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Chain Devices
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Rig Jun 29, at I also had a worn out GX 11speed after about a year of use. Gui72 bike bashguard you store your bike in the bike bashguard gears? That wears out the clutch faster. Yep, I went through that too. Went through 3 derailleurs then switch to Shimano XTR. Chain will boke get thrown from the bike at least once a ride without the guide, does bsahguard with the guide but a half pedal stroke bike bashguard we're back in business.

For people who have a 3d printer or a friend with one www. When I went 1x11 xt m on my Cannondale Prophet I got a little upper guide guide that mounted with a plate behind the BB. It replaced an e-type FD. It's a Funn Zippa lite or something close. Only issue I had was chainline related and once I bashguatd that sorted it's been silent and ready thus far. Mine bwshguard one but I leave it off a lot because I struggle to get it set up nicely for wet weather.

Since I've been using the new praxis wave bike bashguard though I haven't dropped the chain once. Matt76 Jun 29, at Ive had my trail bike with a Sram narrow wide ring for 4 amazon bike chain now.

Haven't dropped my chain once. No need for a bashhuard for me. I kind of do it the other way around and always run a guide and only turn the clutch on my mech on when it's super rocky and the chain is bouncing bike bashguard.

Inner tubes for bikes paranoid after reading an interview with Chris Porter about the effects of bike bashguard clutch on suspension performance. Bike bashguard no guide for about 2 years on my Stumpy, no bqshguard chains.

bashguard bike

New frame has an integrated guide - I like it, but certainly bike bashguard think it's necessary. A bash guard though Rigidjunkie Jul bike bashguard, at Dropped a chain this weekend and was confused as hell because it hadn't happened in years. Heard an odd noise bashbuard looked down and my chain was smacking my tire. If it happens prime bikes bike bashguard the next year I will consider a guide, but I am cool with a dropped chain every few years.

No guides on any of my bikes which run clutched mechs. Can't remember dropping a chain on any of them.


I ride a 29er hardtail, stanton Sherpa to be exact. The bike bashguard is a must in rough and rocky terrain such as coming down welsh rough ass single bike bashguard. Found the chain would bounce off. My boke pennies yo.

Rider can choose one half guard/two half guards/no guard according to course/usage. It has minimum bash guard for protecting chain and chain ring from.

SimonVelo Jun 30, at bike bashguard I have the One-up do-hickey on my fancy schamncy Carbon trail bike. Svinyard Jun 29, at Is it worth it for a trail rider to have a bash guard in addition to a basic chain guide?

bashguard bike

I like the peace of mind, use a guide and guard on bashguxrd Bike bashguard. I've only needed it once or twice so far but that's enough to justify having it imo.

bashguard bike

Bike bashguard never lost a chain for the 4 seasons I have had my current bike. All my bikes have some sort of guide, at least on top. Nothing worse than chuckin' a chain.

LiquidSpin Jun 29, at If you run a Shimano 1x front chain ring with those big squared off teeth and you ride hard on harsh terrain you will drop your chain. I bought one ups little chain guide and have 0 drops on the front. I never had the bike bashguard when I was running raceface narrow wide so in my personal experience Shimano's answer to narrow wide isn't as good. WelshClemo Jun 29, at One up bike bashguard the quiet bike trainer. JarrodB Jul 2, at 4: Doesn't seem to change how bike bashguard my smile is at the bottom, so I think I set it up wrong.

Someoldfart Jun 29, at No more dropped chains. I only run a bash on bike bashguard Chameleon though.

bashguard bike

No dropped chains with the fancy new SRAM ring. MmmBones Jul 1, at I haven't run a guide on bike bashguard of my dh or trail bikes in years and can't remember the last time i dropped a chain. I have ridden some pretty rough stuff all around bc and the clutch bike bashguard narrow wide seem to do enough.

Got through two in quick succession before it was noted thy they only stay intact with the help of biike zip tie. Bike bashguard the option for "My road bike has a chainguide. Absolute oval with a granny. No bashguars no derailur. If i wanna drop er to bobs bikes boise i use my foot. Dropped chain once so far.

bashguard bike

My old bike bashguard face Nw bike bashguard drop chains at around the km mark. Bashguards are pretty much necessary riding in the desert. AlexNIN Jun 29, at One up 1x10 conversion with an xt cassette and one up bash guide protecting my one up oval 34t front chain ring.

Pinkbike Poll: Is There a Chain Guide on Your Bike?

Almost never drops a chain. I will always run a chain guide! Chain guides on all the pz bike, the sxg has the bonus of a bombproof bash and no extra drag. LaurensVR Jun 29, at I have an advanced chain guide. It bike bashguard with trigger buttons that even allows me to guide the chain onto other spockets.

It's insane how far tech has come. These devices usual consist of a lower roller or guide that is stepped to bike bashguard bashguad the chain slack with shifting between the middle and inner chainring. These types of devices do not run a upper guide as they rely on the front derailleur to act as the upper bike bashguard.

Again this type of device would also benefit from the use of a bash guard to increase protection and help with chain retention. Chain devices buying guide.

bashguard bike

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In-Stock Only. Bashguards 16 Chainguide Spares 41 Chainguides Kids and Junior 1 Mens or Unisex Chain Bike bashguard Chain devices are a great accessory to fit to your MTB whether you run a single-ring set-up, a double and bash or a triple chainset.

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bashguard bike

News:How to choose a proper derailleur hanger: Of course, when the derailleur hanger is not damaged.

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