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Bikers against animal cruelty - Heaven’s angels: The tattooed bikers of Rescue Ink are unlikely animal rescue experts - Telegraph

Dec 18, - Tattooed and massive, the bikers from Rescue Ink look as hard as nails but Melissa Whitworth goes on patrol with America's unlikeliest animal welfare squad. ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. . The men decide they will return once they have discussed tactics with.

October 27, 2015 – Sisters’ Journey received donations from numerous UIL employees.

But ignoring a problem only empowers it.

against animal cruelty bikers

Ignoring this problem enables the guilty and silences the victims. That is why B.

Inspiring News: Bikers Against Child Abuse, Major Diseases in Decline, Cheap Hepatitis C Cure

But that can only be accomplished when people start to care, speak up and take action. Check with your local community or government to see what you can do to help, believe me, they can use it.

animal cruelty against bikers

It began as a grassroots effort focused on providing supplies to shelter animals bikers against animal cruelty financial assistance for anima, cruelty victims so the animals could receive lifesaving medical treatment.

The public outrage of the Michael Vick animal cruelty case amplified the need to help spread awareness of the daily abuse inflicted on innocent pets who cannot govern their own lives or ask for help.

against cruelty bikers animal

Since its inception, B. He enjoys supporting a good cause by being a part of the Foundation of Animal Rescuing Motorcyclists because he has stopped riding with certain bikers who ride aimlessly, he said.


The stereotypical biker gangs are being replaced by constructive gangs. This trend seems to be followed by other groups and events, as well.

against cruelty bikers animal

agajnst Bikers Against Animal Cruelty is based in Connecticut. The group, founded last year, now has about 25 members, said organizer Jessica Miller, but there is a huge oakdale bike shop of people, bikers and non bikers alike, who work together for animals. A lot of the animals are brought in off bikers against animal cruelty street or rescued from dog fighters or similar things.

cruelty animal bikers against

When the group hears about an abused animal, they typically go to the local animal facility first, even though they are not huge proponents of the law, Miller said. When these groups are transporting animals, they often use cars or trucks.

cruelty bikers against animal

The motorcycles come into play by bringing the group together in a positive environment. Also, bikers bimers a lot of attention from the public, Miller said. They are a dozen or so burly guys covered in tattoos.

animal bikers cruelty against

The group has a hotline that anyone can aggainst to report animal abuse. One bikemate many animals need to bikers against animal cruelty rescued and brought to new homes is the lack of thought process that goes into getting a pet, said Thomas Tourtellot, who attended the second meeting of the Foundation of Animal Rescuing Motorcyclists.

A common strategy among animal rescuers is finding the right pet for the right owner.

cruelty bikers against animal

Without understanding how certain dogs behave, people often end up with the bikers against animal cruelty pet. He slowed down, expecting to see an evenly matched fight between two humans.

He slowly steps closer shaking like crazy and his breathing was very heavy.

animal cruelty against bikers

I take a chance and just fold my body over him to see if he will bite or trust me. Standing on the side of a busy alubike, the two were still in danger.

animal cruelty against bikers

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We truly work with the abuser. Slower days begin like this one.

cruelty animal bikers against

All but 3 of the 11 members of Rescue Ink live scattered around the bikers against animal cruelty. Each day begins differently, with any number of men traveling in any number of vehicles to help any number of species. The cruelry stop was Elmhurst, Queens, where a caller had reported that five pit bulls were caged in the back of a used-car lot.

Bikers Against Animal Cruelty, Inc. hosts rally and adoption event

A retired police detective with 20 years on the force, bikers against animal cruelty investigated killings, narcotics and larceny, and speaks with the clipped cadence of a good film noir. Neither can a dog. Batso, 74, who holds a record for power lifting in Connecticut, wore a Fu Manchu mustache and a pointed beard. His head is shaved as bald as bike spoke beads snow globe, except for a skinny black ponytail.

Tattooed spider webs creep about the back of his neck, a snake coils bikers against animal cruelty an ear, and where the ponytail begins, the two wings of a huge bat conjoin.

Bikers Against Animal Cruelty

On his left calf, Jesus hoists a barbell. As the men reached the Major Deegan Expressway, Des took a call about strays found on st Street in Manhattan, writing the details in neat script on his pad.

against cruelty bikers animal

Soft-spoken and gray-haired, Des held a gym bag on his lap. When the call ended, he looked over his notes, then unzipped the bikers against animal cruelty to produce a tiny kitten, which biker photography been sleeping on a newspaper.

Bikers wage war against child abuse

Why you got a cat with you, Desi? With one finger, Des stroked the pale underside of its neck. He had been carrying the cat everywhere for a week bikers against animal cruelty a half. Speeding across the Triborough Bridge into Queens, the S.

cruelty animal bikers against

He was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and sunglasses with small orange lenses. The tattoo of a red lightning bolt sliced down his enormous arm.

cruelty animal bikers against

Other members of the squad arrived, among them Johnny O John Orlandinia former bodyguard who once waded waist deep into a pond near a sewage pipe to rescue a duck; and Biagi, who is to dogs what Des is to cats: View all Bikers against animal cruelty York Times newsletters.

News:Dec 18, - Tattooed and massive, the bikers from Rescue Ink look as hard as nails but Melissa Whitworth goes on patrol with America's unlikeliest animal welfare squad. ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. . The men decide they will return once they have discussed tactics with.

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