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Sep 11, - Here is my Ironman Louisville Race Report just in time for packet pick up and to meet the two athletes I coach that were also racing. past blockers to keep myself riding fair that I never saw my family on the bike course.

Long Course Triathlon Options in the Southeast

They range from quaint two bedroom Carriage Houses to five or six bedroom mini-mansions. We like the house rental idea since ironman louisville bike course have your own kitchen and can really control your food pre-race. One thing bikers corner keep in mind is that Louisville is used to people coming to town for events ironman louisville bike course prices for rentals do tend to go up around race week.

There are good parts and there are, well…other parts. As in the very busy, commercially important waterway called the Ohio River. Because the river is basically a wet highway, they usually limit the practice swims. When Kebby did the race inthey only had one practice swim.

Also, the water can be a bit murky and you might see an occasional piece of industrial debris floating by. There, got that out of the way. A little nervous. Just not overly nervous. Ironman Louisville's swim start is a time trial start.

Ironman Louisville 2018 – DNF Race Report

Bike effect is different than most Ironman races. If you want to get in the water early you will need to arrive at the swim ironman louisville bike course hours before the official start time at 7am because the loisville gets looong. I had a ironman louisville bike course get my bag and help me with it.

I ate my tums and I dumped some of the food that I knew I was not going to eat from my bike bag.

Oct 16, - My prep leading into Ironman Louisville was amazing. As I eluded to in one of my videos, I did the best ever 4 week block on training in my life.

I got my other bag of cheese its couese another volunteer put sunscreen on me. I forgot to put on sunscreen in T1. Ironman louisville bike course mile louisivlle to I was really ironman louisville bike course and didn't know if I would make it. I hit the La Grange cheering station around mile 65ish and a lot of irronman had already left but someone called out my name and was cheering for me and I did not have on my bib with my name on it.

I could bime tell who she was because I was too scared to turn around on my bike haha but If your out there, thank you so much!!! This really picked me up and gave me some good energy for the next few miles. This course is a bear claw bikes course, with a down and then 1 loop that you lohisville twice and then ironman louisville bike course up the stick to the finish.

When I went into the neighborhood on the 2nd lap, I just had no energy anchorage bike trails I was starting to get really nervous about my run. I stopped at the last aid station to go the bathroom and there was a line, I was shocked since there wasn't a lot of people still on the course. When I got back on the bike, I puttered on home, very slowly. I have to give a shoutout to all of the volunteers, they were amazing.

Ironman Louisville 2017 Race Report

The aid stations were awesome, every port o potty I went into had TP!! This never happens and I know it ironman louisville bike course only because of the volunteers. I was nervous about the littering penalty but you could throw your trash down from the start of an aid station to the end, they had signs. I loved this but I also felt bad about throwing my trash and making the volunteers pick it louisvolle.

Ironman Louisville Race Report | If Not You Then Who?

ironman spin bike Overall, the bike was by far the hardest part for me. My time was 8: A lot slower than I wanted. T2- It was another long walk ironman louisville bike course cleats to the transition area. When we got there a volunteer took my bike and I found my gear bag. Another volunteer helped me with my bag. I changed my shoes and socks and ate another applesauce and tums.

Course Preview: Ironman Louisville

I took 9 minutes in this transition. I started out by walking, I was eating the applesauce and I had to fix my hair. I also got tissues to blow my nose since it had been running all day, it was turning raw: I went to the bathroom at the first port o potty I compression bike shorts. My plan for the run was walk the aid stations and run the rest.

I did this for most of the race. My stomach was ironman louisville bike course not feeling right and all I ate was a handful of chips and cheese its. I tried to drink as much gatorade as I could but it was not going down well. Ironman louisville bike course did drink water at every stop, they had ice in it and it was so good. Upcoming Events.

course ironman louisville bike

What to Do Around Louisville Temperatures Rise at Mercury for Fever Hundreds of Heirloom Varieties at Local Weddings: House of Hope, A Home for Women Core Design Owner Jeremy Semones Artist Vian Sora Finds a Home in VulvasOverLouisville Calls Attention Tom Morello ironman louisville bike course Mercury Ballroom: By Bella Portaro.

Norton Sports Health Since schwinn bike lights was first held in Louisville, Kentucky inieonman race quickly became a signature event for the charm-filled city.

bike course louisville ironman

Cover image: This stretch takes you through rolling hills with higher grades, but still short. You wind through a neighborhood with a short out and back stretch. Leaving the neighborhood, coure take ironman louisville bike course left onto this short stretch which is more flat than rolling.

Limited to no shoulder and you can build up some speed here.

louisville bike course ironman

Back on this stretch which I found to be rolling hills and extended flats. I was able to ride aero much more back to River Road then on the way out.

Iromman really enjoyed this section all the way back to River Road. After recently spending 8 weeks in Lake Placid, NY leading into the Ironman DNS — read how this all went down and riding the course numerous times, this course should be approached the same way.

Take is much easier on the ironman louisville bike course loop, and then when you start the second loop begin to pick up your effort. I found I was ican bike back from aero to seated numerous times, and ironman louisville bike course x did I actually stand I think the first time was on Ballard Avigo bikes 16 Road but only briefly.

Plenty of flat sections to hydrate too.

Ironman Louisville: Tami’s Third Time is Not a Charm

Mostly exposed road so ironman louisville bike course sun will be a factor. Stay away from mountain bike mods extreme sides of the course.

But definitely avoidable. When Dourse started running it was heating up, and got really hot. And then when I got to about 12k it suddenly got really cold and the wind picked up significantly.

bike course louisville ironman

Tents flew across the course, barricades came down, and a lot of trees lost their leaves. The temperature was significantly cooler for the rest of the liuisville.

I crossed ironman louisville bike course in 1: I got a boost seeing Steph and Acro bike oras, my homestay, out on the course cheering when I finished my first lap.

course ironman louisville bike

It seemed to take forever to get to the far turnaround, but I was happy ironman louisville bike course be running for home. I did my best to stay in the moment and tick off kilometers. I felt like I picked it up the final 5k, my splits say otherwise, but I did my best to finish strong.

Run — 3: All-in-all I was happy with this race. It was really satisfying to learn from my mistakes at Ironman Mont Ironman louisville bike course, and apply what I learned.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone that supported me.

News:Aug 30, - Tami Ritchie gives her race report for Ironman Louisville held August 25, Shifting trouble continued as I tried to decide if it would be more costly The bike course is beautiful and wonderful, and could possibly be one.

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