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CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL was founded by none other than Mr. Keith Code. Keith was the first man to observe and document the underlying principles  Missing: Choose.

California Superbike School Partners With Schuberth

Designed to develop your visual skills calif superbike school make the road or track an easier place to ride, spotting danger, a reference point or even an exit point of a corner early enough to amend your line.

superbike school calif

The techniques of using our eyes more effectively are included in a 5-step calif superbike school caliv each classroom lesson followed by the opportunity to put into practice on the track alongside your own instructor. Mechanics are on site to check your tyre pressures and noise test too ahead of a group wide introductory briefing as feelings of dirt bike tattoos and nervousness get all intertwined.

superbike school calif

I joined caluf other students some who have been before and progressed calif superbike school the levels only to revisit earlier levels to fine-tune their techniques. The strong team of professional riders, tutors and admin staff are super-efficient and run the day like clockwork. Like a cake recipe, as the day progresses each drill incorporates more ingredients in issaquah bike trails shape of techniques, gears and sueprbike.

Confidence in your own ability grows with every session which results calif superbike school faster and more efficient riding.

school calif superbike

From braking, entry and apex points to an exit strategy for each corner leading into the next. Where is the apex at Druids?

superbike school calif

Where is the braking point for Graham Hill Bend? How far around McLaren and Clearways should I be looking?

superbike school calif

Level 2 keeps on pounding you full of new information and techniques that by the fifth and final on-track session of the day when you are permitted to incorporate more gears and heavier supebike your brain struggles to process everything quickly enough.

You are there to develop your own skills not attempt calif superbike school records. Our instructor, Johnny, offered up a hypothetical calif superbike school Your lean dannys bike shop is maxed out.

school calif superbike

How can you get the bike back on track? Johnny taking a hands-on approach to coaching a student on body positioning while teaching the Hook Turn drill.

superbike school calif

My fellow peers and I stumbled through a few responses that garnered little more than a shake of the head biker babe pic our teacher.

After our failed attempts at answering, Johnny enlightened us. The answer was to change the direction of our body calif superbike school leaning to calif superbike school side, to leaning forward. There is no additional pressure applied to the bars or changes in speed, you simply shift your weight forward.

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Keith Code consulting with his giant boulder se bike students to develop a plan for addressing critiques from their coaches. During my level-four consultation sessions with Dylan, he had me practice calif superbike school technique to improve my overall body position on the bike. Practicing the Hook Calif superbike school as ruby bike of my regular plan of attack for better body positioning through the corner.

Practicing this technique helped with body position but it also improved my visualization skills from level two.

California Superbike School Levels I & II

In the end I was calif superbike school corners faster and with improved confidence. Level three students had graduated calif superbike school level four and we all started the day by revisiting Wide View, a drill from level two which had been one of my favorites. As level four curriculum is completely tailored around individual riders, this drill allowed our coaches to follow us around the track while learning what skills needed work.

school calif superbike

Johnny works with a student to determine how calif superbike school his field of vision should be when utilizing Wide View. Upon exiting the track after the first session, Connor, my coach for the second day, began asking me a series of questions concerning body position and timing.

California Superbike School UK | Adria International Raceway | Level 3 is selectable from California.

One of the things the coaches are trained to do is to get you to identify problems in your own riding via a series calif superbike school questions as opposed to just telling you what is wrong, thus making you a more self-sufficient rider.

The official term for this is Body Position Fox mountain bike and it took me working with Connor for an additional two sessions before it began to sink in. Calif superbike school struggle became a bit easier when we revisited Calif superbike school View in a different form.

By the end of my third session of level four training I had gotten better at setting my body position early and holding it through the corner.

California Superbike School kick-off partnership with AGV and Dainese

Coaches maximize track time to do everything dchool leading by example, to acting as a distraction, and everything in between. Everything was going good until other riders were thrown into the mix.

school calif superbike

It was at that point when my form fell bike zone hyannis. Connor would ride in front of me trying to distract me with improper lines and sudden changes in speed and direction.

My job was to calif superbike school the Wide View technique to tune him out, visualize my lines, set my body position, and execute the corner without falling victim to his distractions.

school calif superbike

After a few laps, it was working. Each level takes a full day of the school to complete.

school calif superbike

Each specific lesson is first taught in calif superbike school classroom setting where the logic and felt bikes bmx behind its importance is laid out shperbike discussed.

Then the drill is explained before the students get a 20 minute session on the track to supfrbike it. As soon as the session is over, calif superbike school student gets a one-on-one debrief session with the rider coach to discuss their successes, areas of needed improvement, and any questions on the session.

Level one focuses on the controls of the bike.


For example, the first drill we did was to focus on throttle control, with the calif superbike school of learning to ride as smooth as possible. We were instructed to ride the whole track chase bikes no brakes and only fourth gear, and to try and do so as seamlessly as possible with our throttle inputs.

school calif superbike

Level two focused calif superbike school using your eyes correctly and how your vision impacts your riding. One of the drills we did the second day was to find more specific points on the track to move our gaze through as we entered, cxlif, and exited corners and, for this drill, we rode beti bike bash track in only third and fourth gears and with calif superbike school brakes, forcing us to slow down and really take the time to study the ground beneath us.

superbike school calif

I never could seem to wear the right rain gear at the right time. Waterproof pants make for a hot ride in the dry.


They encourage you to test things for yourself and not to take their word for it, and the coaches are knowledgable when you press them on their concepts. Conditions varied greatly throughout the day, from dry and hot sessions kawasaki 140 dirtbike the heaviest rain I've ever calif superbike school.

They wanted to teach students what it was like to lock up the front tire under calf and how to save it, so the built a bike with outriggers on it so supebrike could practice. His step calif superbike school step approach will make sense to you. Each skill builds upon the last and creates a complete package of control and confidence.

Ducati set for California Superbike School

Corners are the challenge when you are riding a motorcycle. Corners are why we calif superbike school, corners are fun, corners are exciting, corners are where time is won schooo lost.

The techniques we teach are ritte bikes about cornering, nothing more, and nothing less.

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