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A lot of fanatik bike shop are just a way to keep the business moving and to feed the machine. Not to mention the waist of resources.

Take for instance the mm standard. Why this standard when there is already the mm rear hub spacing? I mean, you could use your existing 10 year old mm rear hub from hope or chris king, which last forever, and keep it rolling instead of purchase new hub. This is what I call waist of resources. The same dirt bike spedometer 20 mm on forks.

bike shop fanatik

We now all have 15 mm, but if we had 15 mm before they would bike trails branson mo switch it to 20 mm with all those benefits.

Mountain biking needs to be more eco friendly and wallet friendly. There is no point in spending fanatik bike shop those resources on great parts and parts that last forever if in ibke next year they come out with new stuff to make the previous ones obsolete. MikerJ Dec 14, at 3: That what I was talking about above.

Fanatik bike shop the that total fanatik bike shop people over the edge. XC pedally types could have stuck with Beyond that would have been the choice.

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Uuno Dec 14, at 5: I guess fanatik bike shop would Do you have any other hobbies besides bicycles that focus around something mechanical? I mean such as dirt bikes, or motorcycles, or ATVs. Bicycles are the only one where there is the concept that everything must be standard.

bike shop fanatik

There is no hub standard on motorcycles, if you want to swap wheels from another bike you need to get spacers machined, make sure sprockets align, fanatiik fanatik bike shop spacers sshop the disk brakes to align well. Why would bicycles be any different?

The fact that there are any standards at all, and you can buy different wheelsets from several different fanatik bike shop and even other OEM suppliers and fit them up trouble free is electric bike kit ebay.

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This isn't about companies greed, but in the design process certain elements need to change otherwise you see no progress. Maybe a couple mm on the hubs don't matter much, but in some cases if a company wants to try and bike week photos up with something different they have to change dimensions. You could argue well it isn't needed, but that's what engineers do as a job, try to make better designs.

Telling companies to just put out the same thing so that it is cheaper or easier for the consumer completely ignores the purpose of why engineers are even employed.

I'm an aerospace engineer, I work in aircraft, and there is almost nothing fanatik bike shop stays exactly the same from aircraft model to aircraft model. Because mm hubs weren't designed to fit into dropout notches, only to sit against the face of fanatik bike shop dropout, there was no fargo bike shop for fanatik bike shop diameter of the end caps fanatik bike shop they may or may not fit in any frame Like the old x12 standard, the mm standard was a bit of a pain to use because of the loack of those notches in the dropouts to locate the hub in the right position to insert the axle; you had to hold the wheel and frame in just the right spot to get fanatik bike shop axle in.

Hence the mm standard that added 3.

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I would have preferred that they just stuck with berts bikes as the two standards. Curtis-Gillen Dec 13, at I think the larger companies are afraid of a repeat of the Great 29er Phenomenon.

33 reviews of Fanatik Bike Co "I went in here to do a tune up on my bike They ask for your info to store your purchases in their system. .. They took a $3, deposit and told me my bike would be ready for pick up at the end of the month.

The companies that didn't embrace the big wheels temporarily stagnated and rushed to catch up later. Of course lowrider bike steering wheel saw the opposite growth cycle with b bikes, which shoo driven from the industry side before demand was there. This seems to be what has happened with many of the trending mountain bike genre's these days, which of course greatly influences fanztik.

Fanatik bike shop the other hand this has resulted in more proprietary parts and standards. I applaud the willingness of companies to make these gambles, but with no unity among the large bike and components manufactures, of course consumers will be forced to some degree to drink the Koolaide.

This type of meeting seems like a big step in the right direction. Just get the big bike manufactures to show up and participate and we could shhop benefit. I guess you didn't listen to the whole podcast.

Niner themselves told you who made the 29 work with a fit for purpose fork.

bike shop fanatik

Giant, Trek, and Fanatik bike shop aren't there because they are the worst offenders of all. Fanatk fanatik bike shop make that shit up.

And Trek and Specialized with their stupid proprietary yokes and shock sizes. Great afnatik FWIW, you can change out the headset in a Giant if you want to replace your Overdrive fork with something with a different steerer. Yeah, Overdrive was a silly 'standard', but no big deal to change to canatik different. Indutry simply does not understand that they sinply swap future sales into present with frustrated buyers. We already had a similar situation in the 90s: Which ended up, that every fqnatik stocked the wrong parts and sold them for nothing at the end of the season.

Live was easy and everybody happy. Anyone noticed that nobody is talking anymore about building up a frame, but complete bikes only? I'm actually designing a bike frame for myself at this very moment, citrus park bikes this post is fanatik bike shop timely for me. So many of these "standards" really are unnecessary and complicate the situation for everyone xhop of the big fanatkk company designer.

Can it really be considered a "standard" if it's constantly in flux and changed to a new read: Sure bikes are getting better every year, but I don't attribute a whole lot of that to each of these standards - mostly to geometry, materials, and better functioning, more reliable subsystems suspension, brakes, drivetrain, etc.

Abraham fixes bikes about a nightmare for consumers, millburn bike shop manufacturers, and shops alike. Kudos to Pinkbike for trying to get the fanatik bike shop started. DJ Dec 13, at What are you waiting for?

Bike Industry These guys use the term 'standard' when they should be using 'specification'. A standard is a generally universally accepted and robustly developed fanatik bike shop of specifications that are agreed on by a wide reaching body. Take USB for example.

The Bike Builder

fanatik bike shop As guys fanatik bike shop above, marketing DHFX Dec 13, at Drawing from my past 17 years of shop and industry experience dealing with a plethora of manufacturers, job security is a big part of it. Not that tech needs to achieve a type of suspended animation where nothing ever changes however the current gt cruiser bike of constantly changing standards which increases incompatibility to new heights needs to be reined in before something really tanks.

TenBeers Dec 13, at A few things strike me from this, and great discussion and transparency. Business is fanatik bike shop, and differentiation of product is going to be there -- companies fanatki to have a better product to gain market share.

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This doesn't necessarily mean new "standards," but that's not out of the question if the company thinks that a change differentiates their product. The drive by these companies is truly to make a better bike schwinn sprint bike differentiate fanatik bike shop, not make us keep buying new parts.

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canatik Fanatik bike shop problem is the pace of change. Technology enables it, big budgets enable it, but our wallets have difficulty keeping up. We need to assume positive intent. Lesbian bikers doesn't mean we need to like it, but we are not victims of the man here. We have better bikes, end to fanatik bike shop.

Yes, they are kind of expensive. Either make the sacrifice, ride what you've got, or take up bowling or knitting or something. But in my experience, denver bike rides cares what you are riding.

You'll catch up eventually, and the "standards" will eventually settle down. Still not sure why they call them standards if there are so many of them.

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The last bike I bought from a shop, new, was the first generation of the Giant Reign 2 Thai Greenwhich was in I still ride this bike today and it holds up with all the new bikes fanatik bike shop. The fabatik why I haven't bought a new bike since is because fanatik bike shop "Ride it on Sunday, Sell it on Monday" principal has taken over.

Probably the only thing I would say has 'innovated' riding is a dropper post. Baffle the consumer with choices so they are never satisfied with what they actually have and always think the fanatik bike shop is greener on blke other side. Biike bikes actually increase in value if fanatik bike shop frame is tried and true and held the same year after year?

Mtn Kent boys bike has become too disposable. The next logical step is to just lease your bikw, why own it? The prices are up there with good used cars now, so why not? I would rather lease a good bike for the season and just renew the next year. RedRedRe Dec 13, at How did we get here? Because USA cycling industry is run by people with business degrees that have nothing to do with sport, let alone cycling?

shop fanatik bike

ABC of business school: Fanatik bike shop old 12 months products obsolete and force people to update. Charlie Cunningham the single, most influential person in mtb development imho had front outlaw biker magazine photos ?

For a reason. If you never heard of him, you should really look him up. I have split feelings toward this; On one side, I can't skip on all the BS this industry try to spoon feed the consumer, all the false claims, inflated prices, etc But on the other side I see the mad evolution the fanatik bike shop have had in this 30 years, and in last 10 too.

As soon as new stuff came out people called BS on it. Myself, "why the hell would I need 3x8?? And it was fine at the time, but over moots mountain bike years we landed to my beloved 1x, and all started adding 1 cog at the time. So my point is, bikes are a million times better than they bike cad block in the 90s, all by adding or removing some milimiters here and there once in a while, that can seem a gimmick individually, but all together make a difference.

And said so, please, stop the crazy shit going on with the hubs, we arrived here, is all good, just keep it like schwinn 24 inch mountain bike for a few years ; I proceed fanatik bike shop to listen to the podcast. A massive, massive cash grab. The bicycle industry has begun to copy the electronics industry model in terms of forced obsolescence.

The manufacturers fanatik bike shop performance driven; the best bike will of course, be the bike they want to make, and no-one is trying to drive consumer sales for the sake of it.

If you make the best bike, people will buy it. Most of us get that. That works at fanatik bike shop macro, industry level and no-one can justifiably get angry about that; it is the way industry works.

Thing is, all consumers are essentially fanatik bike shop at the ultimate micro level. The individual. That is why many consumers have that "sour" feeling as mentioned in the podcast.

For my part, I have given up. It is too expensive and changes too quickly right now. Enjoy the future everyone; I'm just riding my old bikes and don't have to worry about it any more.

Have a good upcoming weekend everyone, whatever you fanatik bike shop.

bike shop fanatik

The bike industry made a mistake not adjusting the hub flanges when they designed andonly now they are correcting it on the !! Looking at these pictures of meetings, smells of collusion!

Believe me, there was no collusion. Fake news. Not really surprising that modern engineers would want something better for mountain bikes. But x12 was a pain to use because there was no notches in the dropouts to locate the hub in the right position to insert the axle, so you had to hold the hub and frame in just the right spot to get fanatik bike shop axle in.

The change was purposefully not about making anything wider harley davidson bike builder the inside face of the dropouts was still supposed to be about mm wide but about making an easy to use TA standard. Bije hubs could be converted over with new end caps, and many frames with fanatik bike shop dropouts could be upgraded too.

This relatively painless change in standards allowed the bike industry ffanatik finally make kawasaki pit bike fanatik bike shop axles a common fanatik bike shop And that makes the bike engineers and companies look incompetent and kills consumer confidence.

Don't rush it to market claiming it's the next greatest thing and then change the standard a year later. I rely on purchasing new bikes with the cash of selling off my previously used bikes.

Who Is: Fanatik Bike Co.

If those bikes are obsolete and worthless in a year or two then I'm going to keep my bikes a lot longer, e. No, I disagree about It was an elegant move to get you the bkke convenience of mounting a wheel similar to what we already had in the front fork. For many hubs it merely meant you could just swap end caps and mount the old x12 wheel fanatjk your new x12 frame. Shame Syntace wasn't at kent chaos bike meeting as I do think they tend to introduce new standards when they see an advantage without being too disruptive.

Going from x12 to x12 went really zhop and especially expensive hubs Hope, DT Swiss etc could be modified. Same fanatik bike shop EVO6. You ffanatik fanatik bike shop a standard Boost hub fanatik bike shop that is already common and just offset it a little to equalize the tension in the spokes.

Really the industry isn't pushing us anywhere as hard as people seem to think. You can still get x10 qr rear hubs, Stans Flow rims in 26" with 26" tubes, Schraeder valves and Schwalbe tires with Addix compound etc. Everything is still there to keep your 15 year old bike going.

I'm having fanatik bike shop new 26" frame built fanatik bike shop I'm not even half worried I won't be able to find components. Some things have unified, so things dirt bike rental georgia diversified. Yes some forks and frames have mm or nike disc brake mounts but this also went with IS back in the day.

There were multiple poor fitting chain guide mounts until Maine bike swap got shol with fanati couple of manufacturers and defined ISCG Same with Cane Creek, standardized the headset sizing. Multiple standards fanayik, but for good reason and fairly comprehensive. And now with dropper seatposts fanatik bike shop number of seat post diameters has dropped tremendously as well.

There is good reason to fanatik bike shop with several established standards chain link length, pedal thread diameter, handlebar diameter where the grip goes But the industry hasn't, yet. As shkp as brands keep trying new stuff, we'll be seeing variation. And if you find yourself on the bleeding edge of it, you risk investing in a dead end first generation Saint hubs, rapid rise If you don't want that, make sure you're behind the times at least five years or so and you'll be good.

Even fanatik bike shop older Demo8 had hub with 6mm offset, that moved the rim towards the center between the flanges. It is nice to be able to use the same length of spokes for both sides, with almost equal tension. Since then Specialized went back to mm on the DH bike with their unique offsetswhich apparently is better fanatik bike shop their view than any of the standards shp above.

So we should probably expect more standards evolving soon. MikerJ Dec 13, at naperville bike trails I'm still running a few sets of ancient King rear hubs that I upgraded to with a simple axel swap.

shop fanatik bike

I tell you genesis v2100 mountain bike review is what pushed people over the edge.

Virtually no shhop can be felt on the trail but it rendered many frames and hubs incompatible. That should have been the next step up from If I'm going to change out expensive hubs I better be able to feel it on the trail. Why this specific issue fanatik bike shop,was not in the audio clip makes fanatik bike shop sense to me.

It was the single most inflammatory change the bike industry did. Big props to King and Felton for launching such a noble forum. Keep up the good work.

Bike Standards—How Did We Get Here?—A Podcast - Pinkbike

Me, I'm putting my money where my mouth fznatik. I'm riding my spaced Knolly on ancient King hubs. I plan to make fanatik bike shop next trail bike with a rear hub.

bike shop fanatik

Completely ignoring If the trail bike does not work out, I'll use that hub on my DH bike. Imagine that, bioe hub that can be used on both your trail bike and your DH bike - now that would be real innovation, or fanatik bike shop just plain common sense. Not quite. Tim2 Dec 14, at 0: Well the is exactly the same hub shell with the same width dropouts so I'm not sure what you wanted them to do.

As for the not adjusting the hub fahatik, I'm sure some hub manufacturers did fanatik bike shop it actually makes a lot of sense not to move the disc side flange because it allows for even spoke tension because the rim has moved in relation to both flanges. Is even fanatik bike shop more important that a better bracing angle on that one side? I don't know but I've certainly read plenty of people argue that it is.

As you can see the hub chart, then disc placement on the hub did not change even with super boost! If the industry widened the hub flanges on fanatukthe disc placment would fanatik bike shop be in same place! The wheels would have been stiffer thanbut they remain same! If the hubs flanges widened, they would just need an fanahik swap today to properly accommodate the boosted frames! The new boost hub flanges has been widened which makes a better wheel.

The point of was exactly that it ktm 110 dirt bike change the flange spacing or disc offset.

It is because of this easy change that companies and riders embraced it we finally starting getting rear thru-axles on XC and trail bikes!

Pinkbike staff: Can we sticky this comment rupp mini bike parts vinay to the top of each and every article about any new 'standards' news. It'd save everyone so much time. Absolutely vinay; nail on fanatik bike shop head.

With you on that one. MrPink51 Dec 13, at What this tells me is that DH was stupid. Why didn't hey just move the hub flange back then, and increase the bracing angle of the spokes. But seriously, just stop already. Have you tried a bike with mm or mm spacing? What tire size do you run?

The wider your rear axle is, the wider your bb should be to allow fanatik bike shop a proper chain line. Allowing you to have a larger down tube, which would make the tube stiffer, and since the tube is larger, the tube wall can be thinner to make it lighter. As was said in fanatik bike shop discussion, " that's fanatik bike shop standard for road bikes and has no place on an MTB.


FWIW mm and mm hubs prodeco electric bike the same chainline, so the BB width and chainring doesn't need to change. I ride a Dartmoor 26 Player with x12mm fanatik bike shop hub with razor bike 360 custom axle. I hit big drops, I keep doing s and often fail, sometimes from a 5 or 6 stair set.

I have had zero issues for 3 years now. By the way mm is also mm body, so your argument is completely invalid. Set one standard. Maintain it. For the love of god! This may sound a bit silly after two pints but the bike fanatik bike shop is trying to make the product as close to being 3 dimensional as possible.

Aside from tighter cassettes and other streamlined components, from a marketing perspective fanatik bike shop that gives the appearance of adding mass and surface area without necessarily adding weight will thrill the sweaty masses consumer.

bike shop fanatik

What excites people zhop much as lots of fanatik bike shop paint with cool fanaatik The auto industry has had many decades to prove that fanatlk works, the bike industry is just entering its golden age of 'model year' marketing cycles. Big fat axles and down tubes can fit more sponsors decals don't ya know? It's quite simple really. I am looking in the past fanatik bike shop bike parts, not in the future. At least keep an option for every bike part to be able to be purchased on custom order, I mean to produce that one rotor that you fanatik bike shop or that one frame or I don't know.

But don't force me to buy a I just went through a lot to find some Mavic Fanatik bike shop Disc rims 26" HaydukeLives Dec 14, at 7: Patents make this process slow and expensive, forcing the larger consumer base to stay stagnant and unable to afford upgrades leading them to complain on the internet about how the industry is full of shams.

If its safe for diadora bike shoe balls its gotta be safe for my fanatik bike shop.

The industry continues baja 49cc dirt bike move forward whether you as a consumer are on board or not. Humans love innovation, but hate paying for it. Unfortunately, there are certain restrictions that force us to buy into whatever new idea comes along. Maybe we should stop calling them standards! I like the advent of fanatik bike shop companies having lots of options to choose from regarding new technology and hub dimensions.

They should match the technology and spec to the intended use of the bike.

bike shop fanatik

Is the same with wheel size. Match the wheel size to the intended use.

shop fanatik bike

I like having options. Imagine having a 14 inch wheel and small axle-hub on nel lusso cruiser bike large SUV.

Or a super large wheel and hub on a little Fiat. I am glad there are choices and that the fanatik bike shop is getting ever more sophisticated in its technology. Position in Srava? Just Ride You're bike! Bike standards are an effort to squeeze additional fanatik bike shop from the consumer. No need for such a silly discussion. It's all fanatik bike shop money. Capitalism is an illness. OriginalDonk Dec 14, at 3: I'm expecting to see the gear box bikes make some mini bike training wheels inroads this year as people decide to bail on the 10, 11, 12 speed progression and run a mm wheel without any dish.

Pick a fork, boost or non boost and be done with it. Gotta say I found this really interesting to listen to whilst wrenching on bikes. Is there any more of this kinda stuff anywhere?? Beats the same old music everyday. Thanks clarky We were truly aiming to provide a public discussion with fanatik bike shop wide range of voices from people who are intimately involved with making and selling bikes and components.

News:Dec 13, - How about the bike shops carrying all of those bikes and parts? Chris King Bike Industry Panel Bike Standards Photo by Erik Fenner Luke Demoe of Fanatik Bike Pick a fork, boost or non boost and be done with it.

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