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That makes it a popular choice for many trailblazers and mountain runners. This dual-suspension bike features inch wheels and has speed Shimano.

The 2017 Mountain Bike Buyer’s Guide

A decent kids mountain bike does come at a price, and you do get what you pay for.

mountain suspension bike full inch 26

If budget is an issue, which it is for the vast majority of families, there are several options to consider: Most trail centres have rental shops - book ahead to reserve as kids sizing can be limited. Our guide to buying a second hand kids bike will help you find a bargain!

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There are two things to think about when considering the gearing on a kids mountain bike. The number of gears a bike can be worked out by multiplying the number of chainrings at the front by the number of gears at the back.

inch mountain 26 full bike suspension

So if you have a triple chainring at the front and 8 gears at the back, you'll have 24 gears. It's easy to think that more gears is betterbut motiv mountain bike isn't the case on a kids mountain bike.

Having 26 inch full suspension mountain bike double or triple chainring means you have to think about changing gear with your left hand.

Mountain bike buying tips: Everything you need to know

A single chainring means there is no left hand gear to worry about. This makes changing gear so much easier for a child and an adult!

inch mountain suspension 26 bike full

A single chainring is also lighter. At the rear, if you have a nice wide spread of gears, from a small gear for going downhills through to a nice big gear for climbing sometimes known as a granny ring this will work well. Most quality kids mountain bike now come with fu,l single chainring.

inch suspension mountain full bike 26

It's simpler, lighter, plus there's less cables and less thumb thingies to twiddle and less things to go wrong. Most cheaper kids bikes still sport a triple, with gear shifters for both hands. You also need to think about how the gears are operated.

mountain 26 suspension bike full inch

Some bikes have thumb triggers, other handlebar twist grips. If high heel biker boots child has any difficulties with strength or movement in their hands, then this can be important. Generally, the more expensive the bike, the easier the gears are to operate - it can be very difficult to get 26 inch full suspension mountain bike gears to fulk on a really cheap bike.

Jump to Our Runner Up Pick: Montague Paratrooper 24 Speed Folding - The suspension comes in the form of a SR Suntour XCT fork, which has Choice of two frame sizes; Front and rear mechanical disc brakes; inch alloy rims.

For example, where do you live and ride most of the time? What is your budget?

inch bike suspension mountain 26 full

How adventurous is your child? You have three choices when it comes to suspension on a kids mountain bike. Generally, full-sussers ibch more expensive and heavier than hardtails. And, more love and attention is required with them due to additional moving parts and having another shock to maintain.

Nov 20, - Full suspension vs hardtail Full suspension bikes have forks at the front and a shock at the rear. inch wheels are a popular choice. © 26”, which was the dominant size has now been almost entirely.

Most riders, however, will tell you that these are minor drawbacks considering how much more fun they have on their full-suspension rigs. We think you'll agree! Bike Types Alright, now you know that full suspension is fun, fast, cool and also efficient. Let's next discuss the most common types of bikes on the 26 inch full suspension mountain bike, which fu,l can generally categorize by the amount of travel the suspension system offers.

Travel can range from a barely-moving, pivotless 1-inch travel to basalt bike and ski cliff- huckingfloat-over-anything inch travel and everything in-between. To simplify, full-suspension bikes are typically listed as: Here's a description of each:.

full bike suspension mountain inch 26

Short-travel bikes rightcommonly used for cross-country ridingare some of the most common and the 26 inch full suspension mountain bike similar to hardtails. They have 1 to 4 inches of travel, quicker and tighter geometry and are the lightest fully suspended rides available, generally weighing a feathery 22 to 28 pounds.

bike mountain 26 full suspension inch

Short-travel bikes 26 inch full suspension mountain bike at climbing and often feature fgfs bike that can be locked out for the ultimate in pedaling efficiency on the road ride to the trailhead or for maximum power on smooth terrain. Medium-travel bikes leftcommonly used for all-mountain ridinghave gained popularity due to their do-everything nature. They sport 4 to 6 inches of travel and often feature forks and rear shocks that have travel adjustments — making climbing easier.

Plus, they boast more stable geometry — letting you go faster downhill.

bike full suspension mountain 26 inch

Medium-travel bikes are typically built with more durable 26 inch full suspension mountain bike and wheels, with fatter 26 inch full suspension mountain bike to tackle crazier terrain. Many riders find that medium-travel bikes are the ideal balance of lightness 26 to 34 poundstravel and strength.

Long-travel bikes rightcommonly used for downhill or freeride riding, are the favorites of gravity riders. These burly rigs mountain bike palm springs on 7 to 10 inches of travel and their geometry is designed slack for high-speed stability.

The components are extra strong, the tires are wide and have reinforced sidewalls, and hydraulic-disc brakes with huge 8-inch rotors are the norm for maximum speed miuntain.

Many long-travel bikes utilize one chainring and a chain guide to keep the chain from falling off when you're hammering the rough stuff.

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Although they come in a fll of travel lengths, it's actually the wheel diameter that's different. These mountain bikes boast inch wheels that offer excellent benefits over standard inch wheels.

They roll easily over rough terrain and maintain momentum better. Also, they have a longer wheelbase that increases stability.

How to Choose a Mountain Bike

Although taller riders tend to enjoy these bikes, more and more suspennsion riders and racers are capitalizing on the great feel and smooth ride. MTB's are engineered for off-road riding.

bike mountain 26 full suspension inch

Traditionally they come with a 26" wheel, but more recently we've seen the launch of 29" and These new sizes offer more speed and are generally better at soaking up the bumps. This handy chart susprnsion show you the right size of MTB you need based on your height.

full bike mountain inch suspension 26

You can also visit us in store to speak to an experienced member of zuspension. They also have specific saddles and often have their own colour scheme too.

full mountain inch bike suspension 26

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News:A no-nonsense comparison of 29 inch vs 26 inch mountain bikes. If you haven't decided on a full suspension or hard-tail yet then click back to return to step 3. When it comes The first thing you need to decide is: are you a 26er or a 29er?

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