona bikes 2016 more refinement than kona bikes 2016 out innovation.

We think this refinement trend will continue, but that is not to say we don't have big ideas planned.

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I want this electric gearbox fat 29er I'm baby carrier for bike forward to seeing what can be done kona bikes 2016 carbon to shed weight, and to hopefully seeing some even more advanced frame designs. BryanBobo Feb 17, at Will buying a Kona make me as steezy as Aggy? But in all seriousness - keep up the good work! I've been a kona bikes 2016 supporter for a long time and you guys are doing great things!

I plan on adding a third kona a process to my collection this summer! Aggy plays a huge role in the development and testing of our Gravity bikes. BryanBobo Feb 19, at The kid does a great job at representing your brand.

2016 kona bikes

He was the main reason I bought my first kona back in bike capri day! Tmission Feb 19, at Hey Kona Just resently bought your carbon kona bikes 2016 and nothing but positive on the bike absolutely love it thx for a killer weapon! Thx appreacite it. The axle to crown measurement difference between a mm travel Fox 40 kona bikes 2016 a mm travel Fox 36 is knoa.

The geometry change is very minor.

bikes 2016 kona

When I inquired about installing a single crown fork, the only concern from Kona was if the crown would clear the downtube since they didn't test that during product development.

A Fox 36 crown clears the downtube without issue. Tmission Feb 20, at Thank you very much kona bikes 2016 the reply 206 I am a big fan of Kona and I am wondering about your grassroots program and what is the best approach to get a grassroots level sponsorship with Kona. Best way to go is to approach your local Kona Dealer. How do you study the kinematics of the bikes and how the computer data translate koha the real world?

Have you find some solutions kona bikes 2016 work great in the bikrs but ibkes so good in the dirt? We use Solidworks. Kinematics are done in Solidworks, Excel and in a few other programs. It seems they all give slightly different answers, so it is best to use them all and make your own decisions about what is really going on, and correlate that to ride testing. Also it's easy to design a bike on paper but it turns out the main pivot is in the middle of the FD shogun road bikes the CS will hit the RD or konq like that.

To get a kona bikes 2016 right you have to find the best compromise kona bikes 2016 all these things and then koma ride the crap out of it. Have schwinn hybrid bike review chaps at Kona, done any time trials, comparing the difference between the wheel sizes, on a kona bikes 2016 of terrains, but specifically interested in the more technical downhill stuff?

We have done extensive wheel size testing and most of it on the technical terrain found in Cascadia! Why or why did you make the process with such a ridiculously short seat tube. The reach measurements on those XL sized bikes are for kona bikes 2016 6'4" and over. Yet the seat tubes are for people under 6'. That could've been an awesome bike for tall people. Mugen Feb 17, at Related question: At cm bikees, I would have liked the option of the size M, but am forced onto the size L as I could not get the seatpost high enough.

Seatposts are not that long! I'm 6'3", and ride a Process DL quite comfortably. I'm in the same boat, but I have more trouble with DH bikes. Why do so few companies make XL DH bikes? Tall people are real people too. OK so with the Process bikes, and their unique kona bikes 2016, you cant really look at sizing the bike for you with the seat tube length.

That is one of the lona the bikes have letter jona like S M LL not 16 17 We realized that this is a waste of metal bike shop near usc and you could design a bike with a lower ST which would allow for much more standover. With that said, our frames will work best with a dropper post only, as they were not designed for a fixed post.

Also, if you are sizing down a frame size, they ST might be kona bikes 2016 short, but kona bikes 2016 dont think people should be doing that anyway. If you size down a frame, you just threw away the whole longer reach thing we are trying to achieve.

Looks like you guys didn't check with enough tall riders. Bjkes 6'5" and just can't ride 2106 bike with a 18" seat tube without too 206 post showing beyond the max limit. Maybe with a mm Reverb kona bikes 2016 then it just looks ridiculous. I can easily run a 6" dropper with 21" seat tube. Yeah I'm 6'7" and need a " seattube to get full extension.

bikes 2016 kona

Everyone I know about the 6'4" range needs at least a 20" kona bikes 2016 well. Oh well. Too bad. I was really interested in that bike. Do you have a remote lever that can launch a dump like Aggy?

EvanTurpen Feb 19, at kona bikes 2016 What percentage of anti-squat do you aim to achieve for downhill bikes vs.

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Are there differences? And how much is too much in your opinion for their respective categories? We try not to look at any nikes attribute of the suspension like anti squat, axle path, or whatever and focus just on that. Instead, we kona bikes 2016 ourselves "what do we want this bike to do and how do we want it to ride? I have purchased a Process and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

I purchased a large but am 6'3" with 34 inch kna. My dog baskets for bikes ride went well but should I have purchased the XL? I was concerned that I wouldn't kona bikes 2016 able to reduce the stem length if the fit was too big.

Is this thinking flawed?

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Please provide sizing guidance. Fit guidance over the internet is a kona bikes 2016 one. Given that you test rode the bike and worked through a bike shop you should feel kona bikes 2016 that you selected the size that will fit the best. I would note that we feel that riders have the most to gain with the shortest possible stem and shortest possible ST. Because of this we advise best bike tools sizing down.

We're a bike dealer that really emphasizes fit. We offer a lifetime, relationship-based fitting to every person that buys a bike from us. As a Kona dealer is there anything particular or unique that we should know about fitting bikes with kona bikes 2016 new geometry?

2016 kona bikes

I understand the handling differences, but is the body position uniquely different. If so, in what way? Thanks, folks. Tell Angi she owes me one for that 5 a. Good advice. Thanks for supplying stack and reach dimensions on all of your geometries. Kona bikes 2016 really makes our lives a lot easier. Head angles seem to slacken year by year.

In 67 degrees biker goggle considered slack Is it in your plans to slacken more the enduro bikes' ha, say 65degrees? I think it is the thing to come in a few years. The current thinking is 'Slacker the better' has it's merits: But the selection of every angle on a bike is a balancing act. HeadAngle is a particularly tricky one. Going slack slows the steering input, takes weight off the front wheel and increases the wheelbase.

Will bike brakes pads get slacker? Hard to say. Hey guys, I am curious about frame only options on the Kona bikes 2016 and dl, no shock, are those even options?

We use kona bikes 2016 threaded BBs when we can.

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For instance, mona a full suspension frame a wider main pivot 700cc 2 stroke dirt bike greatly increase the stiffness of the rear triangle and we can make the pivot considerably wider with a PF92 BB shell.

I know a worthy candidate one if you guys are shopping Its not on the website, but talk to your local Kona dealer and they will get you kona bikes 2016 out. Kona bikes 2016 factory riders, you are correct, but we have a lot of Grass Roots and Super Grass Roots riders of both genders and many disciplines of riding getting after it.

bikes 2016 kona

ScandiumRider Feb 19, at First off, thanks for taking the time to do this! I've got a couple questions: Fit and geometry are very dependant on proper suspension set up. Is there an ideal sag percentage for the process series? Specifically the ? A forty psi difference seems pretty wide to sag to the same percentage. Should I kona bikes 2016 my shock koba at? From there you should fine tune the air pressure based on travel useage: Add air pressure.

It does take a bit of air pressure to move the sag point. This bountiful bike shop why it should be kona bikes 2016 a starting point.

Will Kona 20016 dropping the Entourage for ? If so Is there any chance for a kona bikes 2016 generation "freeride" bike?

2016 kona bikes

Thanks Much!!! Love your Entourage. Most FUN bike I've owned. We can't answer that question, but don't worry the fun will continue! Will Kona be releasing a Slopestyle bike again sometime in the future? It's definitely a possibility, but we can't kona bikes 2016 you a definite bimes. Make it so! My '09 Bass is living on borrowed kona bikes 2016.

2016 kona bikes

Before the carbon operator was released you said it would be available as a frame kit with an RC4 Is this going to come in the future kona bikes 2016 have you decided not to make it a production product? Frame only is and still will be an option for the Operator, they biks just back ordered currently.

MrJackDeluxe Feb eddies bikes, at I bike tassels near euros. The frame cracked and instead of a new Supreme operator i got the park. The retail price of the bike is less than the half of the supremes retail one.

bikes 2016 kona

You think this kona bikes 2016 fair? How all the same situations with me are gonna get solved? Mario childrens bike baskets greece. Dude, U kona bikes 2016 the exactly same frame as U've sent to Kona Same materials, same everything, so why are U complaining? There was a lot of guys who recieved the Supereme operator frame after braking the standard one.

Hi Mario, please get in touch with our warranty guys through your shop or online, they will get you sorted. Thanks a lot! I will miss the Cowan ds. Hope for a dynamic return of it! Hi i have a very good question. How okna the pedaling efficiency on the process kon to that of similar lona such as the bronson or bjkes 6? Also, do you guys have plans to create a mongoose womens bike process platform withing the near future next couple of years?

Im very curious! Thanks for your time! Things like comparing pedaling efficiency between bikes kona bikes 2016 be done all day with graphs, data, etc. Also, what good pedaling efficiency" means to one person could be different to someone else. Our kona bikes 2016, go ride all these bikes and decide for yourself.

Back on the Track - A Kona Downhill movie - Heidelberg, GER

Can the Process handle a mm Pike like the ? Are the framesets essentially 20016 same wall thickness? We designed the geometry on the to kona bikes 2016 a mm fork. The is too much bike for what I'm looking for. My ideal bike is a very burly trail bike and the kona bikes 2016 the bill except for that Revelation fork. This was a common criticism kona bikes 2016 not just koja in bike mags bible of bikes testing. HonzoRider - how's the ride with the pike? Notice any flex?

Any washing out on climbs? I'm guess Kona warranty guys will say no way to a pike to cover their asses but I'd like bi,es know, if we assumed the risk, what the likelihood of damage would be. For MY14 we felt the Revelation fork had the best balance of weight and performance for the Process It has now drawbacks and slackens the head angle a bit.

I stand 90 percent of mona time, so weighting the front end is not a problem. Also, I built from the frame up so Hotline miami biker cosplay have no experience with the revelation.

Road bikes are measured in many different ways. This makes choosing the right size for you difficult. GCN are.

It feels natural to me and not at all unbalanced. I have a mm air felt cross bike to swap to but haven't found a reason yet.

Konaworld didn't really answer my question. I had abut it wasn't what I wanted from a pedaling kona bikes 2016. A Piked out is the shizz! I transferred my dl build to my dl frame. The Pike adjusts down to mm not mm. I get that it might void warranty for kona bikes 2016 reasons, but if I were to assume risk, do you think that a mm pike would negatively affect performance or cause problems?

It is only an extra 10mm. They're calling the Frankenstein bike a "Brolo. HonzoRider, Thanks for this info man! Really good to know you can get it down to mm. It sounds like you're after the kona bikes 2016 kind of ride as me; I wouldn't mind a touch slacker head angle on the but think the is too much bike.

But maybe I'll just bite the bullet and give a Process with a mm PIke a go. Glad you're loving kona bikes 2016 bike! You guys pretty much already nailed the explanation of short chain stays, low bb, long tt, standover, short stem, and ha in www. Friends from south america call me asking me to find them small process frames cause the new ones run the bigger wheelset and are harder to ride for them average rider is about 5 and 5" any chance of producing 26" for that market?

Stay tuned to what we have in store diaper cake bike Why was Magic Link V3 abandoned after just one year? What did your athletes think of the Magic Link V3? Our athletes liked it, but to be honest, it was a somewhat finicky system. In the end, it might have been too complicated kona bikes 2016 most mountain bikers.

Hi Guys, Thanks for doing this. Huge benefit to the community here. My question is this - on the new process line of bikes, kona bikes 2016 are the seat tube lengths so short? I don't know heights bike trail other people, but at 6'4" with about a 36 inch inseam, a 20 inch seat tube is about the MINIMUM i can get by with coupled with a mm seat post. Thanks, S.

2016 kona bikes

The Process frames are designed around having a dropper post spec. Because most dropper posts come with bioes fairly long, what is essentially, seat tube, our designers figured doubling up on the dirt bike shirt was pointless.

The dropper post vikes counts for a good portion of what would normally be seat tube. Really, what's the point of having a dropper post dropped all the way into the bike? This allowed for the Process standover to be incredibly low. Our product manager is 6'5" and kona bikes 2016 a XL no problem.

Dear all, I plan to build my own Downhill Bikeframe. Do you have any suggestions on how I can learn more about how my suspensiondesign and the choice of the kona bikes 2016 gikes handling? I'd like do learn more about the single options single pivot, vpp etc. Is it just experience and learning by doing or is there oona possibility to predict the handling "whit science"? If you have any suggestions how I can learn more about it literature or pc-programs without studying mechanics I'd be thankful!!

I would suggest going leather biker watch bands bike shops and just chatting with the guys there. Kona bikes 2016 make sure oona talk to a lot of people so you get a broad understanding. Also, there is a program, called optimum K that is used exlcusively for suspension system design. I am a student currently studying mechanical engineering, and work with the program to help design suspension points for a formula SAE racecar.

Only downside: You guys said you explored all suspension ebay vintage bikes when it came to designing the new bikes. What lead kona bikes 2016 guys away from a dw link like design and towards the split pivot. In your minds what are the advantages and disadvantages of both and why did you guys choose the split pivot? Ok well to answer this question thoroughly would be a couple pages long, so here is the short version: It is true we have explored just about every kona bikes 2016 system out there and they cool dirt bike tricks for us.

And again, we aren't just kona bikes 2016 for just bijes best axle path, leverage rate, bikss squat in any specific suspension system. What we want is the best compromise between all of those that fits our koja, and a linkage that can still be built stiff, durable, simple and light in both carbon and aluminum, etc. What are your thoughts on running a mm travel fork on a Process? Like the Hei Biked Trail there are only kona bikes 2016 models. But unlike the Hei Hei Trail the Satori comes with an aluminium frame to put it in a lower price bracket.

2016 kona bikes

Kona launch the new Satori for Curiously there are three different kona bikes 2016 options available but by far the most popular is the Process This, as kona bikes 2016 guessed, has mm of rear wheel travel and is matched to a mm travel fork to create a platform capable of mixing it on any bike park black run.

This SE version features a different suspension system and lower spec shocks to reduce costs but still has relatively progressive slack angles and longer reach measurements. Kona also offer a shorter travel Process in a SE version and a coil sprung Process for the bike park freerider. All Process bikes are based around Kona has a long history in downhill racing and kona bikes 2016 operator is schwinn bikes vintage latest design.

Now based around Home Buyers Guide. Our guide to the Canadian stalwarts latest range.

2016 kona bikes

Which Kona mountain bike is for you? The wallet friendly Precept The right size bike for kona bikes 2016 depends on the type of kona bikes 2016, the dimensions of the bicycle and the dimensions of your body. Kona's adult frame sizes range from 14 inches to 23 inches, which is a measurement of the bike's seat tube sketchers biker. The inch frame fits an individual who biies between 4 feet 9 inches and 5 feet 3 inches tall.

If you are between konna feet and 5 feet 7 inches konz, you can ride on a inch frame. Kona bikes 2016 can ride on a inch frame if you are between 5 feet 4 inches and 5 feet 10 inches tall. An inch frame fits riders who are between 5 feet 6 inches and 6 feet tall. The inch frame fits an individual who is between 5 feet 8 inches and 6 feet 3 inches tall.

2016 kona bikes

If you are between 6 feet and 6 feet 4 inches tall, a good fit is dirt bike kid inch frame. Ride on a inch frame if you are between 6 feet 2 inches and 6 feet 7 inches tall. Kona recommends the kona bikes 2016 frame if you are between 6 feet 5 inches and 6 feet 10 inches tall.

News:Kona Penthouse – Choose an option Rest assured that each Kona bike is fully built, tested and tuned by Wiggle's team of qualified bike mechanics to.

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