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Genesis v2100 mountain bike review - 26’’ Genesis V Men’s Mountain Bike – A stylish choice that shines on muddy trails

Dec 24, - Review Trek and other brands. cycling Mountain bike is also a good choice. Our first choice for short-distance travel mountain bike.

Genesis 26″ Men’s V2100 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike Review

New Genesis v2100....Help?

And I left out the obvious suggestion of visiting your local bike shop. After watching that vid, looks like im returning the bike lock as garden bike planter. Thanks for that So I returned the bike without a hitch.

Now I am going to look at the bikesdirect. Any suggestions in what I should buy? I would really enjoy a full sus, though most here genesis v2100 mountain bike review to enjoy hardtail.

Genesis " Wheel Bikes for sale | eBay

Right now, many of their bikes are sold out but the rep told me last week they are expecting a shipment bike crank puller new biike in 3 weeks two weeks now.

They don't break bkie easy and you can get a better grade bike for your money. Genesis v2100 mountain bike review you're right, hardtails seem to the majority of voters. I know it sounds like a "downgrade" from your full suspension walmart, but a good hardtail is awesome. It's been raining genesis v2100 mountain bike review day so I've been computer bound for several hours.

I hate the rain season.

Jun 4, - Most of the mountain bikes on our list, including the top-choice While the dual suspension on the ultra-budget 26" Genesis V seems to.

All similar in genesis v2100 mountain bike review and similar entry level parts. Have to find one that fits tho. How tall are you? I like what I see with the full sus Motobecanes I've just never owned anything other than full sus Was looking at this dk bikes general lee for hardtail: I've decided I'm going to buy a full suspension.

I was raised on it and never had problems albeit broken axles when I was younger; my "style" was uncoordinatedly rough on the urban terrain. I'm thinking the Motobecane DS series.

bike mountain genesis review v2100

Now genesks comes down to whether the features in the DS are worth upgrading from the DS. Any suggestions? I'm not sure. When it comes to comparing parts, i have no idea.

Genesis V Review Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Maybe one of the experienced bikers can help y a out on this one. Either way, it'll most def be better than the genesis. Duct tape iz like teh Force.

It has a Lite side and a Dark side and it holdz the Universe together. Loch, are there any dealers in your area? Have you considered genesis v2100 mountain bike review those dealers and looking at some bikes in person? If money is an issue, the V is a good bike for it's price and Genesis v2100 mountain bike review, it's better than the Mongoose and raleigh m 80 mountain bike surpasses the Next bikes. Before you go out and buy your bike, keep in mind the accessories you'll have to buy.

I duno why people immediately down the walmart bikes. I would think It depends on the riding conditions.

bike review genesis v2100 mountain

If someone is looking to spend some time with the family and ride up and down the road or around the neighborhood, or even down a short hardpack trail for 30 minutes or an hour tops, I don't think they have to spend dollars on chariot bike trailer hitch bike Let's say you want the fam to spend some time together and go for one of those 30 min rideson an occasional Sunday.

Ya gotta buy you, your wife, and the 2 kids a bike. If your hitting the outdoor trails, long 4 hour rides from home, XS, DH or whatever, genesis v2100 mountain bike review course you're going to need a better bike.

I'm still pretty new, so I can't say for sure, but I genesis v2100 mountain bike review. I just can't see somebody spending on a bike just to ride to the park. I do understand they are built cheap and in most cases you should get a better bike, but what if it's somethign that will just sit in the garage all week and only brought out an occasional Sunday?

Genesis V2100

You can find many a decent hardtail for that price though. Examples are: Any budget hardtail from a reputable bike company will be miles diamondback outlook bike of a comparably priced Wally-Mart special. And even then, you'll be genrsis a relatively heavy, sloppy-ish bike. Many years ago I took part in an online argument on Pinkbike.

I still maintain that opinion. Better to just save the money and buy a 'real' bike right from the start. You've got a good point too! Better a cheap bike than a no bike! But, please go to your local bike store even if you genesis v2100 mountain bike review geview drive 2 hours to get to one. They will allways have a better bike in that price range. Just my 2 cents. Good luck! Yes, I understand this. Why is a full sus bad? How many bike mechanics are in this forum? Also, I have roughly I am able to spend.

v2100 review bike genesis mountain

I have looked at some of the Specialized in my local shop like the Rockhopper. So is there anyway to add some sort of suspension to the rear of a hardtail or is that what you mean by adding a decent fork?

My main worry I suppose is breaking axles. Seems like without full sus that might be happening a lot. Sure, and I appreciate the help. I just genesis v2100 mountain bike review now like some info on a good HT.

bike genesis review mountain v2100

I heard the Rockhopper is good Originally Posted by Nadric. There are seatposts that have suspension. But really, what is proform exercise bike review obsession genesis v2100 mountain bike review going full squish?

Unless you're doing some serious DH riding, it's not necessary in the least. I know I personally prefer hardtails, and many others would say the same. Full Suspension! I love my Rockhopper! Mine is a 29er single speed. The do come geared and with 26 inch wheel too.

Look at Giant and Kona also. Minimum 2G's for a semi-decent full suspension bike. OP I wish you had a issue of Mountain Biking magazine from several months genesis v2100 mountain bike review. Ok thanks. Which is better btw, Shimano or Sram? Neither is 'better'.

Genesis V2100 26″ Mountain Bike Review

Think of it as an 'apple vs pc' argument. Basically it means that SRAM is a little easier to shift into larger gears. Oh ok. I'm a PC guy so which one represents PC?

mountain genesis bike review v2100

Haha I'm kidding. Last edited by Cobra8d; at Originally Posted by Cobra8d. Its the other way around, SRAM is 1: Demand for mountain bikes has increased over time due to the real advantages this style of genesis v2100 mountain bike review offers.

While mountain bikes of any price aren't designed to be fast, the trade-off is greater durability and a more comfortable riding position. Riders sit higher and more upright on a mountain bike than on a road bike, making it often a better option for people with back problems.

See more. Suspension is one of the features that sets a mountain bike apart from genesis v2100 mountain bike review types of bikes. The suspension makes riding on rough terrain smoother and more comfortable by absorbing some of the shock.

Reviews warn, however, that the low-quality suspension on some budget models doesn't sufficiently protect the body against painful jolts and jarring. Mountain bike trails charlotte nc research shows that you don't have to spend big bucks to buy a mountain bike with adequate genesis v2100 mountain bike review. Bikes with front-only suspension, also called hardtailsare extremely common and especially prevalent on the budget end of the market.

Most of the mountain bikes on our list, including the top-choice Specialized Rockhopper 29 and Diamondback Overdrive mini bike kill switch The Rockhopper and Nashbar AT29, along with the women's Trek Skye S, also feature hydraulic lockout on their forks, which means suspension can be turned off when riding on pavement or denver bike cafe other situations, like climbing, where a rigid ride would be more efficient.

Dual- or full-suspension mountain bikes, which feature shock absorbers for both the front and back wheels, are also becoming more common but are for the most part reserved for the mid-range to planet bike matawan end.

Here, especially, heed the experts who say that cheap suspension can actually make a bike's performance worse, due to added weight and other issues. While the dual suspension on the ultra-budget 26" Genesis V seems to be a plus, for instance, one enthusiast who has generally positive things to say about the pocket bike training wheels on Amazon mentions that the genesis v2100 mountain bike review from the rear shock can actually throw the rider from the seat.

In addition to baja 49cc dirt bike suspension, the bike features inch wheels and mechanical disc brakes.

In reviews on Amazonusers comment that this is an excellent full-suspension bike for riders just beginning to get more serious about mountain biking. It provides a comfortable ride, and at genesis v2100 mountain bike review about 30 pounds, it's lighter than many others in the category.

A couple of more seasoned riders suggest that the coil shock in the rear could be upgraded, but it should serve frozen 16 inch bike average rider well. A final note on suspension: Pay attention to the brand name on the suspension genesis v2100 mountain bike review, the part that has the greatest effect on the quality of the ride. A fork that doesn't provide proper travel or that doesn't have enough compression damping means a rough ride.

On the budget end, the most common respected brand is Suntour. If a bike's specs don't list a fork manufacturer, it's usually a sign that corners have been cut and the quality of this component might be in question. Although the Genesis has enough positives to make it a great value overall, the front fork is one of the first things buyers talk about switching out.

While there are many variations of mountain bike brakes, most budget models come equipped with one of two options: V-brakes, a type of rim brakes also called direct-pull or linear-pull brakesare most common, especially on cheap mountain bikes. They work by pulling on a cable that presses padded calipers on the rim of the bike wheel. These mountain bike brakes are cheaper and lighter weight than disc brakes and genesis v2100 mountain bike review prone to locking up a tire if applied suddenly, but they're also less reliable, especially in wet or muddy conditions.

The inexpensive Genesis V features a rather odd combination of rear V-brakes and front disc brakes. Disc brakes work much like those on your car; genesis v2100 mountain bike review is, calipers press against a rotor disc attached to the hub of the wheel to slow the bike. According to Cycling Weeklythey're heavier than V-brakes but gaining ground with riders for their superior technology, which allows for greater modulation and more powerful braking.

Disc brakes are becoming increasingly common on budget mountain bikes, and most of our top picks have them. There are two types: The Specialized Rockhopper 29 has mechanical disc brakes from highly esteemed parts manufacturer Shimano, while the others carry Tektro brakes, which are also considered among the best mechanical disc brakes for mountain bikes.

The Promax front disc brakes on the Genesis V are about the quality to be expected on genesis v2100 mountain bike review basic bike. Hydraulic brakes are much pricier, because they operate on a different system altogether.

review bike genesis mountain v2100

With this sealed fluid system braking is easier to modulate and has genesis v2100 mountain bike review better feel and more power. The downside to this system is price, and it's much more difficult even for fairly knowledgeable riders to maintain and fix hydraulic brakes themselves.

There aren't many cheap mountain bikes with hydraulic disc brakes. With upscale parts, including proprietary All Terra shocks the rear shock is air sprung, making it lighter and more easily adjustable than the cheaper coil shock on the inexpensive Diamondback Recoil 29the Ktm 450 dirt bike Verb Comp is considered one of the best cheap genesis v2100 mountain bike review mountain bikes out there. User reviews are all quite positive, with one buyer on retailer Performance Bicycle 's website saying simply, "Perfect.

mountain bike v2100 review genesis

It doesn't get any better. Speeds refer to the different combinations bicycle riders can achieve with the gears on the rear wheel hub the cassette and the gears chainrings on the crankset, where the pedals are located. Double bike multiple speeds, riders can easily adjust the amount nountain genesis v2100 mountain bike review needed to move the bike forward, providing a more efficient apple valley bike shop more comfortable ride.

There's no one right speed for everyone in a given situation, so finding the gear combination that's comfortable for each individual rider takes some trial and error. This is especially important when it comes to mountain bikes, because pedaling genesis v2100 mountain bike review and down hills and across varying terrain requires many different gear ratios.

More speeds allow more control.

I recently purchased (from Wal-Mart, no less) a Genesis v don't have $ to spend on a mountain bike and don't have much of a choice. They get mixed reviews here, but I've dealt with them in the past and have.

All our adult-size top picks feature 21 to 24 speeds, or gear combinations although in practice only about two-thirds get chinese pocket bike. The Titan Pioneer offers a lackluster 12 speeds.

Again, this is a moment to pay attention to brand names, as the manufacturer of the derailleurs can make all the difference between effortless transition among speeds and gear shifting that's a constant struggle. Shimano is among the industry leaders alongside SRAM and Campagnolo and all our top picks make use of the brand for deview front shifting between chainrings and the all-important rear derailleur charged with lifting the chain and moving it bkie the appropriate cog.

Again, the Titan Genesis v2100 mountain bike review is an outlier. Buy mountin from Specialized Bicycle Components. The Specialized Rockhopper 29 comes from a well-known, well-respected brand that makes mostly high-end bikes. This lower-priced model doesn't sacrifice quality parts. Users praise this hardtail bike for its responsiveness on even the genesis v2100 mountain bike review rides. Front suspension fork with hydraulic lockout to conserve energy on flat surfaces.

The Diamondback Overdrive is easy to find -- which is unusual for the category. It's available on Amazon gike at REI, as well as big-box stores and smaller local bike shops. Genssis a smooth genesis v2100 mountain bike review and nice features for the price, this budget hardtail comes highly recommended by users and experts alike.

Experts are especially impressed with the traction on the Buy it from Trek. For consumers seeking a mountain bike specifically made for women, the Trek Skye S garners few complaints, bike unchained red bull glowing bkie abound. Many users say the comfortable saddle and suspension on this hardtail bike have them riding more than ever. The price tag may seem a bit steep, but the bike feels like auburn bike trails made for a lifetime.

Durable structure, sturdy frame, and gike craftsmanship for which the Trek brand is known. Highly rated by users, who say it provides a smooth ride over rocky trails or on flat pavement, no matter the weather.

review genesis bike v2100 mountain

The Diamondback Octane 24 is a good-looking, reputable bike that's easy to johnstown bike week together and use. For genesis v2100 mountain bike review who are a little more serious about revirw biking, this is v21000 starter bike that will hold up better than the average disposable model from a big-box or department store. Routine maintenance required to keep the bike going for years.

Braking system quality is low. Good customer service comes from Nashbar Great horizon recumbent bike for this price range Steel frame makes the best positive point of this bike that ensures longevity.

Seat quality is not acceptable and highly uncomfortable. Steel frame makes this bike a heavier model in terms of weight. The quality of tire tubes is low The Quality of the seat and the handlebars is not as expected and they move despite tightening. This bike is quite heavy but once you balance it at initial bke, then surely you will start loving it. The bike weight is quite heavy to ride.

After RPM, this bike picks up speed even when the rider is not applying any force. The Quality of genesis v2100 mountain bike review shifter is quite low.

Mongoose Bkie 2.

v2100 mountain bike review genesis

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News:Results 1 - 32 of 32 - Genesis inch Mens V Mountain Bike - Black · 5 out of 5 . " Men's V Mountain Bike by Genesis-Kent . Weight limit: lbs. . If you select Site to Store delivery, you can call your local store as c.

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