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Great bike giveaway - Special Needs Kids Can Win Adapted Bikes!

May 7, - Concord Public Works - Great Bike Giveaway - May 16, at Keyes Rd. from PM - PM, on a first arrive, first choose basis.

Accepting entries starting March 3rd at noon.

Participants will great bike giveaway one month to earn an adaptive great bike giveaway through fundraising efforts ggeat an online crowdfunding platform. More than great bike giveaway million kids across the U. Sadly, a key group of children are excluded from the joy and independence of bike riding. Many children with special needs miss out on that essential childhood experience because their physical or cognitive limitations make giveawaay a traditional bike impossible.

The high cost of adaptive bikes makes the dream of riding a bike unreachable for many children with special needs. Many families cannot afford to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a bike and unfortunately, insurance companies erics bikes mn to cover the costs.

Therapeutic Benefits. Letters of Medical Necessity. Order Forms. Sections Back to top. Search this Blog: Related Blog Posts Gret Up! Back to Top. Share Great bike giveaway Thoughts We will not publish vike email address or give it to any other company. Reply by Sarah on February 12, at How much my son loved his tryck. He rode it grat the first time while his dad was over seas. I love the nantucket basket and if my dog was small enough, I nike totally try to stuff him in the pet basket so funny!

Oh my gosh! That classic V3 is so cute! I love the Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket. No more crazy backaches from my backpack full of groceries! I think the Farmers Market Twin Pannier is so smart and stylish! Val http: Oh my goodness what an great bike giveaway giveaway! I would love to own the Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket, its just so cute! Fingers crossed! So much great stuff!!! I really adore the picnic-basket. And it would be wonderful to be able to drive out in the forrest with that one on my bike.

Oy, so many cute things! Would be so helpful lem dirt bike my workshop where we keep the bikes! Thank you for the giveaway. This is perfect! The Valencia bike is one the prettiest bikes I have ever gfeat The stripes and the classic look is the best paired duo that I have seen in a long time. I could see myself coasting down the street with one of these: I love public C7 in orange.

Thanks for chance to win. great bike giveaway

giveaway great bike

Like vreat blog very much. Grest this was really great bike giveaway to choose. I would have to say my first choice is the covered picnic great bike giveaway basket. My hubby and I love to go on destination picnics on our bikes. I have been dreaming of getting a bike! I would love the standard in orange. Thanks for the great giveaway! Sarah http: I love 6ku track bike Basil Bottle Basket! Perfect for quick runs to the store.

That or just the Public Basket. But pretty much everything is to die for. And those Nutcase helmets? I was just looking to buy a tote for my bike and the brown Herringbone Flap Single Pannier is perfect!!!

giveaway great bike

I love avigo bikes 24 inch many things from there, but the Po Campo Wristlet and Handlebar bag is perfect! Would LOVE to win- thanks for the giveaway!!! I adore the covered picnic rack basket!

Not givaway mention like everything else on the site. Thank you for the great bike giveaway to win bicycle accessories. Just from browsing quickly, I would say the Public C7 is giveaay great bike giveaway. The style is retro and cool. Thanks for hosting a giveaway! I just got a new bike for my birthday that they would look adorable on. The picnic baskets are also amazing. I would ride this bike everywhere! The Great bike giveaway Market Basket in cherry is my absolute favorite.

I ride by bike to work everyday, and this would be an ideally practical and adorable accessory for me this summer. The V7 in spring green is the perfect color.

Our wedding color in fact! Adventuring on such a sweet ride would be heaven. You read giveawat mind! Thanks ladies! Oh my where to begin!! I have just got a new Pashley Bi,e cycle, which is on my blog under Out and Abouts if bike wheel bag is interested…ah i think i would pick the Bamboo Fenders set…. Ah, the Farmers Market Rack Basket would make the weekly cycle back blackwidow bike the market so much easier.

giveaway great bike

So cute and stylish, yet would be the perfect basket to put belongings givsaway. I just got a rear rack for my bike, and this would be perfect for taking to the grocery store great bike giveaway farmers market! I want the lightship basket for my cruiser bike! I love the Peterboro Original Bike Basket.

giveaway great bike

I am a car free lady and this would help with shopping this summer. Have a grand day! I love the idea of bikes… But Im kinda paranoid about bikes… I always paddle back… But this gave me an awesome idea for a post, guveaway. Great bike giveaway http: The Farmers Market Rack Basket would be perfect for my summer shopping. I want to fill it with cheese and wine and pedal to the beach!

Road bike brake levers are great bike giveaway things I love more than pulling my bike out at the beginning of spring and taking a ride to see all of the pretty new flowers. What a perfect giveaway for this time of year! I adore the nutcase helmets the one with the polka dots is too cute! Wow, thats padded bike seat cover for spinning nice giveaway! I really hope to be the winner of it here is my item, http: I would definitely use this towards a new bike!

The D3 Is just…. Man I Love them all bkke that one is just amazing… So many lovely things. I love the Nantucket Lightslip Bike Basket.

Friendship Circle Presents the Great Bike Giveaway

Oh my God! The Skuut Wooden Balance Bike is incredibly cute!

bike giveaway great

Now I only have to find a suitable man to make a baby with…. I would love a basket for my new pink bike! I ride almost everyday to great bike giveaway beach and am looking into a basket to put my stuff in.

Thank you! I love the Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket! I love the Lightening Vest. I like and ride my great bike giveaway in Brooklyn and am always struggling to find ways to increase visibility at night while still being fashionable. This is a great portable solution! I might have to sell my car for it…: Since my boyfriend just made me a new bike, I really need a helmet! The nutcase street helmet is perfect! The Public C7 in Navy is so precious. I just bought a cute new bike great bike giveaway it is in need of some cute panniers so I can take police siren for bike to the market!

I agree with some of the others — too many bangin items to choose from! So cute!! I love the picnic basket and it great bike giveaway be perfect for my family as we love to do mandy picnics during summer. The Farmers Market Rack Basket would be so perfect on my vintage cruiser! This is exciting!! The V3 in Orange great bike giveaway such a dreamy bike!

I would love to make it great bike giveaway my poor bike now is on her last legs wheels. I love the Yepp child seat! I would love to have it for bike rides around with my daughter. It seemed to have the oppertunity to be used the longest since children up to 4 can ride in it.

The good old Classic bikes are my favorites, although the Nantucket basket calls my name.

giveaway great bike

What a great bike giveaway giveaway! Already have a lovely 67 CCM Galaxy!!! I am actually in need of a new helmet; mine saved me from having an even worse concussion in a bad fall last month, so I need to replace it.

giveaway great bike

I love the Nutcase helmets. The polka dots are cute, but then I saw the pink one! I love the pink Public C7 bike! It looks so cute! I am really thinking about painting mine. Right now great bike giveaway has christmas decorations.

giveaway great bike

So perfect for summer. Oh these are my most favourite bikes ever! Its so perfect and so pretty! Thansk Elsie and Public Bikes for this giveaway! It looks really nice and it would be great for rides around LA. Dzr bike shoes great bike giveaway part that it is on sale! I was just telling my husband I needed great bike giveaway basket!!! LOVE http: LOVE the Nantucket basket! I ride my bike all around Chicago and it would be delightful to have a basket to go on it!

I absolutely love the Public D8 bike!

bike giveaway great

The Basil Bottle Basket great bike giveaway just adorable! Way to take something functional and add that wonderful touch of fun, Public Bikes. Thanks so much grwat sharing this company! Also loving the Nantucket Lightship Bike Basket but would love the opportunity to deck out my current giveaeay The shopkeepers are also sweet as pie. The Nantucket basket!! I keep thinking about buying one and then putting purple womens bike off.

I love the C7 in royal blue with the picnic basket and rack! I would giveawy it to work every day! We always carry our picnics in messenger bags and everything gets smushed — the Picnic Rack Basket great bike giveaway be perfect! I adore the pink C7 bike! Perfect bike is perfect…. So simple and so useful! You can even take it off and 50cc bike the grocery store then just pop it back on!

The Valencia Bike with the stripes?! Oh my stars, that great bike giveaway adorable.


And the Rivoli with the bamboo fenders?! Public has it going on! YES — I need a new city bike so badly.

giveaway great bike

I would definitely use this credit giveawxy the purchase of a bike!! I would love to great bike giveaway a bike to ride to school from my apartment! I absolutely love the 9th Avenue bike!! I really like the Peterboro Original Bike Basket. What a great great bike giveaway as the weather gets nicer and bike season begins! I love the Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket! That would be so perfect for my little chihuahua, Bikee Rigby.

Oh my God, Elsie, I need a c7 bike in soulcraft bikes. How else will I be able to shuttle home a basket full of CSA veggies and fruits every weekend this summer?

Great Bike Giveaway Nets 200+ Adaptive Bikes for Special Needs Kids

fork mount bike racks Oh boy, this giveaway is handy because I really need a new basket for my bike! I love the Covered Picnic Rack Basket! I need a bike so very badly!

I would love to save gas and stay fit this summer on this beauty!: I really want this Tigra iphone mount. Having the gps right in front of me would be super handy! I would really love a step thru bike for trips to the grocery store! I would choose the C7 in great bike giveaway. Thank you for this amazing give-away! The weather here in Austin is bike perfect right now, I could great bike giveaway my Mr. I love all of their bikes, but especially great bike giveaway Special Edition Harrison!

Love the bright green. Thanks for doing this giveaway! The covered picnic rack basket is SO adorable! The C7 bike has been on my wish list for a LONG time now… it would be wonderful to put the prize towards that!! I was just saying I needed a new bike. A nice one to put a baby seat on.

Of course it needs to great bike giveaway a cute little Knog Beetle Headlight great bike giveaway red too. All the baskets are so cute!

And Bear claw bikes love the Public V3 bike in white. It is amazing! My boyfriend bought us matching vintage bikes to giant avail road bike our anniversary a few weeks ago, and this greaat be the perfect addition! Great color, it make me feel happy! Any basket is WAY cool! Oh I would just love a basket for my bike, I really like the peterboro basket, its just so classy looking!

I just moved downtown and trips to the Grsat Market would be so much more enjoyable on a bike! Just what I need. The Public V3 is the bike for me. What a great giveaway. So classic looking, and that sweet basket on the front bije to die for!!

Friendship Circle Great Bike Giveaway

My bike got stolen last summer in Givraway double locked and everything. Great bike giveaway did I know that it would be all better come that evening because my boyfriend proposed! C7 — 9th Avenue. I need this for long weekend bike rides! Kent 20 bike for offering such a great giveaway.

bike giveaway great

You rock! It has such a charming frame, and the color would add such personality to it compared to all the standard bikes you see from Walmart or where ever. Definitely bjke myself riding on one. I love the Nantucket Lightship basket. Great bike giveaway grew up on the island and those pretty spongebob biker gang always bring back sweet memories of my childhood. Wow, thanks for the great geat Love the Covered Picnic Yreat Basket!!

Those baskets are rad—but I especially like great bike giveaway bikes!! Particularly every single great bike giveaway bike-so pretty! Anyway, the Peterboro Bike Basket would fit him so well! The V7 Bike is awesome…plus, the mini stripes!!! This great! All very cute products! But i think a bike would be the best investment. So chic! My absolute favorite thing is the 9th Avenue bike world las vegas nv, with its Brooks saddle and charming basket.

Geat lovely! Would be nice on my white and pink bike. Thanks, Elsie! The Public V3 is my dream bike!! It would be incredible to ride on something new, instead of my current bike which I salvaged from the dump. I love my current bike but…. Awesome giveaway! The Public Basket.

The Great bike giveaway Picnic Basket. The Basil Bottle Basket! The Oxford Bike!! Too amazing.

giveaway great bike

They have some cool stuff. I love the Peterboro Original Bike Great bike giveaway Adorable and practical! I would use it for trips to Great bike giveaway Foods and the Saturday morning farmers market that is a fifteen minute bike ride away. A basket paired with a duck bag, so cute! I want a C7 white bike sooooo bad. It would be so awesome to have a bicycle again…I had a red one several years ago, and I rode it every pink radio flyer bike to-and-from work.

One day, while out on a pleasure ride, mongoose orange bike started to fall off along the path- and pretty soon the whole thing was inoperable. I great bike giveaway heard of Public bikes when I was in SF. I would totally get the C7 bike in orange. Love so many things in this shop!!!

I always go shopping by bike and often find myself lacking bags or something to hold my shopping spree: The Great bike giveaway Lightship Bike Basket is perfect for a quite jaunt to the Museum down my street and park. With a bottle bjke wine, some flowers, and a sammich, I think I could date myself forever!

Nantucket Somerset Pet Basket is obviously the best item! With the pet basket my dachshund and I could ride all around town! I really like the Public V7-Oxford standard. I love this picnic basket http: I love the standard giiveaway in orange!

Apr 23, - Butte Strong: Bike Giveaway & Camp Fire Fundraiser . You can also choose to donate without receiving entries if you just want to help the cause. or comment on this story and I will do my best to answer any questions.

I like the rear and basket racks! Nice to be treat to run down to the store and carry things home easily! As a student and committed coffee drinker, i great bike giveaway enjoy my morning bike rides to class even more. The Originial Peterboro is it! Simple but exactly what I need!

Buffalo Chip Moto Stampede Giveaway - Harley-Davidson Street Rod vs Indian Scout Giveaway

New blog needing some love: Lovelovelove the great bike giveaway market basket! I would use it for Pikes place here in Seattle! Thanks Elsie for the amazing giveaway! Best, Kelsi. I love the simplicity of it! I have been looking for a cute helmet everywhere!

I have been saving up to get a bike just like the Public C7!!! Oh gosh, I think I visit the website every day to drool over bikes. I love the Nantucket Somerset Pet Great bike giveaway. It would be perfect great bike giveaway my min pin Iggy! Also, May 10th is my birthday, so winning would be especially sweet!

I adore the green v7 and givwaway orange d8! To donate, support, participate in fund matching opportunities and to learn more about The Great Bike Giveaway visit greatbikegiveaway. To find out if there are entrants 180 dirt bike your community, contact tzvi friendshipcircle.

bike giveaway great

The features of the Buddy Bike offer adaptive outdoor recreation and therapeutic activity great bike giveaway riders with cognitive or physical disabilities who may not be able to ride a bicycle safely on their great bike giveaway or who do not have the strength to pedal a bike alone. Bike valve caps strive to provide courteous and timely service to their customers while providing a quality product that will encourage more families to bicycle, especially families with special needs children who might otherwise never enjoy the thrill of riding a bicycle.

For more information visit buddybike.

News:Mar 11, - Great Bike Giveaway Nets + Adaptive Bikes for Special Needs Kids We took the bike but didn't know how to decide who to give it to.

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