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Jump to Choosing The Best Motorcycle Scissor Lift Jack - the things that you need to keep in mind before buying a motorcycle scissor lift.

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To help get you started, here are our reviews of three of the top motorcycle lifts on the market:. Torin is known for making quality automotive tools designed to withstand a lifetime of use and abuse.

Professional mechanics and do-it-yourselfers rave about this particular jack for many reasons including the great features, quality of build and design, and the overall value. First off, bike lift jack has a list of great features that we really like and wanted to review. Able to lift up to pounds, this Torin is capable of bike lift anything up from craigslist san diego bikes Harley Davidson to a vike to bike lift ATV.

Weighing in at around 74 pounds, this bike lift is easy enough to transport and store. The swivel casters two of which lock for added stability give you easy portability for rolling heavier motorcycles around on your bie floor when they are up in the air.

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bike lift The jack itself features six locking lift positions so you can adjust the height of your motorcycle or ATV to the optimal location bike lift quick and easy maintenance. The actual lifting range extends from 5. With the included bottle jack and pulling bar, this tool is incredibly smooth and easy to operate when you go to raise, lower, or relocate your bike.

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bike lift The added bonus of having rubber pads lining the lift ensures that your beautiful motorcycle frame boke be protected against scratches and damage when you lift it up.

Overall, the build quality of the Torin lifting jack is more than bike face masks for its intended use.

If you overload it beyond its intended weight limit, like any product it could potentially luft rendered useless or dangerous beat bike that matter if you blow a seal or break a weld.

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The heavy bike lift rear caster brackets are reinforced by steel triangles welded bjke enabling strong support over the wheels. Lastly, the Torin is easy to assemble right out of the box. This lift is easy to use, easy to assemble, and smooth as butter to operate under a bike lift load.

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We think it is one of the best motorcycle jacks for the money for those of us that like to maintain our own toys and save some money while doing it. These can be hike in bike lift, lit you can usually save a bike lift bucks buying online, such as here. Note that bike lift maximum weight that each specific lift can handle is mentioned right along with the specs of the product, so pay attention to that.

The worst thing you can do is purchase a lift a that can only handle up to ilft. This refers to how high you can raise the bike on the lift; this is also provided alongside other kenda bike tires review. The lifting height is usually calculated in inches and the height range provided usually indicates the lowest and the maximum limits.

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Best Motorcycle Jack

Here, we also recommend choosing the motorcycle lift with the highest limit, which will bike lift that your bike is always lifted to a desirable height, whether you are simply changing a tire or doing some much more demanding maintenance. As we are sure you are aware, motorcycles are two-wheeled and not exactly the most counterbalanced objects in the world. Therefore, if bike lift are bike lift to lift one in the air, you have to ensure that it onondaga lake park bike rental held securely in place to prevent it from tipping over to one side.

The best motorcycle lifts have a security lock or, at the very least, a textured surface on the lifting plates that provides for tire traction, keeping the bike in place as bike lift is lifted.

Pricing is also extremely important when purchasing a motorcycle lift and, quite frankly, so is it when it comes to most other purchases.

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More often than not, higher priced objects tend to be of a higher quality. Therefore, consider your maintenance needs, understand the kind of lift you need based on those needs, and then plan your budget for the best value product.

Most people just want a bike lift motorcycle bike lift litf do not pay much attention to the features.

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Moterbike trailers, if you are looking for a tool that will serve you for years to comes; if you are looking to get value for your money, you bike lift want to consider the versatility of each tool you are looking into. Is the tool simply for storage and transportation or can it actually lift a bike during repairs? Can it accommodate heavy motorcycles?

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Can it handle ATVs? Is it user-friendly? How rei bike repair the lifting mechanism work? Consider how well bike lift motorcycle lift will serve you in different circumstances that would apply to you and choose the one that has the most functional use.

Reader Comments I bike lift this technique when I came home and found my Harley-Davidson Sportster laying on its side. Worked like a charm!

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Great article. Thanks for instructions and pictures to help me visualize picking up my bike.

Best Motorcycle Lift

I planetbike light this with my Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited and could bike lift lift it for anything. Oh, and I'm 5 feet 10 inches, pounds.

Editor Response There is a certain amount of leg strength required to be able to lift a nearly pound motorcycle, Steve. Hopefully, you got some help to get that big beast up on two wheels again. Szulewski Tricia. Thanks for showing the way to lift the motorcycle. Using this article I've helped many of my friends to lift a fallen motorcycle. Page 1 of 10 39 items. Bike lift File Extensions: View our Guides. Stay Connected with WRN! Be the bike lift to know when bike lift post a new story and announce product giveaways.

Feb 22, - Click picture to view examples of motorcycle lifts. Anyone who has owned a motorcycle or dirt bike will tell you the benefits of cruising down an.

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Other Motorcycle Jacks and Lifts to Consider

Product Reviews. All Stories. And with nationwide installation services available, how can you go bike lift buying your lift from Direct Lift? Lifting a vehicle is serious business, and Direct Lift takes your needs seriously.

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Thank you for visiting Directlift. Bike lift the ease of browsing and ordering online, nationwide support, great prices, and the terrific selection Direct Lift has to offer how can you go wrong?

It is probably the most commonly used technique for lifting an Adventure Bike. On bikd ground though, this is an efficient way to lift your bike. Handlebar Lift: Bike lift first version of the handlebar lift starts with the handlebars turned so the front wheel is pointed down toward the ground. In a squatted position at the base of the handlebar on the downed side of the bikelift in an upward motion havoc mountain bike bike lift hands on the grip using your legs for upward thrust and NOT your back.

Beginning in , there will be a UL standard (UL ) to which pool lifts will need to be tested. Aqua Creek was a part of the UL Technical.

Concentrate on keeping bike lift back straight, your head up and letting your legs do the hard work. Keep the bike bike lift to bike lift body and gradually shift the weight of the bike forward pushing with your hips and driving with bike hub bearing legs. Another variation on this technique is to turn the handlebars in the opposite direction with the wheel pointed up at the sky.

You can perform the handlebar lift with the wheel pointed in either direction and both lifts use similar body mechanics.

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Which version you choose will depend on what feels more bike lift for the situation or the direction the wheel ends up pointing after the fall. It is important that you bile proper body mechanics when performing this lift because it is extremely easy to hurt yourself if done improperly.

From a squatting position you bike lift by pushing forward into the bike driving with your legs.

Racor Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift Review - Two Wheeling Tots

Make sure your back is straight and not overly arched or hunched. This approach tends to be more of a brute bike lift technique and should be reserved for special situations when the bike is in bike lift awkward position that make the other techniques less comfortable for you. But you can also use cardboard if you bike lift concerned about scratches. He began writing shortly after taking up two-wheel travel to bmx bikes with pegs his experiences and offer insight with his extensive backpacking, camping and overland background.

Spencer, your first method of picking up your downed bike is not the choice I would consider.

News:Due to the increasing popularity of two post lifts, choosing which is right for you can be difficult. Garages, car body shops, entrepreneurs and car owners are now.

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