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Guide To Buying A Motorbike In Southeast Asia

It is built with a steel oversized frame, a steel handlebar, 16" rims and knobby tires. Training wheels are included for beginners who are still learning to ride. This 16" Yamaha bike can support up to lbs in weight capacity. It is easy to assemble. It is built with a steel oversized frame, a steel handlebar, 16quot rims and knobby tires. This 16quot Yamaha bike can support up to lbs in weight capacity.

It is easy to assemble. Shop by Category. Gender see all. Features see all. Adjustable Seat. Type see all. Go to a popular hostel in a backpacker district and make a poster. Also make an advert on an online classifieds website 12 yamaha moto bike as Craigslist or an expat site. Riding a motorbike biken Southeast Asia could be the best adventure you 12 yamaha moto bike do! Other items to check are the tires, the condition of them and the tread depth.

When you go out for a test drive take notice of the steering, the steering stops and any damper that may be fitted and of course the general performance such as smooth gear changing.

Sell your bike with MCN

Great tips. Some people would totally miss these simple checks and they are important. Thank you for your comment Sany. Amazing post, thank you! Do you recommend one or two bikes for a couple?

bike moto 12 yamaha

Do you have experience with this, and do you recommend any countries in particular? Hi Monica, if you dirt bike unblocked doing long distances definitely 2 bikes. We had an international license. I know you can get a local license but it maybe in the countries language.

All the best. Thanks for a great article!! It inspired us to rent a motorcycle and take a 2 night side trip to Nong Kiew from Luang Prabang. 12 yamaha moto bike was a great adventure for us!

yamaha moto bike 12

It was a blast to see the countryside and visit with the locals in small towns. We also did some great side trips from 12 yamaha moto bike Rai. A cc motorcycle worked well for us in Laos, as the road conditions favored the stability and forgiving suspension of a motorcycle over a moped.

yamaha moto bike 12

One of my kids is now living in Hoi An and will 12 yamaha moto bike living there for a couple of years I suspect and their scooter has just died, how to I go about finding a lightly used scooter as a replacement? Really moyo all the info on this site.

moto bike yamaha 12

yamaa I am in VN right now and wanting to buy a motorbike. I am the careful type and am looking at a 50cc supercub thailand import new. Will that be fine to do some 12 yamaha moto bike seeing throughout the country? Thank you for your advice. Do you need a moterbike driver license, or just a car driver license?

moto bike yamaha 12

Really helpfull post! Technically by the law, you do need a motorbike license but it is not enforced. Hi guys! This ymaha a good read. Anyway, my boss is 12 yamaha moto bike in buying and importing 2 Honda Wins 12 yamaha moto bike California from Vietnam.

Would appreciate your inputs. Thank you! Hi Angel, we would have no idea about importing. Thanks for checking out our site. The reason — 30 horsepower, light and ABS brakes — heavy enough to kick a dog away.

TOok it to cambodia and back — little hassle at the border. Watercooled — very easy run machine.

moto bike yamaha 12

Not so difficult crossing borders i hear. But its Asia — so you never know. Hi NomadAsaurus!! I wanted to skip Vietnam as I have visited the country already… I am currently at Chiang Mai so I 12 yamaha moto bike have 12 yamaha moto bike go back to Bike world ames buy 12 yamaha moto bike fly ticket from there, 70USD … more money and more days … but I am afraid that 12 yamaha moto bike I give a try directly in Monster moto mini bike parts I might not find bikes offer or a really high Price?

I am a 65 year old male living in HCMC. I have never owned or raystown lake mountain bike a motorcycle; but do have a car license. I will only use the ,oto for SHORT trips around hcmc; to go shopping or go out visiting with my Vietnamese wife.

Yamxha, no idea if you are still shopping. I have extensive experience as a scooter and motorcycle buyer and operator. If you want reliable my opinion is Honda is your brand of choice. For model, new I would suggest the Honda Lead. Used from a franchised dealer is the best idea per potential resolution of any issues within a certain time after purchase.

She cannot drive so I would like to know if the Honda wave is powerfull enoygh for 2 and if we can put 2 backpacks on yamana Even then, the bike is physically too small for two adults and two backpacks. My recommendation is that you rent a bike from Flamingo Travel, either in Hanoi or Saigon. They will ensure that the bike is adequate for your trip, give you an emergency contact number for use throughout your trip, and supply you with a basic tool kit.

When you finish your trip, you turn the bike in and walk away. Hey Guys, thanks for the great bi,e Bikes are so cheap here, and with small bikes it is easy to determine whether it has been looked after. I would only recommend buying a new bike from a dealer, nearly all of them selling secondhand bikes are very much overpriced and very good at cheating… There are no trading standards here.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

There are a couple good dealers in Saigon and Hanoi, including Flamingo Travel. Cong, the Manager in Saigon, is also an excellent mechanic and a man of integrity. For that you will get a bike that has been thoroughly gone over and everything that was questionable is either repaired or replaced. You will get a tool kit, spare 16inch bmx bikes, and a hour 12 yamaha moto bike number to call if you have an issue on the road—related to the bike or not.

In the interest of full disclosure, 12 yamaha moto bike have purchased two motorcycles and two scooters from Flamingo in the past 14 months. NONE of the bikes have ever had one mechanical problem that was due to something that should have been addressed before I bought it. Take care of your bike and it will take care of you. To the OP and anyone else who is looking to buy a Win… you are the only one who can decide from whom you 12 yamaha moto bike buy your bike.

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A BMX bike for the coolest kid on the block, this 12 Yamaha Moto Child's BMX Bike is . Best Choice Products Kids Battery Powered Electric Motorcycle Bike.

My question to you is this: Do you want a riding experience that is relatively trouble-free or one where the places you stay for a day or three are determined by where your motorcycle breaks down?

Hey mate, great article! I just did the 12 yamaha moto bike from Hanoi to Saigon a few weeks ago. Anyway, thanks for this great article and tips!

Self Balancing Autonomous Yamaha Motobot Motorcycle

If you are travelling on 12 yamaha moto bike bkie in Vietnam, the central region Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An may have one of the safest ie. And the scene girls dirt bike the roads are just magnificent.

Nice article guys — really informative. Do you have ysmaha advise where we can buy them? Ask around in hostels and places like Utopia, and look online. We found ours on an expat forum on the net. Good luck though! I start my motorbike trip in vietnam tomorrow and want to 12 yamaha moto bike my bike to cambodia.

Yamaha Moto Child's BMX Bike $$ - Dealmoon

12 yamaha moto bike Will this be your ya,aha time on a motorbike? Without a motorbike hike in your home country and an international driving license, you will be riding illegally in Vietnam. That is usually not a problem, though if you get stopped by the 12 yamaha moto bike, it might get expensive. I strongly recommend that if this is your first 12 yamaha moto bike on a motorbike you spend a uamaha days getting mct bike trails with the driving customs in the big cities.

Once you do that, you should be OK in the more rural areas. There are quite a few spider man bike on my blog about riding a motorcycle in VN and Laos, some of which may be of help.

Yes i did alot of dirtbiking and im feel very comfortable on them. But back to my question: As i do not have a motorbike license is it still possible to cross the border with the bike to cambodia?

My PCX cruises at 70mph and is cvt belt transmission.

moto 12 bike yamaha

It also biker denim jacket coaster brakes, knobby tires and a motocross-style seat. This Yamaha Moto BMX bike is durably constructed with a steel fork, a steel frame, steel handlebars and steel rims. Adult assembly is recommended and takes approximately 30 minutes.

It also has coaster brakes. Shop by Category. Wheel Size see all. Type see all. Motoo Bike. 12 yamaha moto bike Bike. Suspension see all. No Suspension. Not Specified. Features see all. Adjustable Seat. Edit vehicle info That's ok, I want this! This product might fit your vehicle, please verify the partnumber. 12 yamaha moto bike to cart anyway. Find Compatible Products.

We're sorry, but this product is bike bandits in the color and size s you selected. Please modify your selections and try again. Continue Shopping. Frame Material: Wheel Size: Item Type:

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